How to Record PS4 Gameplay on PC with or without Capture Card?

How to Record PS4 Gameplay on PC

The Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) has a default recording feature and is very powerful. A PS4 game console has 8 cores, 6-7 for gaming, the rest to handle the system, and a custom Marvell chip as the network co-processor for standby downloads. The PS4 has a separate processor for recording. The video recording and sharing function does not use the main APU but is executed in the background by a second chip linked to the APU. The second chip has a hardware-based video encoder and decoder, so it doesn’t use any of the resources needed for the game and doesn’t consume CPU, memory, or bandwidth.

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11 Easy Fixes for Hulu Error Code 500

Hulu error code 500

Many of you have complained that Hulu error code 500 is annoying your streaming experience. If you are also sailing in the same boat, this guide will help you fix the error with a few effective troubleshooting methods that worked for several users to solve the error.

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5 Must-Know Fixes For Docker Image Vulnerabilities

5 Must-Know Fixes For Docker Image Vulnerabilities

There are several must-know fixes to repair Docker image vulnerabilities. Live Docker production environments deploy thousands of software containers every day. With more complex than traditional development workloads, security administrators need effective solutions to protect their containerized Docker environments.

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How to Save Live Streams on Twitch? [EXPLAINED]

How to Save Live Streams on Twitch

In earlier days, many streaming devices do not allow the users to save the live streamed sessions, but things have changed nowadays.

Yes, Twitch is one of these platforms and it is possible to save Twitch live streams on your device. This is made possible with the help of a feature named, Video on Demand, or VOD in short. This article explains a few easy hacks that demonstrate how to save live streams on Twitch.

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8 Tricks to Fix PS4 Update 9.60 Problems

PS4 Update 9.60 Problems

Summary: Recently, many PS4 users reported after updating their console, they are encountering numerous PS4 Update 9.60 Problems like freezing, crashing, and showing random error codes su-30746-0 and su-42118-6. So, here in this article, find out how to fix PS4 9.60 update issues.

Time to time, various updates are released for PlayStation 4 by Sony to improve the performance and make it more advanced. But not all updates work the way it is intended.

Recently many users have reported too many new consequences after updating the consoles to firmware version 9.60.

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FIXED: uBlock Origin Not Blocking Twitch Ads [EXPLAINED]

uBlock Origin not blocking Twitch ads

The “uBlock Origin not blocking Twitch ads” is common problem users encounter right after updating the Twitch platform with the recent update.  The error is mostly the result of an outdated or crashed uBlock extension. Moreover, the ublock origin twitch ads cover the full streaming screen for almost 30 seconds, during which users find difficulty in streaming or chatting.    

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