[Solved] Audio Sound Issues in Windows 10

windows 10 audio issue

If you are a windows 10 user then you must be very familiar with the problem occurred while using it. There are many other issues about Windows 10 users are complaining about. Some of these have been fixed but most are still remain, out of which there is also an audio issue encountered, and if you’re also having such audio issues in your windows 10, so for them Microsoft has suggested some best solution to fix such issue.

So follow the below tutorial in order to find out what you need to do and fix the audio issues in Windows 10 Technical Preview.

It has been observed that after release of the Microsoft’s new build 10041 for Windows 10 Technical Preview many of the audio issues has been sorted including the Realtek static noise issue and many of the USB audio issues like the “Rode Podcaster” microphone. So to know about the fixes that are included in this new build of Windows 10 and also how to make your update to the new build, read the below mentioned steps.

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Tutorial for fixing the audio issues in Windows 10 Technical Preview

First let’s take a look what issues have been fixed with this new build:

  • HDMI audio issues encountered on the Surface Pro 3 in this new build are now fixed.
  • USB audio issues including the problems you may of had with the Rode Podcaster microphone.
  • The Creative X-Fi issues are fixed and you only need to update the driver from Device Manager.
  • Your Deezer application as well as the Spotify application is now fixed and you can easily enjoy of your music playback feature normally.
  • It has also fixed the Realtek “static noise” issue.

But there are some issues that were not fixed with the latest build of Windows:

  • While making installation of the driver from Realtek , it will display error messageerror 0x800705b4
  • “VIA HD Audio” unfortunately still not plays all sounds, only the system sounds and few apps’ sound work.

How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview latest build?

  • In your Windows 10 operating system start screen left click or tap on the “Settings” feature.
  • From “Settings” sub-menu tap “Update & recovery” feature option.
  • Now make a left click or tap on the “Windows Update” feature.
  • Search the “Check for Updates” button and left click on it.
  • To finish the Windows 10 update, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After successful installation of the latest build on your Windows 10, reboot your device.
  • After checking the device you will find that your audio issues have disappeared.

If you successfully brought your Windows 10 device to the latest build you have fixed almost all audio issues you faced in past, but if somehow you are not able to fix out this issue then go with the third party repair tool that is PC Repair Tool, as it can solve all your PC issue.

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