[FIXED] Might & Magic: Heroes VII PC Game Errors- Game Won’t Start, Multiplayer Issues & Others

Might & Magic: Heroes VII makes a glorious come back bringing you the essence of turn-based strategy gaming. The game is set in a fantasy world with RPG progression and strong story narrative, so that when you will get on a journey that you will never forget!

This series claims itself to be the best of all the previous ones but after its launch on steam, many users have commented bad reviews for the game due to the issue and bugs of the game. Users are reporting that they can’t start the game, random crashes, freezing issues, multiplayer issues like constant disconnecting from multiplayer.

Below is the list of all game’s errors in detail along with its complete solution on how to fix Might & Magic: Heroes VII error also checks the system requirements of the game whether it is compatible with your system and play the game without any issue.

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[SOLVED] Mad Max PC Game Errors – Crashes, Freeze, Lag, Controller Issues & Others

Fix Crashes, Error, Freeze, Lag, Controller Issues For Mad Max PC Game

Are you getting any difficulty while playing the MAD MAX game? Are you unable to enjoy the full gaming experience due to some errors and bugs? If your answer to all the above questions is yes, then don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

Mad Max was released on Steam and some game players have reported that there are some minor issues with the game that can be fixed soon.

The most common Mad Max errors that have been reported by the players are Lag, Crashes, FPS Drops, as well as game-saving problems. To fix all these issues in the Mad Max PC game, try the workarounds mentioned in this article and enjoy playing the game without any interruption.

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How to Fix F1 2015 PC Game Errors – Low FPS, Crashing, Flickering, Controller Issues & Others

F1 2015 game error

Amongst the most prominent games, the F1 series has also been counted in the existing industry. Every year a new game is being launched by them with some modifications to the previous version.

Hence with some most recent features newer version of F1 is released this year having the title as F1 2015. 2014 version of F1 was undoubtedly a success but F1 2015 failed to carry an identical reputation.

A number of downbeat reviews were being customary by users from steam and emerged as one of less rated games in the year 2015. Prior reason to this F1 2015 game is many such as Low FPS, crashing, Flickering, controller issues, DLL error, etc.

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How to Fix Rocket League Errors- Crashes, DLL Error, Server Issues, Black Screen & Others

How to Fix Errors/Bugs and crashes in Rocket League PC

Rocket League game has been surrounded by a unique concept where Soccer meets driving. I think no one would have probable such thought but the developer till now.

The concept seemed to be working as the game is getting awfully positive reviews throughout the markets. However, the players have been argumentative about the issues they are facing during the installation of this game such as rocket league has stopped working, rocket league crashes on startup, black screen issue, server issue, and others.

In order to fix the most prominent errors while installing or playing this game, follow the below solutions according to the errors that you are encountering.

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[FIXED] Ryse: Son of Rome Game Errors- App Crash, Startup Issues, 0xc00007b Error & Others

Ryse: Son of Rome game error

Ryse: Son of Rome is an action video game full of adventure. It was first released on Xbox One and later on Microsoft Windows.

After its release players started encountering various issues and errors such as app crash, the game won’t start, Steam_api64.dll Error, freezing issue, 0xc00007b, 0xc0000142, etc., while playing the game.

To fix all such errors go through this article and get the solutions to solve them all. By before you moving towards the solutions first check whether your system meets the minimum system requirements with game or not.

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[FIXED] Project Cars Game Errors- Crashing, Stuttering, Black Screen, Low FPS & Others


Project Cars is a car racing game that is known to everyone by its name. The game was released on 6th May 2015.

This car racing game excited the players by its features and graphics but when it was played many gamers started encountering issues such as crash on startup, launching issue, Black screen, stuttering issue, low FPS and many others.

If you are also among those players who are facing this kind of issue and are looking for fixes, then this article is for you.

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[FIXED] Wolfenstein: The Old Blood PC Errors- Black Screen, DLL, Low FPS & More

The series of Wolfenstein Game has been entertaining the gamers when it has released its third installment “Wolfenstein 3D” in 1992.

In the year 2001, this game was remodeled and later released by the name as “Return to the castle: Wolfenstein” which was a chartbuster. The Gamers are entertained while playing Wolfenstein games.

They have recently released their latest Instalment of “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood” for PC users. In the Steam market, it is getting a positive response, but some people are facing problems while installing it on their PC.

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[FIXED] Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Game Not Starting, Shuttering, Crashes Errors & More

fix crashing issues

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Errors, were a complaint by most of the players after releasing the game on the Steam platform. The game is presented on steam at a 33% deal for 13.39 euros. The players are encountering errors in the game are Random Crashes, Game not starting/ launching, screen issues, and no controller support.

In this article, you will find complete solutions to game errors. Perform the steps one by one to enjoy the error-free game. But you should also check the system requirement of the game to see whether your system is compatible with the game or not.

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How to Fix GTA 5 Game Errors, Crashing, Stopped Working, Out Of Memory & More

Facing issue with the GTA V PC version? Encountering the GTA 5 won’t install pc, GTA 5 not loading pc errors or any other GTA 5 PC game error then this article is for you.

In this article, I tried to compile different GTA 5 errors that occur with Windows PC and the ways to fix them to enjoy playing GTA 5 PC game without any error.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action-adventure game and is a popular game played by PC gamers.

This is also one of the highest-grossing Windows games that have broken all records. But just like other PC games, this is also not free from bugs and errors.

Time to time gamers are found reporting various GTA 5 bugs and errors like GTA 5 not launching Windows 10, Grand Theft Auto 5 has stopped working, GTA 5 not starting Windows 10, GTA 5 crash and many others.

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