6 Fixes for Microsoft Teams Keeps Reinstalling

Microsoft Teams Keeps Reinstalling

A good number of users reported on the official Microsoft Community that after uninstalling Microsoft Teams from their computer whenever they start their system Microsoft Teams keeps reinstalling itself.

This is quite annoying and therefore we have done our research and found that the problem appears to the users who had only uninstalled Microsoft Teams and left the Teams Machine-Wide Installer program.

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Zoom Error Code 2008 [7 Tested Solutions]

Zoom Error code 2008

Many users reported that they are seeing “The Meeting has an Unexpected Error: Error code: 2008” while launching the Zoom webinars.

This is such a recurring issue faced by a lot of users over a long time. Basically, the problem is related to the camera and occurs due to malfunctioning while zooming in or out.

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FIXED: Avast Antivirus Not Updating Virus Definitions

Avast antivirus not updating virus definitions

Avast holds for being one of the most popular antiviruses across the internet. Having said that, the issue of Avast antivirus not updating virus definitions is observed by many users and the problem doesn’t seem to stop.

So, here in this article, we have shortlisted the workarounds that work for several users to solve the error message virus definitions need updating but they won’t.

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How to Fix Runtime Broker (RuntimeBroker.exe) Errors?

Fix Runtime Broker (RuntimeBroker.exe) Errors

The Runtime broker is a Windows process responsible for managing apps on the Microsoft Store. And when this process starts consuming excess CPU due to the corrupted or faulty apps, it starts causing different Runtime Broker (RuntimeBroker.exe) errors. So, if you are one of those troubled users, getting the same error issues constantly, fix the problem by disabling the antivirus software or stopping the runtime broker process.

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7 Tested Fixes for Open Shell Not Working in Windows 11

Open Shell Not Working in Windows 11

Summary – In this tutorial find out what to do when Open Shell not working in Windows 11 OS. Also, get to know the common reasons why Open Shell isn’t working.

Open Shell is a program that helps you customize the Start menu. You can use this program to add a toolbar and start bar to your Windows Explorer. It was earlier called Classic Start or Classic Shell. Later, volunteers on GitHub developed Classic Shell to Open Shell with some additional features.

Yet, in the latest version, users are complaining about Open Shell not working in Windows 11 issue. If you are struggling with the same issue, this troubleshooting guide will help you fix the problem easily as demonstrated below.

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RAID Controller Doesn’t Have a Driver [4 Tested Fixes]

RAID Controller Doesn't Have a Driver

Many users have reported about the RAID Controller doesn’t have a driver issue due to several conflicting issues with either software or hardware component of the device.

If you are also struggling with this issue, you are in the right place!

Continue reading the guide to learn what causes this issue along with the effective troubleshooting methods to fix no drivers found for the RAID controller.

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5 Fixes For Unreputable Browser Add-ons Detected in Avast

Avast Unreputable Browser Add-ons Detected

Summary – In this tutorial find out how to fix Unreputable Browser Add-ons Detected error prompt in Avast. Also, learn what the unreputable browser add-ons error means and why you see this error warning on your system.

Avast is amazing antivirus software used by millions of users and undoubtedly the numbers keep growing. Yet, like all applications and supporting tools, Avast is not without errors and problems.

From time to time various bugs are reported by the users and one such annoying problem is Avast’s unreputable browser add-ons detected errors promptly.

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10 Tested Fixes for Monitor Says No Signal and Goes to Sleep

No Signal to Monitor

The most common issue many users face is monitor says no signal and goes to sleep problem. This issue occurs when your monitor cannot detect a signal from the device it is connected to.

If you are struggling with this issue, this guide will help you fix the same. Follow the troubleshooting hacks mentioned here to attain the best solutions.

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