19 Commonly Reported Windows System Problems and their DIY Fixes with Ease!

Windows System Problems & Fixes

Windows users may face various types of problems/errors and other issues while operating their computer or laptop. Here in this blog, we will discuss on the 19 common Windows system problems along with their potential solutions. Learn them and apply the given solutions carefully to get rid of the relevant issue.

Issue #1: Unable to Boot PC

About the issue: If you are unable to boot your PC or laptop normally, it generally happens when system files or registry gets damaged or corrupt.  You should apply the below-given solution in the order to solve this issue.

Solution 1: Try Safe Mode First

When your PC just won’t boot Windows at all then try to boot into safe mode, by doing this you can ensure that why this is happening. To boot any Windows system into Safe Mode, restart the system and press the F8 key right when the BIOS window appears. If Windows start into safe mode without any error or issue then the problem is likely something that would execute only when you start your system into normal mode i.e. graphics card drivers, junk applications, spyware applications and more.


Solution 2: Unable to load Safe Mode

If you are unable to load Safe Mode then you should apply the Startup Repair tools. This option is available in the Advanced options in the Safe Mode menu. Use your system repair disc, or your Windows installation disc and use the Repair option. Sometimes user mat face bootloader issue or error that says “bootmgr is missing” in this case you should use the command prompt from an installation CD and apply the bootrec /fixboot command.


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Issue #2: PC Crashing or Blue Screen Error

About the issue: When your computer or laptop is crashing with the blue screen of death error after a fix time of intervals or when you are executing any app then the first task is to disable the automatic reboot after the blue screen, this will allow you to note down the error message and Google it later.

Solution: BSoD Errors are generally appearing because of either system driver or hardware, first rollback the recently added hardware from your system and check after it. If the problem still not solved then make sure that all the system drivers are updated and error-free. To do this task you should try a professional Driver Repair Tool. This app will update the outdated driver and also repair the damaged system drivers.


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Issue #3: PC Is Running Slowly

About the issue: There are several causes that can affect the PC’s performance such as registry database packed with junk keys, outdated system drivers, junk files in system drive and more. Apply the below-given tricks to boost your system performance.


Solution 1: Check Task Manager

Open the task manager -> Go to the process tab -> See what process is consuming the most CPU or system memory and kill them. Also, see for other resources that are wasting by the apps that we can kill.


Solution 2: Uninstall Crapware

Uninstall unwanted or malicious applications from the system to speedup its performance. Go to the control panel and mark unnecessary software, remove them one by one to free system space. After removing them it is also necessary to delete their supported files from the system drive, to do this you can use a professional Junk file removal tool. This software is able to delete all junk files completely from the system and free the load from the system.


Solution 3: Scan for Viruses and Spyware

It is also recommended to make sure that your PC is not infected with the malware or spyware, virus or malware infected computer system is very irritating to operate because it takes more time to respond. To do this you can use Windows Defender tool and scan your computer completely.


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Issue #4: Internet Is Slow or Not Loading

About the issue: Slow internet connection mainly occurs because of the malware attack, when malware infects the computer system then it also affect the web browser by adding unwanted add-ons or extensions to it. So that a browser takes more time to load a single page.

Solution 1: Run the Ping Command

First make sure that your PC or laptop is perfectly connected to the internet, to verify this open the command prompt and type in a ping command like ping yahoo.com to see if you’re getting any response. If you receive any response then the internet connection is OK.


Solution 2: Disable and Re-Enable Internet Connection

If the response rate of your web browser is very slow then try disabling and re-enabling your wireless connection, through this, you can fix lots of issues with ease. You can also use Windows network troubleshooter for this task. Right-click on your wireless icon, and follow the steps. By troubleshooting, you can disable and re-enable the adapter again, and clean the DNS caches as well.


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Issue #5: Media player says “missing required codecs”

About the issue: You may get the error message when trying to play any video file on the Media player, it generally happens when some codecs get damaged or not installed. This issue is very irritating and you can’t play any video until the issues are fixed.

Solution: There are many Codecs are used in video players, and unluckily the error message may not display what codec you need to fix it. So it is recommended to re-install the media player. Take a fresh copy of Media player tool and install it.


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Issue #6: Unable to uninstall a program via default uninstaller or the Windows Add/Remove option

About the Issue: All the applications are uninstalled with the help of its default uninstaller wizard, but sometimes because of any bug or when uninstaller gets corrupt then the uninstaller might not work right, and so that you can’t uninstall the software completely.

Solution: There are mainly two solutions for this issue, first is Manual and second is automatic. In the manual method, you have to find the folder of the respected program that you want to uninstall and then delete it manually.

But you also need to clean up all registry entries of the related program, editing registry database manually is really dangerous and may corrupt the entire computer system. To uninstall the installed software automatically you should try any third party software uninstaller.

This type of tool will allow you to remove any install apps along with their related files, registry and more.


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Issue #7: Windows display “running out of disk space” Warning Message

About the Issue: This type of warning message generally appears when a hard drive is completely packed or running with very low free space.

Solution: You need to free some space, to do this use inbuilt disk cleaner. For XP: Execute cleanmgr tool available on the Run menu. For Vista and Windows7: Search for the Disk Cleanup, a utility will appear that can purge hard drive of unwanted files like temporary files and more. You can also go for the third part system cleaner tool for this type of task.


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Issue #8: Windows is missing some apps, like Windows Movie Maker or Mail

About the Issue: This issue is mostly happening with the user that are upgraded their system from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Microsoft modifies the apps that come pre-installed with Windows 7, so users that migrated from Vista may not see favorite free apps.

Solution: You can access the suite of free apps from Microsoft, download from the Windows Live Essentials website. This suit is packed with Bing Bar, Family Safety, Mail, Messenger, Messenger Companion, Microsoft Silverlight, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Windows Live Meshand Writer.


Issue #9: Unable to see the File Extensions

About the Issue: Generally, file extensions are set to off by default on most new computers, this will make it difficult to find out what type of file you’re looking at in Windows Explorer.

Solution: You can easily fix this issue, Click on the Folder Options present in the Windows Control Panel and then click on the View tab. After it, the checkbox labeled “Hide extensions for known file types.” Uncheck this box and that’s it.


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Issue #10: Unable to Connect the computer to the wireless network

About the Issue: Windows should search any wireless networks by default if wireless networking is set to on, but sometimes it gets unable to connect to them properly, or it may reject to execute the connecting process automatically.

Solution: You can fix this problem by applying the below-given guide:

Open the Control Panel -> Networking and Sharing Center. Click on Manage Wireless Networks. After it search for the wireless network you’d like to use in the list and right-click on it -> then choose Properties. Choose “Connect automatically when this network is in range” in the Connection tab enter the network’s password, if any, in the Security tab. Click OK to confirm your settings.


Issue #11: Webcam is plugged in, but the microphone isn’t working

About the Issue: A Windows desktop should have no issue in detecting a webcam and installing its drivers. However, sometimes you may notice that while the webcam is working fine, the microphone is not working or no one can hear you.

Solution: Audio issue with microphone is generally occurred because there is already a microphone input set up present on the computer and it is used by Windows by default instead of the microphone on your webcam.

To fix this issue, Go to Control Panel -> open the Sound menu -> click on the Recording tab. You may see a list of installed devices find the one related to your webcam and choose it, then select the Set Default option at the bottom of the menu.


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Issue #12: Unable to open some website or WebPages

About the Issue: Different web browser may display the different error message for this issue, but the solution is the same for the all web browser. Your web browser will show that it unable to make a connection to the server of the website that you’re trying to visit.

Solution: If there is no issue with other websites then it most likely an issue linked to the website itself. To make sure that the website that you want to visit is down or not you can use the given trick.

Type “Down For Everyone Or Just Me?” in the address bar and just after it enter the URL that you want to visit. If it returns a message that it is just you then the problem may be related to your PC’s security software. Make sure that the site you’re trying to visit hasn’t somehow been added to the list of blocked sites of your security software.


Issue #13: Unable to boot Windows because of error “operating system not found”

About the Issue: You may get this error just before the Windows boot screen, an error message is written in the plain white text on a black background. The precise message is typical “OS Not Found” or Operating System Not Found.

Solution: This problem occurs when the drive containing operating system is not detected at boot. Sometimes this happens when you have a USB drive plugged in, as some systems try to boot with external media before the main internal drive (due to BIOS setting). So, boot after unplugging any external drives and eject any media, such as CDs or DVDs. If the issue still not solved then open system BIOS and confirm that the system drive (usually C:) is detected. If not then the hard drive may need replacement


Issue #14: Older Apps are not working

About the Issue: Apps that considerably pre-dates the version of Windows you are using crashes or doesn’t operate.

Solution: Right-click on the program that you are unable to use and open its Properties, then navigate to the Compatibility tab. Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” box and then choose the operating system that the program desires. Also, check the settings boxes available below if required. If you are still unable to run the program on you are using Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7Ultimate then try executing the software in XP Mode.


Issue #15: Getting Error “Not activated and/or victim of counterfeit software”

About the Issue: This error message can appear theoretically at any time, but it is generally encountered right after installing Windows OS. This error message shows that Windows failed to validate with Microsoft’s copy protection servers.

Solution: To solve this issue, open Windows Activation with the help of Windows Search and try re-entering your product key. If the key is correct Microsoft must verify the key automatically. If the key is invalid then indicate that you’d like to activate over the phone. You’ll be given advice on how to contact a Microsoft representative who can activate Windows. This process is a simple process. Always remember that a basic retail copy of Windows gives you license to install the OS on one PC at a time. If you call Microsoft to activate another PC with the same product key then the original PC will have its authentication canceled.


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Issue #16: Windows says my computer isn’t secure

About the Issue: Microsoft added a built-in security feature that flag if your computer isn’t covered by antivirus software. This feature may trigger a pop-up message in the system tray.

Solution: Control Panel -> Open the Windows Action Center. This will show you what is causing the security alert to show up. Generally this issue is occurring because of lack of anti-malware software on your PC/Laptop. So, in order to fix this issue download Microsoft Security Essentials. This is Microsoft’s free anti-malware application that able to protect your computer or laptop completely.


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Issue #17: Internet Explorer isn’t working

About the Issue: Microsoft Internet Explorer is the default browser packed with Windows, this web browser should start quickly. But if Internet Explorer is unable to load then there is a chance that it gets damaged.

Solution 1: Type iexpore –extoff into the Windows Search, this will open the Internet Explorer without add-ons enabled. If IE is loaded without any error then it indicates an add-on is causing the problem. Go to the Control Panel-> click on Internet Options-> Programs tab. Find the Manage Add-Ons button and disable or remove any add-ons that might be generating the issue.

Solution 2: If you are still facing issue on opening Internet Explorer then Reset Internet Explorer in order to fix it.  Open Internet Options -> Advanced tab-> click on the Reset button in order to reset Internet Explorer. If this also fails then try to reinstall Internet Explorer.


Issue #18: I have no sound

About the Issue: Computer’s speakers or headphones are plugged in, but audio won’t come through.

Solution: First, make sure that the speakers or headphones that you are using are in working condition. If all ok then plug it correctly, the lack of audio is generally because of driver issue. Make sure that your system contains a sound driver, open the Control Panel and then the Sound menu. Here you will get the list of installed devices. Your speakers must appear as the default device if they don’t then click on the speakers and then click the Set Default button at the bottom of the menu. Sometimes due to outdated or corrupt drivers may also generate this issue, so make sure that audio drivers are updated and error-free.


Issue #19: Computer automatically restarts to install updates

About the Issue: Lots of updates are regularly released by Microsoft to solve different issues, Windows systems are regularly updated by Microsoft, but the updates can’t be accomplished without a restart. It depends on the system’s settings, as restarting of system may affect the important work.

Solution: Go to the Control Panel -> Open Windows Update -> click Change Settings. If the PC is set to install updates automatically by default then change this “Download updates but let me choose whether to install them.” By selecting this option you can stop automatic updates. But this can prevent your PC from downloading any updates and leave your computer vulnerable to security threats. You can change the Install New Updates time so that the updates occur when you’re not working on the computer.



All the above-given causes are very common and generally affects all the Windows system. It is also hoped that after applying the given solutions will help you to overcome from the related solutions.

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19 Commonly Reported Windows System Problems and their DIY Fixes with Ease!
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19 Commonly Reported Windows System Problems and their DIY Fixes with Ease!
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