Your Computer Appears to be Correctly Configured [5 FIXES]

Your Computer Appears to be Correctly Configured

Seeing the error message “Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding” on your computer then is an indication that your network connection is stopped working. And the Windows version has not been able to come up with solutions after Network troubleshooting.

There is indeed a problem that lies with the Domain Name Server and this in turn causes the Internet to respond with connection errors. Without a doubt, this is a nagging problem but has plenty of fixes available.

So, here in this article, we have come up with the potential fixes that worked for several users to get past your computer appears to be correctly configured.

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[11 Ways] Fix OBS Game Capture Black Screen

OBS Game Capture Black Screen

OBS Game Capture Black Screen issue occurs usually at the time of previewing the recorded game or during game capturing. The issue turns the screen blank which makes the content almost invisible. However, this issue is mainly the problem of the OBS studio app itself. So, make sure you run the OBS Studio with administrative privileges.

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Fix HP Laptop Won’t Turn On [15 VERIFIED SOLUTIONS]

HP Laptop Won’t Turn On

Does your HP laptop won’t turn on, nothing happens and seeing a black even after pressing the power button several times?

Then you are not alone as this is a common problem reported by several HP laptop users. Therefore, in this article, we have outlined the potential fixes shared by the experts to solve my HP Laptop Won’t Turn on a problem.

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4 Easy Fixes for “Please Wait for the GPSVC” Error

fix Please wait for the GPSVC

A great number of users reported that they are getting stuck on the “Please Wait for the GPSVC” pop up error message while attempting to start, shut down or boot the PC or even switch the accounts.

If you are facing the same error then you are in the right place but before knowing how to fix please wait for the GPSVC error you need to know what is GPSVC?

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TiWorker.exe High CPU Problem [Explained + Fixed]

tiworker.exe high cpu

Summary: In this guide learn how to fix Tiworker.exe high CPU problem, what is tiworker.exe and how to stop tiworker.exe from running in your system to prevent overheating and other problems caused due to the tiworker.exe service.

The tiworker.exe is a Windows Module Installer Service and a genuine program responsible for updating Windows. But in many cases, this causes overheating and slowing down the computer as it constantly uses the system processes.

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