Best Tank Classes for 10.2.6 Mythic+

Best Tank Classes for 10.2.6 Mythic+

World of Warcraft is brimming with a plethora of classes that you can enjoy. If you don’t like one, you can always try another. Moreover, there are a bunch of tank classes you can choose and play along. But that does not mean all of them are worth playing with the current meta of the game. So, let’s take a look at the best tank classes for 10.2.6 Mythic+ dungeons.

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Top Tank Classes Tier List

Best Tank Classes for 10.2.6 Mythic+

In the current season of Dragonflight, mob control and tackiness are among the most important qualities for a tank. Luckily, for the first time in WoW’s history, every tank is pretty balanced and close to each other performance-wise. Of course, there are some exceptions to this, but overall, every tank is viable and can be played at the highest level.


Vengeance Demon Hunter: Vengeance, to no one’s surprise, still remains at the top spot of the tank family. The tackiness of this spec is incomparable; you have excellent physical and magical mitigations, and you have access to the flat per cent damage reduction. Vengeance’s self-sustain is also great, probably the second best, after Blood Death Knight. Now you might think, if the class is that tanky, the damage to mobs is probably low, and that is completely wrong. Vengeance Demon Hunter’s damage is also the best among the tanks.

The utility it provides with the Sigil of Silence and Sigil of Chains is amazing. If you don’t have a Havoc Demon Hunter in the party, it’s even better because the party benefits from the Chaos Brand buff you have. You can go with Last Resort talent, which essentially is a cheat death, but overall, it’s not necessary. Because dying on this tank is hard. 

This tank’s aggro management and mobility are also top-notch. That means you will probably never have a problem pulling mobs and holding the ‘’Threat.’ To sum up, Vengeance has been in a tier of its own since the rework it received in 10.2.

Protection Paladin: Protection spec is a great tank overall. You are not as tanky as some of the other classes, but you have a magic spell block which makes Prot Paladin extremely durable to casters. Even though your active mitigation is not that great, you have really good self-healing. Paladins have access to a lot of defensive cooldowns, such as Ardent Defender, which is your cheat death cooldown, and Guardian of the Ancient Kings. Final Stand talent, however, turns your Divine Shield into an excellent defensive option. Because it grants you immunity to all sources of damage and taunts all the mobs and bosses around you.

Paladin’s external cooldowns are also viable for the party. You can provide a lot of off-heals and damage reduction. You can use Blessing of Protection on party members to save them or Lay on Hands to heal them fully. The AoE silence from Avenger’s Shield is also an excellent utility tool. All of this makes Protection Paladin a reliable and safe option for pushing high keystones.


Best Tank Classes for 10.2.6 Mythic+

Blood Death Knight: Blood DK is in an unusual position. You are a bit dependent on the dungeon you are doing. In some instances, you can be S-tier, in some, it can drop to B-tier. That inconsistency makes us put it into the A-tier. Despite all of that, Blood DK has the best toolkit to deal with magic damage since it has an Anti-Magic Shell and the group cooldown Anti-Magic Zone. Your Death Strike heals more than you can ever wish for, and that makes Blood DK self-sufficient to the point where it requires little to no healing at all.

As a Blood DK, you don’t have access to great defensive cooldowns or active mitigations as the other tanks. But you can heal almost your whole health bar with one Death Strike. Your damage is nothing impressive, although you can pump some nice numbers in larger pulls. 

The lack of great mobility and AoE taunt make threat-holding at the start of a pull a bit harder. Simply put, Blood Death Knight’s playstyle is completely different from that of other tanks because instead of mitigating incoming damage, you just heal it yourself. Combined, it’s safe to put Blood DK at the top of the A-tier.

Guardian Druid: This season, Guardian Druid is doing pretty well. Guardian is one of the best physical damage mitigators because it’s really easy to get armor capped with the Bear Form. However, you are really weak to magic damage. As a tank Druid, your damage is very limited since you rely mainly on DoTs. You also don’t have a lot of defensive cooldowns besides Bark Skin, Survival Instincts, and Rage of the Sleeper.

Guardian Druid, like Paladin, has many utility options and options to off-heal your party. You have Battle Resurrection and can use Regrowth to heal allies. You also have access to Mass Entanglement, which is basically an AoE root and can be really helpful in some situations. You have the party buff Mark of the Wild, which is a very valuable tool, especially in M+.


Best Tank Classes for 10.2.6 Mythic+

Protection Warrior: The Prot Warrior is the only tank that is completely reliable against a healer. Your lack of self-sustaining forces you to play more defensively and be always on alert. However, your physical damage mitigation is probably the best among the tanks. Your block chance is amazing, and with the bonus block from the Shield Block, you become an unstoppable wall. 

Just like Guardian Druid, since your only tool to mitigate magical damage is Spell Reflect, you struggle a lot with magical damage. Your damage is great as a tank, but you suffer a lot to keep aggro. Warrior, in general, doesn’t have much utility for the team. The only buff you can give is Battle Shout.

Brewmaster Monk: Brewmaster Monk is probably the weakest and most complicated tank spec right now. Your magic damage mitigation is the worst right under Protection Warrior. Your physical damage mitigation is not great either since you heavily rely on your Stagger passive. All of that combined makes Brewmaster Monk reliant on the healer almost as much as the Warrior. Also, you don’t have a lot of options to increase your tackiness. On the other hand, your damage is really good, probably second among the tanks. The only real utility it can provide for the team is Ring of Peace and Expel Harm.

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