Steamworks Common Redistributables? How to Use & Hide It

Steamworks Common Redistributables

Wondering what this Steamworks Common Redistributables is and why it is in the Steam library then this article is for you.

Today in this guide we will share the complete information about the Steamworks Common Redistributables and what does it do?

Also, learn how to hide and use it, so keep reading the article.

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What is Steamworks Common Redistributables?

Steamworks is an open-source development suite with all the necessary files and tools to develop and run games on Steam. With this, you can easily optimize the games and their settings on several Windows systems. It is available on 32-bit and 64-bit computers and contains the following programs.

  • DirectX 9
  • Microsoft Visual C++ (2010, 2013, 2015)
  • .NET Framework
  • XNA
  • OpenAL
  • PhysX

When you install a Steam game for the first time, the Steamworks Common Redistributables will be installed automatically on your PC for the specific tool or file. The games that are downloaded after that, will not require any file installations next time. They will make use of the previously installed file version on your computer.

This helps you to save CPU/disk space, internet data and especially time. Whenever there is a patch update for the scripts or the file, they will be downloaded automatically by Steam.

Overall, to simplify the answer, Steamworks Common Redistributables are the file/tool suite that has all the necessary components of games and apps. With this suite, you do not need to download the component again and again.

How to Hide Steamworks Common Redistributables?

If you want to avoid a few circumstances of deleting the Steamworks Common Redistributables accidentally, you can hide them. Follow these instructions to hide the common Redistributables files on your PC.

  • Launch the Steam app on your PC and move to the Steam Library tab,
  • Search and find the Steamworks Common Redistributables. Right-click on it and press the  Manage option.

Steamworks Common Redistributables?

  • In the upcoming screen, click on Hide this game Doing this will hide the folder from the library.
  • If you change your mind to unhide it, click the Hidden

How to Use Steamworks Common Redistributables?

If you want to check the downloaded redistributable file before your use it, this section will help you. The steps to use the Steamworks Common Redistributables download is very simple. Follow as instructed below.

  • Navigate to the Steamworks and then click on the App Admin
  • Then, switch to the Installation tab.

Steamworks Common Redistributables

  • Click on all the checkboxes for the redistributable needed by the games and apps.
  • After making the necessary changes, publish it.
  • If you wish to check/test the selected common redistributable file, the easiest way to do that is to make use of a clean OS image on a Virtual machine or a system.
  • In any case, if you want to reinstall common redistributables in Steam, you can delete the following registry keys.

32-bit Windows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Valve\Steam\Apps\CommonRedist

64-bit Windows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\Steam\Apps\CommonRedist

Please note, you would need to delete the separate subkeys created for each common redistributable in this process. This is because, every time you install a common redistributable file, a subkey will be created within the key.

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Final Words

That’s it! So, that is how you use and hide the Steamworks Common Redistributables in library. If you want more information about these common redistributable files, you can reach out to us anytime.

If you have any queries regarding this guide, feel free to drop them on the Facebook page. We will give our utmost efforts to resolve them instantly.

Good Luck..!