FIXED: Msinfo32.exe Not Working Error “Can’t Collect Information”

msinfo32 can't collect information

Many Windows users reported they are while running the MSINFO32 tool they see the error message “Can’t collect information. Cannot access the Windows Instrumentation Software.  Windows management files may be missing or moved.” and were unable to access the system information. 

Well, the error is caused due to variety of issues, including system security settings, local policies, and more. Luckily there are fixes that help you to troubleshoot the issue.

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Windows 11 Map Network Drive Missing: Here’s How We Fixed

Windows 11 map network drive missing

Have you recently upgraded to Windows 11 and noticed that your map network drive is missing on File Explorer? Well, the mapped network drivers are not always consistent and stopped working for many different reasons.    

Here in this article, we’ll discuss the common causes of the missing Map Network drive feature, as well as some troubleshooting tips.

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11 Fixes Resource Monitor App Not Working Windows 11/10

Resource Monitor App Not Working Windows 11

Resource Monitor App is a powerful tool that helps users identify what processes are consuming resources and adjust their settings accordingly. But in some cases, the Resource Monitor app stopped working on the Windows 11 operating system.

The main reason for the problem is the corrupted Windows system files as it conflicts with the system resources and stops the Resource Monitor App from functioning properly.

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FIXED: VPN is Not Connecting on WiFi Problem

VPN is Not Connecting on WiFi Problem

Gone are the days when only tech-savvy individuals use a virtual private network or VPN. Given the number of cases involving hackers and other prying eyes online, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your data. 

So how does it work? A VPN can hide your IP address. it makes you appear as if you’re using the internet from another location. In addition to this, VPNs also use encryption to keep your information safe. 

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8 Quick Solutions to Fix Error 404 Valorant

error 404 valorant

Error 404 Valorant indicates that there is a problem with the connection between your game and the Discord app when it cannot initialize the Riot Vanguard. Riot Vanguard is responsible for monitoring and protecting the game from cheaters, hackers, and other malicious players, and when it fails to initialize correctly, it can lead to error 404 Valorant.

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8 Fixes “Kernel Data Inpage Error” in Windows 11/10

kernel data inpage error

The Kernel Data Inpage Error is triggered when the kernel data requested paging file from the hard drive gets corrupted. The frequent process of reading and writing the internal memory causes the Windows to unexpectedly restart and show the BSOD error.

The blue screen is accompanied by the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR error message which means that your system is dealing with a major problem and needs to be fixed ASAP.

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8 Easy Fixes Xbox Party Chat Not Working On PC

xbox party chat not working on pc

Troubled with the Xbox party chat not working on PC while playing the game, then in this article you will get effective workarounds that will troubleshoot the problem easily.

Xbox party is a service or I should say an amazing feature that allows the players to communicate or chat with their friends or co-players.

This service is provided for the entire Microsoft platform, which includes Windows as well as other Xbox consoles.

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Spectrum Modem Flashing Blue and White [EXPLAINED & FIXED]

Spectrum Modem Flashing Blue and White

If your Spectrum modem is flashing blue and white, you’re likely experiencing a connection issue.

This is a common problem that can be caused by a few factors like a power outage issue, problems in cables, the coax cable being faulty, the coax plug being damaged, local network outage, cable disconnection and a lot more.

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Controller not Working in Sonic Frontiers: Here’s How We Fixed It

Sonic Frontier controller not working

Many steam users reported their controller is not working with Sonic Frontier. This is a frustrating problem that is usually triggered when the controller is not configured correctly in Steam.

Furthermore, if you are modding the Sonic Frontiers game and haven’t checked the HMM in the settings used in Game Launcher then this may cause the problem.

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