5 Reasons Why you Need a VPN for Windows 10

why you need to use a VPN for Windows 10

As we spend more time on the internet, it’s becoming more important than ever to prioritize our online privacy.

Using the internet has become so much more than a quick Google search; it’s a way of life. From streaming movies to shopping and gaming, your personal information is at risk if you don’t use a Virtual Private Network.

If you’re a Windows 10 user, you’ll know it’s a great system. Millions of people use it every day for work, home, and the latest gaming entertainment. Windows 10 offers a personalized experience with lots of customizable features.

However, these features have presented their fair share of privacy issues. Built-in advertising and apps like Cortana are designed to collect your personal information and send it to Microsoft servers.

If you’re concerned about your data being viewed or tracked online, you need to get a VPN for your Windows 10 system.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you need a VPN for your Windows 10 devices.

5 Reasons to Use a VPN Services

1: Access a World of Content

Want to stream the latest TV series, but it’s not available in your region? We’ve all been there. With a VPN, that’s a thing of the past. By installing a VPN, you will be able to watch geo-restricted content from around the world.

You simply connect to an international server and start watching your favorite content straight away. When choosing a VPN, make sure you choose a reputable provider like CyberGhost VPN, which offers a specifically designed VPN for Windows 10 users that will give you access to servers in over 90 countries.

2: Protect Yourself when Using Public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is great. It’s a useful service that’s available in airports, cafes, and hotels that allows us to access the internet when we’re on holiday, commuting, or working away from the office.

But often, they have very little security measures, meaning they give you no online security or privacy. You will be exposing your device to hackers and scammers who could try to steal your information and put your data at risk.

You could also be vulnerable to viruses that could cause you to lose all your information and destroy your devices’ software. With a VPN, your activity is anonymized, so websites cannot track your visits. 

3: Protect Yourself from Cybercriminals 

You may think your personal information is safe and that it will never happen to you, but there are cyber criminals out there looking for it. The internet is a worldwide system where people can commit crimes from the other side of the world while sitting on their sofa.

We’ve all heard horror stories of people’s credit card details and passwords being stolen and their devices being hacked, or even complete identity theft.

Don’t add yourself to that list, and take your online security seriously by installing a VPN. A VPN will encrypt your data, creating a secure digital tunnel between your Windows 10 device and the server, so that cybercriminals cannot access your private information.

4: It’s your Personal Information – Keep it That Way!

Government spies and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) are just some of the companies and authorities that can easily track your online activity when you go online without a VPN.

You have a right to privacy, and using a VPN will allow you to claim back your freedom and use the internet without any prying eyes on you.

You may have never given any thought to who may be viewing your information, but your ISP can track your browsing activity and can sell this data to marketing or advertising companies, who will then send you information via email or phone calls.

A VPN will mask your activity and ensure your right to privacy is protected.

5: Game Without Limits

Windows 10 is great for gaming, especially on PCs and laptops. You can play the latest games like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, even though it has some early bugs.

Installing a VPN can give you faster gaming speeds, faster downloads, and keep your gaming activity private. It will also protect you from DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks that can throw you off the server and expose your personal information to hackers.

A VPN will also allow you to bypass any government censorship and download games that are banned in your country.

If you’re lucky, you may even be able to save money by purchasing games using a server in another country, where the game is less expensive.

A VPN is the simplest and most effective way to keep your information safe when you’re using the internet. Install one today to ensure your Windows 10 system is protected, and you are, too.


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