Top 5 Editing Apps for Influencers

Editing Apps for Influencers

Networking, as we know it, is seldom acknowledged without the applications that help optimize it in today’s digital world. The online space is rife with people shooting their shots with talent exclusive to their skillset. A big chunk of these individuals belongs to the niche of influencers. Being an influencer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll find yourself traversing through Instagram all the time, although certainly, the application does hold an important position in providing a robust platform.

To be an influencer, in layman’s terms, would be to dispense knowledge, talent, and passion to an expanse of followers who willingly follow you as you go about your activities. Make no mistake about it though, this stuff isn’t easy. Having the right equipment, the right headspace, and the right ambience is just some of what an influencer needs to take into account before they go about earning their bread.

To help ease the burden and to provide a more streamlined process for your content, we’ve helped compile a neat listicle consisting of editing apps exclusively for influencers. With our selection, we aim to bring you a budget-friendly yet premium enough solution to put your content out with minimal hassle.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

1. Snapseed

A product of Google, Snapseed aims to provide professional-level edits for pictures that you’ll inevitably want to put out there. The app has a delicious selection of features ranging from selective light adjustment to HDR-level edits like warmth, exposure, and ambience adjustment. The app has specifically been designed keeping the needs of online professionals in mind. So when you’re done editing your media through Snapseed, it’s already optimized to be shared onto social media apps without any further processing.

2. Hyperlapse

Although not every influencer may have a need for this, Microsoft’s Hyperlapse maintains a steady presence in the app store due to its unique application. Hyperlapse allows users to create stable, well-refined time lapses for a variety of locations and settings. Suppose you’re part of a movie production unit and want to create a BTS video or show the daily hustle and bustle around the set. Hyperlapse can help with this by making a video, that is hours long, into a couple minutes long video perfect for Instagram.

We will mention that due to a heavy file regardless, your upload times for such a heavily edited video will be painstakingly long if you don’t have a robust internet connection backing you up. Consider checking out WOW! for its brilliant selection of deals and discounts that specially cater to influencers and their online dealings. If you have any doubt about the ISP’s capability, a WOW! Speed Test will be perfect for putting your thoughts to rest. Give it a whirl and don’t let a laggy connection get you down ever again.


If you’re looking for a bit more from your editing application then VSCO is probably what’ll pique your interest. Apart from being a stellar app for editing, VSCO has a community of passionate photographers/videographers who share their work using the app’s platform. Users can choose to be inspired by fellow peers in the same category or reach out to them in order to collaborate with their expertise. Or both! Also, did we mention how minimal the app is itself?

4. Vimeo Create

Aligned more toward those of you who have a knack for creating and editing videos, Vimeo is a fantastic option for adding more spruce to your content before publishing it. The app is sprinkled with tons of options for cutting, editing, and formatting video files without compromising on their quality. Beginners may choose from templates if they’re just getting the ropes of editing. The application is especially loved by Instagram influencers who like to make their videos appear as catchy as they can be within the 15-second timeframe.

5. Filto

Filto is a newer, more aesthetically redesigned app for video editing that snaps at Vimeo’s heels. Why? The devs behind Filto took everything Vimeo Create was good at, made it better, and incorporated it into their own application. Another thing Filto does quite well is filters. The app is chock full of them and takes inspiration from both stock Instagram filters and other third-party sources. Get visually appealing videos made all from the comfort of your palm. Even if the name sounds sketchy, its application definitely isn’t.


That’s a wrap on all the apps we have for you right now. All the aforementioned listings hold their own in their respective departments and bring their A-game to your editing every time. Needless to say, with even one of these installed on your device, you won’t have to worry about editing your content or thinking if it is up to the mark. Go ahead and get influencing!