Windows 10 Problems and Issues with solutions

windows 10 errorMany Windows 10 users are suffering with errors, after installation of Windows 10 RTM Final version, you may come across with some Windows 10 errors. But don’t worry because the list of errors is limited and some of them are fixable. Some Windows 10 errors can be easily fixed by applying manual method. Most of the errors are appearing because of bugs, some bugs and errors are given below with solution.

Windows 10 Problems and Issues

Start menu is unable to hold more than 512 items or apps

Start menu of Windows 10 is unable to contain more than 512 items, it is a big number and no one would pin 512 programs or apps to the Start menu. But still it is a known problem in Windows 10, if more than 512 apps is pinned to the start menu then they will vanish from the Start menu. If you cross the given limited number i.e. 512 then the Start menu is messed up.

The solution of this problem is still not available but Microsoft has information on this and it is hoped that solution over this error must be found by them.

Copy & Paste problem (Clipboard issues) in Windows 10

This problem is very irritating, twitted by @TomWarren “OK so I am not alone, there is an issue with Windows 10 when it sometimes doesn’t copy using Ctrl+C. Lots of people seeing it. Yikes” – Tom Warren (@TomWarren) Jul 29, 2015

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The solution of this error is still missing apart from to press the key combination again and again until content is copied to the clipboard. You can also use mouse to do this task, right click select COPY or CUT.

Windows 10 Store (beta) Issue – Won’t Update on PC/Surface

Solution 1:

To solve this issue you have to apply the given manual solution, if you want to fix “Windows 10 Store won’t update” then apply the below given solution:

Open command prompt of your PC with admin privileges and type the given command: reg add “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsStore\WindowsUpdate” /v AutoDownload /t REG_DWORD /d 4 /f

Solution 2:

If you are unable to fix the issue by applying the above manual method then it is hoped that solution 2 will work. In this solution you have to change the Region format “Norwegian, Bokmål” to “English, United States” you can do this from Control Panel -> Region -> Format (drop-down):”English (United States)” -> OK -> reboot -> try to start Store again.

Windows 10 for Phones Build 10051 Errors

  1. Can’t open downloaded Windows 10 build 10051 – error 8018830f

Solution: Go to Settings on your Lumia -> select Language+region -> tap Language -> choose a new language -> download the language pack -> reboot your phone -> go to Settings -> click Phone updates.

  1. For apps not working on Windows 10 build 10051 for phones:
  • Verify that your phone is updated or not, to do this: Go to Settings -> about -> more info -> check app on your phone is up to date;
  • If you are still unable to fix error by applying the above given solution then try hard reset.

Other Windows 10 Common Errors

  • Wireless networks are not available
  • Start Menu not working
  • Windows Store apps are not opening
  • Windows Store is not opening
  • Windows 10 Settings app does not open
  • NVIDIA Graphic Cards not compatible
  • Office documents do not open

Automatic Solution for Windows 10 Errors:

If you are unable to fix Windows 10 common problems by applying given manual solution or unable to apply manual methods due to lack of knowledge then don’t worry because you can also try an automatic solution. Under this solution Windows 10 PC Error Repair Tool will scan your PC and get rid of any error automatically. So it is very simple and easy to use, the only thing you have to do is “download and install” this tool.  This solution is the best for those that don’t have deep knowledge about how to apply manual methods.

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