What are DLL Files, and How Do They Work?

how dll works

You might have to experience the situation where you came across DLL files that do not work with the given software due to some lack of .dll files. Once you get this information you start looking for the solution on the Internet to get that DLL file, place it in correct folds and get the software running. And that’s it – problem solved about DLL files.

Yet, it should be interesting to know more about these files. They look important, as their absence does not allow a program to run, so get to know what is a dll file and how does dll works?

Go through this article and get information about DLL files and how dll works?

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Complete Guide to Run Scandisk in Windows 10 & 8

How to run scandisk in Windows

ScanDisk is a Windows utility used to verify any Windows hard disk for error and if any error found then this repair it with ease. This inbuilt Windows-utility is very efficient and useful to correct hard disk errors as well as improve its performance.

So, here in this tutorial follow the steps given to learn how to run Scandisk command in Windows 10 and 8.

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