Recover Data From Your SSD- A Complete Guide

recover data from SSD

Computer users are probably less familiar with solid-state drives (SSDs). Solid-state drives are slightly more popular with users today than hard disk drives due to their improved performance and energy efficiency. SSDs are quickly overtaking HDDs as the preferred storage choice for PCs as SSD technology advances and the price difference between the two becomes smaller.

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SD Card Showing Wrong Size: How to Restore SD Card to Full Capacity

How to Restore SD Card to Full Capacity

Is your SD card showing the wrong size? If your SD card is displaying the incorrect storage capacity, fret not. In this guide, we’ll walk you through reclaiming your SD card’s true size in four ways without losing your precious data. We’ll also share the reasons for SD cards not showing full capacity and how to avoid this problem in the future. So, let’s get started! 

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4 Common Errors in Gaming PCs That Can Be Fixed

Common Errors in Gaming PCs

You may have bought the best gaming PC with top-notch specs, but that doesn’t mean it won’t experience any faulty operation.  Gaming PCs are prone to issues, just like any other electrical devices. Every component of your gaming PC is under a lot of stress because newer and updated games require higher functioning.

Although you may need to call an IT expert to help you resolve these issues, many of them can easily be fixed if you do it yourself. All you need is a little technical know-how and you’re good to go.

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Fix Bootrec /Fixboot Access is Denied Windows 11/10

bootrec /fixboot access is denied

To fix the startup and boot failure problems, the Windows Recovery Environment (RE) uses the Bootrec utility. If your boot files have been corrupted, the bootrec /fixboot command writes a new boot sector to the current system partition.

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Microsoft Visual C++Runtime Library Error: 7 Easy Fixes

Microsoft Visual C++Runtime library error

The Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library is crucial for the functioning of many software products and if components of this library somehow get missing or corrupt, you may end up seeing the runtime error C++ while trying to access many programs and features on your system.

The obvious solution would be reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library, but if in case the graphics card drivers are corrupt, the system will still be unable to read the components and show the error.

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Fixed FIFA 15 Crashing, Lagging, Freezing, Stuttering & Others

FIFA 15 errors

FIFA 15 was released by EA but since after the release, many gamers have been complaining about various bugs and issues with the FIFA 15 game.

Some users are found reporting about the FIFA 15 issues while installing the game and some of them while playing the game, including challenges related to managing their teams due to a lack of FIFA coins. To address this, players often look into options to buy FIFA coins to enhance their gaming experience. So, here in this article, I am listing the common FIFA 15 game errors along with the complete fixes, which could also help in better-managing resources like FIFA coins for a smoother gameplay experience.

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