6 Ways to Fix Speakers Buzzing Sound on PC

speakers buzzing

Are your speakers buzzing with a strange sound? Generally, the speakers start buzzing when the bass or volume is too high.

Luckily this is not a very big problem, in this guide we have listed the troubleshooting solutions to fix speakers buzzing or distorted issues.

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How to Fix Printer in Error State? [8 Easy Fixes]

How to Fix Printer in Error State?

The printer in error state is a common error message encountered by users when the printer process gets blocked by the system.

Well, there are many reasons that cause the printing process to fail and show the error during the printing process. Luckily this is not a dreaded error and can be fixed by following the workable solutions listed below.

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Why Does Omegle Keep Asking if I am a Robot?

why does Omegle keep asking if i am a robot

Every time while launching Omegle it keeps asking for Captcha is very irritating. Wondering how to get rid of the captcha on Omegle, then here learn the steps to stop this.

Well, this is a security measure to prevent the app away from spammers. However, this obviously ruins the user experience and that is where you want to know how to get rid of I’m not a robot on Omegle.

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Outlook Inbox View Changed Itself? Here’s How to get Default View

Outlook inbox view changed

If your Outlook inbox has changed all of a sudden with an unfamiliar layout with uneven folder distribution, unthreaded emails, and misplaced sorting preferences, then your system must be facing an Outlook inbox view changed itself.

The Outlook inbox view change problem occurs due to an outdated Outlook app or some sort of internal corruption.

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Snip and Sketch Not Working? 9 Working Solutions

Snip and Sketch not working

Snip and Sketch is a popular tool developed by Microsoft for capturing screenshots on Windows PC. But just like any other software, there are cases when the Snip and Sketch tool encounter issues and stopped working due to some sort of hindrance.

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What is CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess? Should I Stop it?


Are you wondering what is CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe in Windows? Why it is causing high CPU usage, is it safe or should I remove it or not?

If all these questions are confusing you then this article is for you. Here in this article, I have put together the entire information related to the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe. 

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SmartByte Network Service – What is it & How to Disable it?

smartbyte network service

The SmartByte Network Service is an application which comes preinstalled on the Dell PC & laptop. But for some users, this application is causing slow internet connection on the Dell laptop or PC.

If you are the one constantly experiencing the slow internet connection on your computer then there are chances the SmartByte Network Service is the culprit.

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