5 Common Computer Problems and Solutions!

computer-problemNowhere day’s computers are getting better and better, these have become faster and reliable. The more users friendly the system becomes it can get more problems. But you can easily cope with these problems by some bit of knowledge for this you don’t need to be a technician.

Here are five most common computer problems that are found in today’s computer system. This guide will help you to fix errors and save you from problems and computer hassles.  By maintaining this routine work you can easily avoid headaches and make the computer better.

1. PC Slowdown:

To eliminate the problem of PC slow performance you can take over the control of numerous programs those are trying to run simultaneously. When you start the computer, all the programs start simultaneously whether you want them or not.  To see which programs are set to run on startup:

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Firstly open the start menu then click on the run button. By this “Run dialog” box will be appear on your screen.

  1. In the text box type “msconfig” and press “Enter”.
  2. It will open the system configuration dialog box where you can see a series of tabs.
  3. Then click on the tab that says “Startup”. Where you can see a list of all the programs that starts to run when the computer boots up. Here you will find that each entry have its checkbox where you can select and deselect to specify whether you should run them or not.
  4. After making the selection then click on OK button.

    Then the computer will ask you to reboot and when it does that it displays a message telling that you’ve changed startup configurations and choose the program to deactivate and doesn’t get tricky. The deactivation of startup entry doesn’t uninstall or disable the program in any way. It prevents it from loading automatically. You can load the program from the start menu when you want to use it.

2. Lockup and freezing

 The computer locks up due to cause of one or two problems.

  • In this situation the available memory of the computer is being consumed then Cut down the running process in the PC by opening the task manager. Then click on “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” at the same time. In the application tab deactivate any of the programs that you are not using currently. Then select the “End task” option to deactivate this program.
  • Then the second cause that lets the computer to freeze which is caused due to overheating of computer. It the computer is kept in closed space where there is no circulation of air then the circuits inside the computer case gets to heat through sensitive materials that are of from processor and video card. There is a fan system that is placed for moving air constantly over these parts of the computer and even helps to cool the air. Make sure the fans are running and the air can circulate around the system. Even the excessive build up dust can also lead to freezing of the computer.

 3. Data Loss:

It is best way to prevent the loss of data by backing up the data. It is as simple as that. In today’s world accessing the computer remotely has become most common and important as the ability of the digital media has become in the first place. There are many free storage services online that you can use for protecting the data like videos, photos and music. Often these resources are available for everyone but people may not know about them. For example anyone with windows live account who has been granted with 25 GB of storage capacity on the Windows Sky Drive. Whereas the users of the Gmail accounts are granted with several free GB of storage space where they can save their Google Docs and even can keep photos, videos, outlets including PhotoBucket, Twitpic, Flicker, Google Picasa and many more.

4. Problems while logging onto the Web:

To diagnose the connectivity problems that can lead to lot of system to work in order to get you online. Firstly you need to go to the Internet Service Provider for advanced help of the connection settings. You can also try:

  1. Firstly open the Control Panel and access the Network Settings dialog. In the Windows XP there is an icon for this and in the Vista and Win 7 you will find the Network Sharing Center where you can click on and “Change Adaptor Settings”.
  2. Once you reach the right dialog it will say the “Network Connections” at the top and where is a list of connections.

Here Right click on the connection icon that is giving problems depending upon the version of the Windows that you’re operating. For different versions you will have different options. One thing you can try to do is by disabling and re-enabling the adapter.

  • Then Right Click on the connection and choose the “Disable” option to make the connection to “gray out”.
  • Then Right Click on the connection again and click to “Enable”.

5. Keep your system up to date

 Many people things that it is very simple thing but many people may suffer errors, compatibility problems and even the Web malfunctioning. It simply happens because you may have not updated the software. The windows need the consistent updates to keep the system protected and speed up with developments. To update Windows you need to:

  1. Firstly open the Control panel.
  2. Then in the Windows XP click on the Windows Update. In the Win 7 and Vista you can click on “System and Security” first.
  3. Now find and click on the text labeled “check for updates”.

Peoples are afraid of getting update they can’t make out among them which are important and what are not. The best thing about the Microsoft won’t force to update on you. Instead it is categorized by leveling the important ones. It is good idea to get updated always by getting updates that are labeled as “important” or “critical”.  Whether you use them or not it is up to you.

 These five rescuing tricks may help you to come out of the common problems of the system. With an updated system, controlled startup, updated backups you can find the computer more reliable and more satisfactory for better computing experience.


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