How to Fix Xbox App Won’t Open in Windows 10 [QUICK GUIDE]

xbox app not working on pc

Microsoft recently launched its new Xbox app for Windows 10 users. This latest Xbox One app lets users play games direct from the Windows Store with their fellow Xbox players.

It allows users to create scoreboards, share their social content, and do more.

Undoubtedly this is an amazing Windows 10 feature, but still, many users are receiving the Xbox app not opening Windows 10 problem.

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[FIXED] Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PC Error – Crashing, Shuttering, Bug & Others

Fixed pro evolution soccer error

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 starts getting bad reviews just after its release. While playing the game users have complained that they are facing some problems and glitches such as Crashing, Lag issue, Stuttering, FPS Drops, Black Screen and more.

Here, learn how to fix the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 error. In this article, you will be guided with completed fixes to solve the errors. But before going towards the fixed first check out the system requirement of the game. If the requirement does not match then you may face the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 errors.

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[SOLVED] American Truck Simulator Errors: Crash, Steam_Api64.Dll Is Missing & More

american truck simulator errors

After the launching of the American Truck Simulator last week, lots of gamers reported different types of issues appearing while playing this game. Many players also complained about different types of game issues and bugs that are making the game unplayable.

Some common American Truck Simulator issues are crashing, being unable to start the Game and performance issues like freezing/ low FPS and also the American truck simulator not working on Windows 10.

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How to Fix Blue Circle When Playing Games in Windows 10

blue circle on screen windows 10

Gaming excites everyone but when it creates an issue, it gets really irritating. One of the issues that appear when playing games is the Blue circle.

YES, that right. A blue circle appears on the screen when playing games in Windows 10 when users run any application, open any file or while playing the game.

This issue is a little annoying because it mostly comes into view while gaming session on Windows 10, getting a blue circle during the game is quite distracting when you’re playing your favorite game.

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[FIXED] Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen Errors- Crash, Low sound, Black Screen, Widescreen & More

dragon's dogma crash on startup

Dark Arisen is a vast open-world Action, Adventure, and RPG computer game. This game is very popular among gamers but after the release of this game, lots of users start complaining about the PC issues and error such as dragon’s dogma crash to desktop, Black Screen, Low FPS, etc.

If you are among those gamers who are facing such errors then in this blog all the issues and errors are described with their solution, so apply them carefully and make your Game Session Error Free.

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[FIXED] The Game Could Not Start Error Occurs On Xbox 360


Are you seeing “The game couldn’t start try downloading the game again Xbox 360. For more help, visit” error message when trying to use an Xbox 360 Dashboard feature or play an original Xbox game on your Xbox 360 console?

If yes and want to fix this error message then you are at the correct place, apply the given tricks to solve this XBOX error with ease.

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Methods to Fix “Device Limit Reached for Installing Apps / Games” in Windows 10

windows 10 device limit

After fixing Windows 10 Error 0x803F7003: Microsoft Windows 10 Store Error, a new error comes into view that says “Device limit reached for installing apps and games”.

This error appears on the screen when the user tries to install a new game/ app in their Windows 10 computer or laptop when the device limit exceeds and it prevents you from further installing any apps or games.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to overcome this error so that you can install your favorite game in your Windows 10.

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Fix Computer Crashes While Playing Games On Windows 10 [QUICK GUIDE]

Repair Computer Crashes While Playing Game

Microsoft takes care of game lovers in the latest version of the Windows operating system i.e. Windows 10. It is one of the best OS to play the game because it is a very gamer-friendly operating system.

But, sometimes it gets hard to play games on it because of some problems occurs while playing games on Windows 10. One of the Problems is computer crashes while playing games.

The crashing of the system is one of the irritating issues while playing the game as it interrupts the game and all the excitement turns into anger, according to some users system crashes randomly while playing games or when trying to run any game.

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Command and Conquer Generals- Fixed Zero Hour, Serious Errors & Others in Windows 10

fixed command & conquer issue

Command and Conquer Generals is a very popular real-time strategy game, it is one of the oldest but well-liked game released back in 2003.

This game is little old so it’s probable that have some issues with Windows 10. There are many Windows 10 users who are suffering from different types of issues and errors while playing the Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour on their Windows 10 system.

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[FIXED] Just Cause 3 Issues – Crashing, Not Loading, Low Memory & More

fix Just Cause 3 game errors

Did you notice various issues or glitches in playing the Just Cause 3 game in your Windows PC/laptop? Wondering what went wrong and how to fix Just Cause 3 game errors and start playing the game with ease.

Then I am here to help you out and provide the detailed possible solutions to fix various issues and bugs with Just Cause 3 game.

Just Cause 3 is the sequel of the highly popular and successful game Just Cause 2. And this is the reason it is most popular among the users and is available for all the three platform Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game is very smooth with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version but when it comes to Windows, gamers reported the number of issues like Just Cause 3 crashing, stuttering, low and bad performance, freezing and many others.

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