FC 24 Main Changes & their Implications for the Entire Gameplay

 FC 24 gameplay

Very soon, FIFA 23 will cease to be the most active and visited football simulator, as EA Sports is preparing the release of FC 24, which will continue the idea of ​​online confrontations between players and at the same time complement the gameplay and economy with new functions and capabilities.

It’s worth saying right away that the role of FC 24 coins will remain the same and you will be able to buy the players you need using the transfer window, or through game sets of various levels of value.

 FC 24 gameplay

Women’s League and Universal Teams

With the release of FIFA 23, game developers for the football simulator added full-fledged and realistic women’s leagues, at the same level as they are in real football. But to play with them, it was necessary to abandon traditional football, and this approach will be changed in FC 24.

You can not only open sets with female characters that represent real football players but also add them to your squad on the same level as men and play with them on the same team.

This news may appeal to fans of Alex Morgan and other talented female soccer players, but at FC 24 coins she will be equal to Ronaldo and Messi due to her talents and importance to world soccer.

Football player cards and their progress

Previously, when you pulled out a certain card with a football player, you received their characteristics and could determine the playing level and potential benefit for the already formed team.

Now all football players can be pumped up and increase key characteristics after completing the task – what conditions for their completion are not yet clear, but this guarantees the fact that you can take mid-level players, improve their parameters sell profitably and earn FC 24 coins to purchase better quality players.

The new format opens the way to endless progress in strengthening already strong football players and the players will constantly be in grind mode for the sake of boosting the squad, at the same time literally, all the players will be in an advantageous situation when, instead of earning money for a new football player, you can simply significantly strengthen the old one – this a new format, and it will be interesting how it will affect the game economy after the release, which, let me remind you, will take place on September 29.

Emphasizing features and strengths

I think you have noticed that all the brightest and most titled players have their own signature habits, antics and distinctive features, for which football fans love them, in addition to their enormous talent.

Now the player’s special talent will be written on the game card and the owner will have the opportunity to display this feature during the match.

For example, Messi and Neymar will have the dribbling mark, and they pass defensive lines easier than others and deceive their opponents.

Ronaldo and Bale will have dashes – high sprints with little overall stamina.

Cristiano, of course, will also have a signature jump while celebrating goals, but shouting the meme Shuuu will not be possible, at least at the initial stage of the launch.

Other visual changes

Now in FC 24, there will be more bright and impressive moments and goals, due to the refinement of the format of athletic techniques. Jumping shots on goal, tricky feints and dribbles, as well as overhead kicks will become even more spectacular and more frequent due to the new capabilities of the game engine. It all depends on the talent of the football player and his ability to make such feints.

The reaction of football players and the stadium to events on the field will change, or rather improve, and facial animations will be improved.

Tips for the first days of the game

Although many players have already switched from FIFA to the new version more than once, many still forget simple points that can significantly simplify the gameplay and save FC 24 coins if done correctly.

Sell everything you can right away

During the first couple of launches of FC 24, the market will be formed, and many players will be unreasonably expensive until their real price is formed on the gaming market.

For example, as was the case in FIFA 23 from the moment of launch – Leicester City player Jamie Vardy had a high rating, but relatively weak characteristics and his card was expensive, but due to the problems on the football field that players began to face, its price began to fall rapidly and those who managed to sell the football player at the very beginning remained in good profit, while the rest simply lost their coins for nothing.

The same principle works for stadiums, goal celebration cards and, in principle, almost all players, who are potentially more difficult to improve than everyone else.

In the future, prices will stabilize and everything will receive a real assessment, but until this happens, you need to make the most of the situation.

Play team battles and complete tasks

These are the easiest ways to get FC 24 coins.

You simply fulfill the conditions for the match before it starts and get additional coins, and the tasks are related directly to the events within the match, and you need to focus on them if you want to get additional cash.

By the way, if you follow the task of the battle of teams and find some unusual tasks, such as releasing players of Irish descent onto the field, you can sell your low-value cards that will help others complete this task. And if in normal times such a player costs several tens of coins, then his value can increase several times and remain until the task is replaced by another.

 FC 24 gameplay

Conclusions on the new part of FIFA, which will be released under a different name

The developers from EA Sports decided to breathe new life into the football simulator and began to seriously engage in the economy and the idea of player development to extend the overall gameplay and make it possible to collect truly favourite football players, and not just players with good performance.

The updated graphics and the reaction of the stadium will do little to surprise players who have not played the first part of the famous FIFA, but gameplay feints and acrobatic stunts while maintaining realistic physics – that is, actions that players can repeat and their real prototypes should add novelty and entertainment to the project. The same applies to the uniqueness of all the key differences between the players.

Special greetings and techniques, an algorithm of actions and distinctive features – all this will give even more incentive to collect special sets with players in addition to the main and powerful characteristics, which now, by the way, can also be improved.