What Happens When Antivirus Program Expires On Your Windows 10?


When you buy a new computer, you get a free antivirus software along with it which is only for a limited period of time that is either for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or 180 days or more depending on the antivirus that you got.

After the free antivirus is about to get expire you will start getting an update request.

Many users ignore the antivirus protection expired message. But they are unaware of what may happen to their PC if they do not update the antivirus software.

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center has found having outdated antivirus software on their PC or not having any antivirus can risk their computer.

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How to Protect Your Computer from Hackers

How to Protect Your Computer from Hackers

I guess in this 21st century we all are aware of the term HACKING, isn’t it..!

Well, if YES then this article is for you but if your answer is NO, then also you are in the right place.

As today my article is all about Hacking including types of hacking, how the hackers attack your computer, how to protect your computer from hackers and much more.

But first, learn what is hacking and its consequences?

Hacking is an illegal interference into a computer or a network. This is an ability to make computers are other multimedia devices act in a way the owner does not intend.

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Easy Ways to Back Up Save Game Files in Windows 10

Back Up Save Game Files

Possibly the saved games files are not lost until you are replacing the old system with the new one or upgrading your earlier Windows version to latest Windows 10.

And to overcome this you need to back up save games files.  However, knowing how to back up the files is really important, even if you are not updating or replacing your system.

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[In-Depth Guide] What is Hosted Network & How to Enable it in Windows 10?

hosted network in windows 10

Windows 10 comes with lots of functions and features it and one of its functions is known as the Hosted Network. With the help of this option, one can turn the Windows 10 PC into a wireless hotspot.

Are you surprised to hear that there can be a wireless hotspot?  If you always want to turn your Windows 10 PC/Laptop into a wireless hotspot then this article is perfect for you.

Here you will not only get to make your system virtual Wi-Fi but also can create a wireless hosted network.

Go through this article to view full information about Hosted Network in Windows 10.

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How To Disable and Enable Narrator in Windows 10?

Disable Narrator Feature

As a Windows 10 user, you must be aware of the Narrator feature. But if you don’t know the ways to disable and enable the Narrator on Windows 10 computer, then this article will ease your task. In this blog, I am going to demonstrate the different ways to turn the Narrator on/off.

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How to Disable Game DVR and Game Bar in Windows 10?

Disable Windows Game DVR

Have you ever experienced slow gaming performance in Windows 10? If yes, then this article is for you? Here you will learn how to disable Game DVR and Game Bar on Windows 10 PC to optimize the gaming performance.

Well, Windows 10 offers plenty of the latest features and is a great operating system for gamers as well. But some of the Windows 10 features may cause lagging and slow performance issues.

Windows 10 “Game DVR” feature allows recording the video in the background and the “Game Bar” feature allows you to take screenshots or record gameplay.

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All About Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization Feature!

Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization

Downloading the latest Windows 10 updates are time taking and Internet-Data killing process, all the major Windows 10 updates needs hours of downloading more than the dozen of GBs for each PC you have.

If you are running a big organization having huge numbers of PCs/Laptops then you need to do the same thing with all of your systems.

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