6 Quick Tweaks to Fix Google Chrome High CPU Usage Windows 10

Google Chrome high cpu usage

While browsing the web your system starts freezing for sometimes and resumes and then freezes again, then this is the time you need to check the CPU usage in task manager.

And when you open Task Manager, it shows Google Chrome using a high CPU percentage. Well, this is really very irritating but is nothing strange in the current state of online multimedia presentation.

Also if you have a monotonous configuration, then there is a good chance that CPU hit the sky-high levels. However some of the inbuilt features of Chrome including pre-fetch slowdown Windows 10 machines.

 Well, this is nothing that can’t be fixed. Here in this article check out the possible fixes to troubleshoot Google Chrome high CPU usage Windows 10 issue.


How to Fix the Google Chrome High CPU Usage error?


Normally, Google Chrome is the faster and most powerful browser, but due to Google extensions and other abnormal activities, users are facing the Chrome high CPU usage issue.

So, try the given solutions one by one to fix Google Chrome 100% CPU usage problem. These are the working solutions that helped many users to fix high CPU usage issue in Windows 10.


Solution 1: Check Google Chrome Task Manager


Check the inbuilt Google Chrome task manager to see which extension or activity is using how much CPU in Chrome.

Follow the steps given:

  • From the Desktop > open Google Chrome
  • And open Setting by clicking the three dots > select More tools > under it, click Task Manager from the list.

  • In Google Chrome Task Manager, check the extensions, Tabs, and processes and also their CPU, memory usage, Network activities, and Processor ID.

From here check the Tabs or extensions using or exhibiting too much CPU. Also, check the problematic activities that cause your PC to slow down or crash. and try to fix them or else try the given solutions.


Solution 2: Clear Chrome Cache and Cookies


Clear the Google Chrome cache and cookies, as some of the old cache files and cookies can cause the issue.

So follow the steps to clear cache and cookies in Chrome:

  • At the top right corner in Chrome > click three dots > click More tools > Clear browsing data.

  • Now from the Basic tab > set the Time range to All-time > and select all the checkboxes

  • Then from Advanced tab,> set the Time range to All-time > and choose the types of information you want to remove (For ex.: Cookies and other site data, Cache images and files)

  • Click Clear data.
  • As the data is cleared > type chrome://restart in the URL bar > hit Enter to restart Chrome.

Now check if the fix Chrome high CPU usage problem is resolved or not.

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Solution 3: Disable Unnecessary Chrome Extensions


This is a working solution that helped many users to fix the Chrome high CPU usage or 100% CPU, memory or disk usage problem in Windows 10.

If you have installed plenty of Chrome extensions then these are main culprit for Google Chrome 100% CPU usage. So, here it is suggested to disable or delete them one by one and after that restart the Google Chrome.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • In the URL bar type chrome://extensions > hit Enter to open the Chrome extension manager, where the extensions are installed.

  • And toggle off all extensions to disable them.

  • Restart Chrome

Hope this works for you to fix the Google Chrome high CPU usage Windows 10 issues, if not then move ahead to another solution.

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Solution 4: Reset Chrome Settings to Default


Resetting Google Chrome to the default settings is another helpful solution to fix Chrome high CPU usage problem.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • In Chrome click the top right corner three dots > go to Settings.

  • Then at the bottom > click Advanced.

  • Next under Reset and cleanup > click Reset settings to their original defaults > Reset Settings.

  • Restart Chrome.


Solution 5: Remove Google Chrome Hardware Acceleration


To fasten the browsing speed, Google Chrome allows the users to make use of the hardware acceleration on Windows 10. And this is what leading the high CPU in Google Chrome for many users.

So, it is recommended to disable the Google Chrome Hardware Acceleration:

  • In Google Chrome > go to Settings > and click on Advanced.

  • And below Advanced settings > locate System > uncheck the option Use hardware acceleration when available.

Hope after disabling the hardware acceleration, the Google Chrome high CPU usage Windows 10 is resolved.

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Solution 6: Reinstall Chrome


If none of the above-given solutions worked for you then try reinstalling Chrome.

  1. Go to Control Panel > and delete the folder to completely remove Chrome:

  1. And download the latest version of Chrome from its official website.

It is estimated, now the Google Chrome high CPU usage Windows 10 problem is fixed. Now it is recommended to scan your system completely by downloading the professional recommended PC Error Repair Tool.

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Useful Tips to Avoid Chrome from High System Resource Usage:


Open fewer tabs: In Chrome, every tab uses another process on the system and this means each tab increases the burden on the CPU. Especially the tabs that are having heavy JavaScript or Flash elements are bad. So, make sure to close the tabs that are not used.

Avoid Installing Unnecessary Extensions: As said above the unnecessary extensions may make Chrome to cause high CPU usage problem in Windows 10. So, install the extensions that you really need.

Update Chrome: It is very important to update Google Chrome with the latest updates. As this help you to make your browser fast, secure and as well fix issues occurred from time to time.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Repair PC Instantly!

Step 1 – Download & Install PC Repair Tool.

Step 2 – Click “Scan” button to diagnose the PC.

Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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6 Quick Tweaks to Fix Google Chrome High CPU Usage Windows 10
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