How to Make Undertale Fullscreen on Windows & Mac? [QUICK TRICKS]

How to Make Undertale Fullscreen

Undertale is a fairly cheerful game but a lot of gamers are having issues when playing as they get stuck in the windowed mode and unable to play the game in fullscreen on the PC or have trouble figuring out how to make Undertale fullscreen?

This is quite frustrating but luckily there are ways to fix Undertale fullscreen not working problem. Here in this guide, we have managed to showcase the potential keyboard shortcuts that will help you to maximize the size of Undertale as per your computer, even if the fullscreen button is missing or greyed out on the window.

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How to Enable or Disable Windows Error Reporting in Windows 10?

enable windows error reporting

Windows Error Reporting is a service that allows users to send all the operating system errors, alerts related content to Microsoft. The error reporting service is intended to help the user to ensure the PC works optimally.

When Your PC/Laptop hangs or crashes then OS immediately sends an error report to Microsoft automatically. If the solution is available then Microsoft will send you fixes but if not then they try to find the solutions.

And in every Windows version, the service is enabled by default, so whenever you will face any error then the Windows system sends an error report to Microsoft automatically.

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Twitch Dark Mode – How to Enable Or Disable it Quickly?

Twitch Dark Mode

How to enable or disable Twitch dark mode, is this what you are looking for on the web then this article is for you.  Twitch is a highly popular online gaming streaming app and recently many settings are added to it, that allows the user to set it up as per their requirements.

So, today in this article I am talking about the latest feature – Twitch dark mode, that many users are wondering how to enable or disable.

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How to Beat King Hippo in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Easily?

how to beat king hippo

Play the role of MAC and make your dream come true. If you are interested in boxing and want to play this old-school boxing game- Punch-Out!!! Punch your opponent to earn a point and a star. For that, you must do your best to beat the king hippo.

Mike Tyson develops this wonderful punch-out game. Mike Tyson’s punch-out is one of the best boxing games ever released here in this game; your opponent is King Hippo with a crown, but beating King Hippo is not an easy task at all. 

You are thinking about how to beat King Hippo. In this article, don’t worry- you will learn about how to beat King Hippo in Mike Tyson’s punch-out, but you should know how to play Punchout before that? And some important game controls.

Keep reading this article.

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How to Gameshare on Xbox One & Series S/X [2023 UPDATED]

how to gameshare on Xbox One

Wondering how to gameshare on Xbox One? Then in this guide you will get the complete information related gameshare and know how to share the game library with your family or friends via Gameshare.

So, keep reading the article and learn how to gameshare on Xbox One, we have dug up all the details.

But first, learn more about gamesharing.

What is Gamesharing?

Gamesharing is the process of giving friends or family members unlimited access to your Xbox digital games. This is surprisingly one of the most amazing secrets of consoles.

With this, you can both game share with one other and play entire titles available in your digital game libraries.

And to gameshare, all you need is:

  • An Xbox One console
  • A trusted friend or the Family member because the person sharing the games need to share his Xbox Live Password or they could input it themselves on the target Xbox One.
  • And an Xbox Live Account.

Despite the fact, after the release of Xbox One generation, Microsoft handles lots of criticism. But gamesharing is a thing that saves your money and allows you to play many games.

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