Fix Dxgkrnl.sys Error on Windows 10

Fix Dxgkrnl.sys Error on Windows 10Dxgkrnl.sys error appears with blue Screen and restart the system, this error occurs when dxgkrnl.sys file gets damaged or corrupt. In this blog you will read about the complete solution over Dxgkrnl.sys blue screen of death error in Windows 10, apply the below given methods to get rid of fix Dxgkrnl.sys error.

Methods to Fix BSoD Error Caused By Dxgkrnl.sys

Method 1 – make sure that Windows 10 and other system drivers are updated

According to a report this error generated because of outdated system and drivers, so that it is recommended to make sure that OS is packed with latest update. Also check that system’s drivers are updated, you can use a professional Driver updater tool to do this task because manual method is little difficult.

Method 2 – Disable SLI

If you have two Nvidia graphic cards in your system then you may face this error message, gamers use SLI mode to get better game performance. So in order to fix this issue it’s advised that disable SLI by applying the below given steps:

Step 1: Open Nvidia Control Panel. Double Click on ht the icon present in the bottom right corner.

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Step 2: Navigate to the 3D Settings and click on Set SLI Configuration.

Step 3: Select Do Not Use SLI Technology.

Step 4: Click on Apply to save changes.

Method 3 – Turn off Nvidia Surround

Nvidia Surround allows the user to enjoy 3D experience on multiple monitors. This is an amazing feature for gamers but in Windows 10 this feature generate blue screen of death error. Due to this feature user have to face System_Service_Exception dxgkrnl.sys BSoD error in Windows 10.

So that, if you want to fix this issue then turn off Nvidia Surround. Use shortcut to turn it off, press CTRL+ALT+S or CTRL+ALT+R to turn it off.

You can also set Nvidia Surround to off by simply unplugging other monitors and restarting system with only one monitor.

Method 4 – Change graphics memory size in BIOS

Some user reported that by changing graphics memory size in BIOS this error can be fixed, in case of using integrated graphics you should change the graphics memory size in BIOS.

Apply the following steps to change this setting:

Step 1: Open system’s BIOS, restart your computer and keep pressing Del, F2 or F10 on your keyboard (key may be different for different system).

Step 2: After it, find Advanced, Advanced Chipset or Advanced Features menu.

Step 3: Find Graphics Settings or Video Settings and change the memory size to 128MB or more.

Note: Process of changing memory size for integrated graphic card isn’t the same for all computers.

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