9 Best Marvel Games For PS4 You Can’t Miss in 2023

Best Marvel Games For PS4

If you are a true superhero lover and loves playing superhero games, then you must be knowing about the Marvel Games. Marvel videogames have dominated the box office for so long with their phenomenal video games.

Marvel has an enormous of games that often confuses players to choose one of them. So, if you are also thinking of playing some of the top Marvel games for PS4 but don’t which one would be worth trying, then this article will help you.

Here, I have mentioned the list of the top 9 Marvel superhero games for PS4 that will help you to realize which game is suitable for you and whether it worth playing or not. So, without wasting any further time, let’s go and check out the Marvel video games you should try playing on PS4.

List of Top Marvel Games for PS4:

1: Marvel’s Spider-Man

2: Lego Super Heroes

3: Marvel’s Avengers

4: Deadpool

5: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

6: Iron Man VR

7: Marvel v Capcom: Infinite

8: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

9: Marvel Pinball Season 1 Bundle

#1: Marvel’s Spider-Man

  • Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
  • Developer: Insomniac Games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: September 7th, 2018
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero
  • Price: $39.99
  • Score: 9.5/10

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been titled as the best superhero and action game on PS4 so far. It is a critically acclaimed amazing & exclusive title that you won’t get to play except on PS4 and PS5.

It’s only been 2 years since the game has been released and it already becomes a huge critical & financial success. The gamers and critics are just wowing with its surprisingly fresh take on gameplay and Kratos’s story.

The main character of this game that cannot be underestimated is Peter Parker, the real hero of this game. In this game, you will be put into the shoes of the main hero character to show and experience the storyline which will start in the Kingpin.

Apart from the storyline, you can enjoy the web-slinging, free-fowling movements of the Spider-Man in the open-world adventure. Running along the walls, swinging between the buildings, vault over the obstacles, and other things will give you the real feel of a superhero.

The combat, swinging, New York city altogether enhance Marvel’s Spider-Man experience and make the game’s character more faithful and exciting. If you are still unsure about trying out this game, then must take a glance on its feature, pros, and cons as it will help you to make your mind.

Key Features:

  • You will be mesmerized by the snowy and wintery wonderland of New York
  • Traversal in the game is exceptionally good
  • Textures have never looked so real
  • The SSD is truly a game-changer
  • Impressive implementation of the Ray tracing
  • There are numbers of Spidey suits available for gamers to unlock
  • New abilities, features, and gadgets, and abilities keep freshness in the game
  • The friendly Neighborhood in the game gives it a nice touch
  • The performance of the characters is solid throughout the game
  • Gamers have three visual modes to choose which adds a bonus point to the game
  • Swinging feature through the New York City at 60fps is a delight
  • It has DualSense’s adaptive triggers
  • 3D audio playing in the background of the game is subtle and noticeable
  • There are plenty numbers of challenges & side quests
  • Miles emits charisma

  • The storyline of the game is extremely superb
  • Web swinging feature has a fantastic sense of control and freedom
  • The mesmerizing beauty of New York open-world
  • You will find astonishingly  detailed visuals
  • Attractive characters & great performances
  • Blazing-fast game loading times
  • Punching feature with webs
  • It feels incredible while traveling the city throughout the game
  • Spidey-quips
  • Fan service

  • Pretty similar to Spider-Man Arkham
  • Players forced to the stealth sections
  • No any real rewards for the collectibles
  • The open-world structure is quite familiar and there is nothing new
  • Repetitive mini-games
  • All of the boss fights are QTE drenched
  • Limited DualSense implementation

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#2: Lego Super Heroes

best Marvel games for PlayStation4

  • Platform: PS4, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Traveller’s Tales
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: Nov 152013
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero
  • Price: $4.99
  • Score: 8.1/10

The LEGO Super Heroes is the second-best game in the list of our best Marvel games for PS4. It is one of the bestselling LEGO video games so far.

This game is based on the action-adventure video game which consists of the original story of the superheroes crossing the entire Marvel Universe.

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes contains the thrill of teaming up as heroes from the groups like Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers who united to save the universe. Players will visit the different locations such as Times Square, SHIELD Helicarrier, and Raft prison, and will also find out more obscure villains and heroes.

The best part that never fails to appeal to players is, they can play the game with more than 100 characters. You can take control of several Marvel superhero characters, such as Daredevil, the Hulk, Kraven, Captain America, Groot, Phoenix, Carnage, Moon Knight, Kingpin, Howard, and many more.

Another impressive fact about this game is despite it is released in 2013, it still remains one of the most popular & addictive Marvel games. However, if you are still unsure about trying this game and want to know more it, then go through the below-discussed features, pros, and cons.

Key Features:

  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes offers the original storyline.
  • The game is full of superheroes Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and many other heroes.
  • Lego and Marvel players will enjoy this classic videogame which is full of adventure & humor along with playing as the favorite Marvel character.
  • There are more than 100 characters to unlock across the Marvel Universe which includes fan favorites superheroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, the Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Deadpool, Loki, Hawkeye, & Galactus.
  • This Lego game is packed with a plethora of combat-like epic battle scenes, puzzle-solving, and action sequences, cool character features & abilities, and also a unique storyline with playful humor.
  • There are some cool features included in this videogame, such as smashing, swinging, and flying that features all the superheroes and villains as well.
  • You will save the Earth while living as your favorite Marvel character with the outstanding abilities and strengths:
    • Iron Man:  Fly, shoot missiles, hover, and unleash the powerful energy beam through the Arc Reactor.
    • Captain America: Uses his shield to turn it into the wall in order to protect himself and deflect lasers at enemies or objects.
    • Spider-Man: Pretty obvious, this superhero character shoot webs, use heightened senses in order to spot invisible objects, crawl up the walls, and web-swing.
    • Hulk use to smash.
  • Not just this, but you can also perform the new & powerful moves just like BIG-fig characters such as Abomination and Hulk. Here, you will leave the path of all the destruction after smashing through the LEGO walls & will throw cars using your hyper strength.
  • Experience LEGO New York wonderland like never before by traveling the iconic locations such as Asteroid M, X Mansion, and Asgard.
  • You can also create your own unique superheroes using the customizable characters.

  • Great storyline with excellent sense of humor
  • Full of new & fresh ideas
  • Inventive levels of challenges will push the gamers to do the new things
  • The game is loaded with more than 100 characters including superheroes and villains
  • Beautiful explorable places of New York and rewards unlocking will keep you coming back to the game for more and more
  • Loaded with the epic combats
  • Great visual effects

  • There are various bugs and glitches
  • Unoriginal puzzles
  • Tiring boss battles
  • Dropped frame-rate 

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#3: Marvel’s Avengers

best Marvel video games for PlayStation4

  • Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia
  • Developer: Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montréal, Nixxes Software BV, Crystal Northwest, Eidos Interactive
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Release Date: 14 August 2020
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero
  • Price: $39.99
  • Score: 8.1/10

After the huge success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, another successful game released by Square Enix is Marvel’s Avengers.

It is an action role-playing game. The story of this game starts with the Avengers which was disbanded 5 years previously. Now, the rest is up to the new hero of this game, Ms. Marvel, who will bring back the group together to stop the new villain Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM).

Playing as Kamala Khan is totally a super fun experience as she is going to layer the superheroes hero with cool powers. Also, you will get a chance to play the game as your favorite superheroes, such as Thor, Captain America,  Black Widow, and many others too!

There are so many new exciting features introduced to this game. So, to know more about this game take a look at it’s features, pros, and cons.

Key Features:

  • Going through the single-player campaigns gives the progress that allows to rebuild and restore the powers.
  • Play AIM battles solo or play online with your friends.
  • Improving Earth’s Mightiest Heroes playstyle by unlocking the new gears and powerful skills.
  • Customize your iconic heroes with all-new, classic, and fan-favorite outfits inspired by the 80’s Marvel history.
  • You can also improve each Hero’s unique playstyle through the flexible combat system, skills, and customizable gear.
  • Players launch Warzone Missions & Hero Missions in the hotspots around the globe using the reclaimed helicarrier as the base of operations.
  • Up to 4 players can assemble online in order to protect the Earth against the escalating threats that can only be overcome by Avengers.
  • The narrative gets unfolds over multiple years and with each new narrative region & Super Hero will be delivered without any additional cost.

  • Shockingly great campaign which keeps the gamers engaged throughout the game
  • Though Iconic characters are quite familiar but still feels new & intriguing
  • Narrative interludes and underdog story
  • Certain heroes characters are extremely fun to play
  • Each of the heroes feels and plays differently which shows a lot of varieties while playing.
  • Combat has a depth that becomes more intense and interesting as you keeps unlocking the specializations and moves
  • The story campaign of the game is thoughtful which shows the conflicts between the Avengers
  • Various solo & multiplayer modes
  • Quippy, MCU-like banter
  • The multiplayer mode allows players to create some awesome teamwork moments that make them feel more heroic
  • The live game provides a steady flow of stuff to do that'll keep you engaged
  • Helpful AI companions if you can’t find players for co-op
  • Fast-paced action and thrilling set-pieces

  • RPG elements of the game are mostly just the heap of excess gears and numbers
  • Post-game content is the same & uninspired
  • There are so many gameplay, audio, and visual bugs
  • The game is specifically designed for the multiplayer
  • There is a limited role of villains
  • Combats are chaotic and uninspired
  • Art direction in the game is not up to the mark
  • Over usage of “strongboxes”
  • Quite difficult to find the online players
  • Multiplayer levels are pretty repetitive as players fight through the same enemies and locales
  • Cannon fodder enemies have weak AI
  • Fighting with multiple heroes at the same time creates too much chaos, which leads to combat failure.

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#4: Deadpool

top Marvel games for PS4

  • Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
  • Developer: High Moon Studios
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Release Date: 25 June 2013
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Mode: Single-player video game
  • Price: $49.99
  • Score: 7.7/10

Deadpool is a hilarious title that was released by the High Moon Studios in 2013 just before releasing the Deadpool movie.

It is a hack & slash third-person shooter game that features familiar comic superhero characters such as X-Men, Cable, Mr. Sinister, and Domino.

In this game, there are several copious amounts of swearing and violence, which makes it unsuitable for children. However, there are multiple exciting features in this game that are enough to blow up the mind of gamers.

If you also want to know about these features and what does this game has for you, then take a look at the points mentioned below.

Key Features:

  • In this videogame, players play the role of Deadpool, who is a Mercenary with the accelerated healing factor. 
  • The Deadpool video game for PS4 will open up a limitless world for you to explore. 
  • This game consists of a shooting feature that can be used to kill all of your enemies. 
  • Getting galore of weapons helps gamers in assisting the killing spree.
  • As this game is based on action-based play, it will give you a great immersive gaming experience.
  • Bring the Deadpool Video Game to your home will help you to encounter the heroic gaming experience that you had never get before.

  • Brutal gameplay
  • The game is genuinely funny and comedy
  • All the combat are satisfying
  • Hilarious short videos detailing Marvel lore
  • The game has unexpected references to the classic franchises

  • Boss battles are not that much inspirable
  • Repetitive encounters
  • Combat has several camera & control issues
  • Little replay value
  • Challenge comes with the screen flooding with enemies

#5: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

best Marvel super heroes games for PS4

  • Platform: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Release Date: 18 April 2017
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Mode: Single-player video game
  • Price: $24.99
  • Score: 8/10

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is an episodic action-adventure video game series published and developed by Telltale Games. The game is based on the comic book series of Marvel Comics’ Guardians of the Galaxy. The first episode of the game was released back on 18 April 2017.

Each of the episodes of the game spotlights the Guardians of the Galaxy’s member who steals the Eternity Forge, which is the powerful and immense cosmic artifact used by Thanos, that must be recovered from Hala the Accuser.

It is not just an action game; moreover, the player has to make so many decisions that will affect the narration of the game. This game has shown the specialty of Telltale as it is one of the best games developed by them.

The game has its soundtrack, character designs, and locations, all inspired by the GOTG cinematic brand. The overall gaming experience has placed this game in the list of top Marvel video games on PS4.

Now, go ahead and dive into more details of this game…

Key Features:

  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Story: The overall story explained and showed in this game has some interesting moments. 
  • Interface: The interface of the game hasn’t changed and it still didn’t fail to impress the gamers.
  • Lasting appeal: After finishing each of the episodes which take around an hour and a half, you can advantage of the longevity of reloading & trying the other choices.
  • Sound: The classic rock tunes used in the game are super cool. You can find the same tunes on Spotify and Apple Music.
  • Visuals: The visuals are looking pretty good.

  • Interesting premise
  • Great fight scenes
  • Plenty of good moments through playing the game
  • Great sense of humor
  • Well-written dialogue & story hook
  • Used good songs and rock tunes on the soundtrack
  • Ties up loose ends of prior episodes
  • The season pass is inexpensive
  • Welcomed mini-origin stories
  • One of the best-presented Telltale game
  • Fairly good cinematic flair used in the game

  • Some of the story plots failed to hold the attention
  • Boring Puzzles
  • The ending of the game is anticlimactic & forced
  • Though the sounds are good but are used too many times
  • A lot of rehashing of prior scenes in the series
  • Some stilted animations
  • Stakes don’t feel particularly high
  • Walking around the segments feel as clunky and dated as ever

Get Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series on PS4

#6: Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR

  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Camouflaj
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: 3 July 2017
  • Genre: Action, Shooter
  • Mode: Single-player video game
  • Price: $39.99
  • Score: 8/10

Have you ever imagined living your day as Iron Man and flying around the places, saving people from tragedies, and being the hero of a million people? If so, then the Iron Man VR game is developed for someone like you.

It is one of the next best Marvel games for PS4 that will make your impossible dream comes true. This is an action-shooter game that is going to give you an immersive & thrilling experience.

In this action game, you are going to track down all of the old Stark Industries weapons that went to the wrong hands.  Additionally, you will be encouraged to replay the game levels to make them better.

The most exciting part of the game is, the higher you will score, the more you would be able to customize the armor. This is not the end of it, there are so many other things in this game for you. One thing I can make sure that this game will not fail to impress you.

Moving ahead, here are few more points to consider before getting it on your console. So, read out the further details of this game.

Key Features:

  • You can use the two PlayStation Move motion controllers to fire up the Iron Man’s Repulsor Jets & blast them into the sky with the iconic gear of Iron Man at the fingertips.
  • Customize the Iron Man’s awesome abilities and sleek armor by upgrading the tech used in Tony Stark’s garage.
  • In this game, players are going to face off Iron Man’s best foes in high-stakes and action-packed battles.

  • Excellent, intuitive controls
  • Intriguing story
  • Decent job of utilizing the Move Controllers
  • Combat in Iron Man VR is superb
  • Lots of freedom whilst flying
  • Plenty of optional content

  • Visuals aren't that great
  • Repetitive missions
  • Loading games taking too long
  • Screen loading also takes time
  • Hectic scenes affect frame rate
  • Occasional tracking hitches
  • The story of the game is familiar and seems nothing is new

Get Marvel’s Iron Man VR for PS4

#7: Marvel v Capcom: Infinite

est Marvel games on PS4

  • Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
  • Developer: Camouflaj
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: 19 September 2017
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Mode: Single-player video game
  • Price: $39.99
  • Score: 7.7/10

Marvel v Capcom: Infinite is an iconic fighting game launched by Capcom in 2017.

In this game, you will get limited playable characters. However, developers have added six more characters in this game: Gamora, Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Winter Soldier, and Ultron.

It is a bright & fun game and is perfect for the classic Street Fighter’s fans or for the gamers who would love to see Ryu beaten up by Dormammu.

The story, heroes, graphics, sounds will keep you engaged with this game and this is the reason why it is one of the top Marvel games for PlayStation4.

Key Features:

  • Reborn Rivalries: In this game, you are going to feel like the Universes collided once again to this new crossover clash, where the players will select their favorite Capcom and Marvel characters & will be engaged in the 2v2 team battles. This will allow for all-new gameplay dynamics.
  • Iconic Heroes: Many more characters have joined the announced roster (like Iron Man, Captain Marvel,  Captain America, Morrigan, Mega Man X, and Ryu) in this survival battle, including the Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Thor, Hawkeye, Strider Hiryu, Chun-Li, Ultron, and Chris Redfield.
  • Cinematic Story: The storyline of this game has explained how The Marvel & Capcom universes collide as the heroes & villains battle to save their worlds from the new threat, i.e. Ultron Sigma.
  • Infinite Power: You will have the choice of six different powerful Marvel Universe’s Infinity Stones to influence the result of the battle. Each of the Infinity Stone will allow you to customize the characters with different yet unique abilities & game-changing effects.
  • Access Single Player Content: Players are also allowed to access the single-player modes where they can enhance the skills including the Arcade modes, Training, and Mission.
  • Expanded Multiplayer Features: The game has expanded the multiplayer features to deepen your overall experiences, such as robust online modes, content with casual and ranked matches, online lobbies with a spectator mode, and global leaderboards.

  • The Infinity Stones allow for more creative strategies and styles
  • The new tag system places more emphasis on skill over automation
  • Mechanics are deep and complex but casual players are accommodated
  • Story mode is fun and engaging throughout
  • Infinity Stones are fun and strategic gameplay addition.
  • 2 battles streamline fights in a satisfying fashion.
  • Can deactivate auto-combos.

  • Inconsistent character models
  • The overall presentation is lacking in personality and flair
  • Bland presentation.
  • Ho-hum roster.
  • Weak Story mode.
  • Some long load times.
  • DRM shenanigans.

Get Marvel v Capcom: Infinite on PS4

#8: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

LEGO Marvel's Avengers

  • Platform: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, macOS
  • Developer: Traveller’s Tales, TT Fusion, Feral Interactive, TT Games
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: 26 January 2016
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Mode: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
  • Price: $19.99
  • Score: 7.1/10

The next best Marvel game for PS4 is LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.

Astonishingly, this game has more than 200 characters to play with, which contains a mixture of well & lesser-known villains and heroes.

This game is inspired by the MCU, which makes it more accessible. The core of this game has followed the “The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron” plots.

It has additional levels of games based on Phase I & II films, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Iron Man 3.

If you want to know how does this game makes its place in my best Marvel games for PS4, then go through the features of this game along with its pros and cons.

Key Features:

  • Experiencing blockbuster action right from the Avengers films – In this game, you will relive the moments of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel’s The Avengers, and more, along with the splash of LEGO humor.
  • Different roster of Marvel’s Avengers characters – Players are allowed to play & unlock more than the 100 characters. You will also be able to enjoy the exciting capabilities, of your favorite superheroes like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America.
  • Newly enhanced powers & abilities – The game has introduced many new & enhanced power & character abilities. You can use these abilities to team up with the core Avengers in order to execute the combo moves.
  • Free Roam Gameplay – You can enjoy LEGO Marvel’s Avenger’s open-world gameplay.
  • Diverse iconic locations – Players can visit the iconic locations of Marvel Cinematic Universe all around the globe.

  • Diverse roster of Marvel’s Avengers characters
  • New and enhanced powers and abilities
  • Free Roam Gameplay
  • Variety of iconic locations
  • Experience the blockbuster action from the Avengers films
  • Brilliant, well-paced Avengers campaign
  • Crammed with gags and spectacular set-pieces
  • Fun new team mechanics suit co-op play
  • Lots to see, collect and explore

  • The old formula isn’t getting any fresher
  • Inconsistent audio
  • Confusing level design often physically obscures what you're meant to be doing
  • Imprecise controls that break up the flow of fun
  • Movie dialog feels awkwardly shoved in and out of place

Get LEGO Marvel’s Avengers for PS4

#9: Marvel Pinball Season 1 Bundle

Marvel Pinball Season 1 Bundle

  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Zen Studios
  • Publisher: Zen Studios
  • Release Date: 26 September 2017
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Price: $23.99
  • Score: 7/10

Classic arcade meets Marvel with this one. If you enjoy pinball this game offers life-like effects with Marvel-based tables that are unique and a real joy to play.

Dr. Strange, Blade, Wolverine, and Thor each make an appearance as well as many more with Marvel Legends Pack and Vengeance and Virtue Pack both included.

  • Includes a total of ten different pinball tables.
  • Works in a large number of Star Wars visual references.
  • Characters from the X-Men universe are present within this bundle.
  • There are additional game packages that can be accessed.

  • Requires a copy of Pinball FX3 to play.
  • Like all pinball titles
  • The gameplay can get repetitive.
  • A fair amount of memory (735.05 megabytes) will be required for the game to function properly.
  • Older operating systems are not supported by this bundle.

Get Marvel Pinball Season 1 Bundle on PS4


So, these are the best Marvel games for PS4. Now, you can go through the details of each of the listed games and decide which one of them you would like to play on your PlayStation4.

However, there are some points you can consider while choosing the best Marvel games for PlayStation4. You may compare games on the basis of replayability, game characters, storyline, sound, and visual effects.

Also, different players have their choice of games. So, it’s totally up to you which game you would like to buy. If you will ask me which one of them is my favorite, then let me tell you, I liked Marvel’s Spider-Man the most.

It is because first it is an action video game and secondly, this game has excelled in all the aspects.

Lastly, if you found this article helpful and you enjoyed reading it, then follow it with other game lovers, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.