10 Fixes For “Steam Overlay Not Working” Windows

Steam Overlay Not Working

Many users are experiencing the Steam overlay not working problem and as a result, there are unable to access in-game features and Steam Community while playing games on the Steam platform.

Undoubtedly Steam Client is a popular app for gamers and allows each one of them to play games under one window.

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Orbi Flashing White Light Problem [6 Verified Fixes]

Orbi flashing white light

If you are a user of Orbi, there is a good chance you might have witnessed the Orbi flashing white light problem on your system.

The problem is so irritating that the device loses its networking capabilities and as a result becomes unusable.  And the problem is seen in all the Orbi family models.

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Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 on Windows, Xbox, PSN, Smart TV

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

Netflix error code NW-2-5 is a common error occurred due to an internet connectivity issue or when your device is unable to establish a connection with the Netflix server.

The error code is a clear sign of the connectivity problem as it stops the Netflix website or the app from communicating with the servers. And as a result, the users are unable to stream their favourite content and see the error message on their screen Netflix Has Encountered an Error Code Nw-2-5.

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[2022] 4 Ways to Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Corrupted SD cards can be such a pain because it indicates that you might lose the data somewhat or entirely. It is possible that your SD card is working properly one minute and the next minute it refuses to show the data.

This article will uncover 4 easy ways to recover your important files from a corrupted sd card without much hassle. Before that, understanding the process of identifying the corrupted card is paramount.

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Killer Network Service High CPU Usage [DETAILED GUIDE]

Killer Network Service

Killer Network Service is running in the background and causing high CPU usage on Windows 11. Wondering what is (KNS) Killer Network Service and why it is running in the background?

In this tutorial know everything about the Killer Network Service application and how to stop Killer Network Service on Windows 11 and fix the high CPU usage problems.

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How to Test Security of Website – Importance, Types, and Tips!

How to Test Security of Website

These days, the security of a website is critical. With cybercrime on the rise, it has become imperative for businesses to take necessary precautions to protect their online presence and customer data. One way to do this is by regularly testing the security of your website.

Website security testing is the process of finding and fixing vulnerabilities in your website before they can be exploited by hackers. It’s important to do because if your website is hacked, it could lead to data theft, financial loss, or even legal trouble.

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