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fix windows errorsIf you are looking to –

  • Increase PC Speed.
  • Optimize or Maximize its Performance.
  • Fix Stubborn DLL, EXE and Other Computer Errors.
  • Detect and Remove Malicious Virus, Spyware or Adware.
  • Fix Freezing and Crashing Issues.


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Some Answers to Your Curious Questions!


QWhy PC displays frequent Computer Errors and issues?

computer problemAns – All the Windows system related issues and errors are directly connected to Windows Registry. The registry is an important component of the operating system that holds or stores information about the installed programs in the PC used by Windows.

It helps the operating system to manage its resources properly for the programs installed on the PC, so that every application could run smoothly. But over time invalid entries, improper installation of files, fragments of leftover files, corrupt files, viruses or spyware’s cause the computer system to overload and chock lead it to display error messages, freeze frequently, work really very slow. It is like your PC is working twice as hard to accomplish its usual tasks.


QHow to Fix PC Issues?

Ans You have no option other than to fix your computer system because waiting will put you into other complications such as blue screen, system crashes, hard drive failure or damage and others. If you will go to computer repair shop for the same, then for every trip they will charge you around $75 to $135 per hr. which is really very expensive. So, what is the solution then….????

The solution is right on your doorstep and i.e. PC Repair Tool that contains everything you need to repair your PC. It is easy to use, resolves any kind of system errors, cleans Windows registry, restore settings and most importantly acts as a guard to maintain, tune and run PC properly with maximum speed. You can run it automatically or manually, in both ways you never have to be bothered by the error messages again in your PC.


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A few of the Benefits you will receive — Resolving Following issues –


scan for malware


Latest Features added to PC Error Repair Tool

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  • File Extension Manager: If you are unable to open any file then this app launches automatically and open the File Extension Manager. With the help of this advanced feature, you can search for – and receive help downloading software to open your inaccessible files.
  • Automatic Notification: When defragging become necessary then you will receive a notification from this app to defragment your PC in order to increase speed and regain memory space.
  • Removal of privacy files: The latest version of PC Error Repair Tool packed with superior Chrome web browser support, this feature will keep your logins, passwords, banking and credit card information safe.