[Solved] How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error Windows 8?

dns server not responding

DNS error generally occurs due to the incorrect DNS settings, changed IP Address and Firewall issues. Sometimes because of outdated data or incorrect information containing HOSTS file may also generate this error.

Still, if you don’t remember adding listings to a HOSTS file, it silently may contain listings, for the reason that some Internet accelerator tools edit them automatically without giving you any notification.

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5 Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Task Manager Crashes in Windows 10

fix task manager crashes

While doing task manager related task it gets crashed or restarts, so that we can’t stop any program forcefully. This problem is very dangerous and awful for the user because it affects the other programs and system performance. Task manager issues in Windows OS generally occur in all versions of operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and the latest Windows 10.

If you are facing this type of problem or gets unable to open task manager then here are some of the solutions provided that will help you to fix task manager crashes error because after some time it gets bigger and will completely harm your entire computer system.

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How to Fix Runtime Error r6016 on Windows 8?

runtime error r6016

Runtime errors on Windows 8 occur when there is any conflict between different software and application or malware or viruses available on your computer, as a result, it corrupts the program and does not work properly.

This runtime error r6016 occur when you try to open a program or software that has infected with virus or malware or program that you try to open, display several errors due to lack of enough memory space.

Many Windows 8 users are encountering r6016 runtime errors. This error displays a message

Runtime Error! Program: C:\Windows\system32\conhost.exe

R6016” followed by “– not enough space for thread data

If you are unable to perform any specific work, you cannot exit any game application or having difficulty in closing Google chrome. Then r6016 error is preventing you from working.

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