Microsoft Visual C++Runtime Library Error: 7 Easy Fixes

Microsoft Visual C++Runtime library error

The Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library is crucial for the functioning of many software products and if components of this library somehow get missing or corrupt, you may end up seeing the runtime error C++ while trying to access many programs and features on your system.

The obvious solution would be reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library, but if in case the graphics card drivers are corrupt, the system will still be unable to read the components and show the error.

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Local Security Authority Protection is Off on Windows 11? 7 Fixes

local security authority protection is off

The Local Security Authority (LSA) protection feature safeguards all your login credentials. It ensures there is zero single loophole in your security system that intrudes any third-party threat to your system.

If this security feature is turned off for any reason, you see local security authority protection is off warning message on your PC. If this warning appears on your screen, you can follow the below-mentioned solutions to fix the same.

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Virtual Memory Too Low Windows 11/10? Fix It in Few Steps

how to fix low virtual memory windows 10

While running heavy programs like the game, AutoCAD, or Visual Studio your Windows system randomly slows down or starts crawling then your system memory issues are the culprit.

When the Windows operating system runs out of memory, it bangs into the Virtual Memory for storing the least used pages of memory into a file named pagefile.sys and may show the error “your computer does not have enough virtual memory available”.

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7 Fixes 4k Videos Not Playing on Windows Media Player Legacy

4k videos not playing on Windows media player legacy

Facing 4k videos not playing on Windows media player legacy suddenly while enjoying your favourite video or movies. The issue often occurs on Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC and laptops.

This occurs due to various reasons like when media players do not support your MP4 format, the MP4 file is corrupt or damaged, outdated drivers etc. 

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Vertical Black Lines on Laptop Screen? 7 Ways to Fix it Quickly

Vertical Lines on Laptop Screen

Seeing vertical or horizontal lines on your laptop or desktop screen is not a good sign. This certainly means that your monitor is facing some serious issues.

If you are seeing blue, red, green or black vertical lines on the laptop screen, then this article is for you. In this guide, you’ll learn the troubleshooting solutions to fix the vertical black line on laptop screen.

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The Tag Present in the Reparse Point Buffer is Invalid: Resolved

The Tag Present in the Reparse Point Buffer is Invalid

You may encounter the tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid error while copying or moving files on your Windows PC.

It indicates that one or more files involved have invalid or unrecognized reparse point tags and happens if the source or destination files get corrupted or incompatible reparse points.

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Sound Not Working on Windows 10/11? Here’s 10 Easy Fixes

Sound Not Working on Windows 10/11

Troubled with the sound not working on Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC? This is a common problem encountered by a wide range of Windows users due to firmware malfunctioning.

Well, there are many different reasons responsible for the audio not working issue ranging from hardware or software-related problems on Windows computers.

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