FIXED: Batman Arkham Knight Crashing, Not Launching & Others

Batman Arkham Knight errors

After waiting quite a while, Batman Arkham Knight is available for PC users. Though getting both negative and positive reviews is another part of it. “Mixed” reviews can turn this game into the best-selling game of this month.

Various users in different forums have complaints about various issues with the game like Batman Arkham Knight crashing, not launching, fatal errors and many others on their PC.

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Fortnite White Screen? 10 Ways to Fix it Permanently

fortnite white screen fixed

Fortnite white screen on PC is a dreaded problem encountered and reported by gamers on Reddit and other forum websites. 

The problem causes the game to freeze and display a white screen instead of the game’s menu. This is very annoying as the Fortnite drifting white screen on PC stops the gamers from logging into the game.

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FIXED: Assassin’s Creed Unity Crashing, Not Launching, & Others

 Assassin’s Creed Unity crashing

Assassin’s Creed Unity is a fiction action-adventure series released on 11th November 2014 by Ubisoft. It contains nine main games and much-supporting material. And is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and many other platforms.

But despite its popularity, many users are encountering plenty of issues and errors while trying to play and launch Assassin’s Creed Unity PC game.

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9 Fixes For Elden Ring Controller Not Working on PC

Elden Ring Controller not Working on PC

Controller not working” is a frequent problem reported by gamers when playing the Elden Ring on the PC using controllers like Xbox, PS4 & PS5.

The problem is most likely to caused due to issues with the controller settings. Furthermore, the interference of the Bluetooth device, keyboard, and mouse, can also conflict with the controller and stop you from playing Elden Ring game.

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FIX: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crashing, Stuttering, Not Launching & More

call of duty advanced warfare crashing

Like every year Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game has come up with some new elements added for its game lovers in the form of Exo-Suits and some advanced gadgets.

All is looking perfect for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, but some PC users seem to have been devoid of all the fun due to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crashing, FPS Drops, and not launching issues.

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FIXED: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Crashing, Freezing, Won’t Launch & More

The Witcher 3 crashing

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the most anticipated game. This game is the third in the series and the developers of this game said that it is not necessary to have played the previous games in order to fully enjoy Wild Hunt.

This game is supposed to be released just on console but as time passes on the developers of this game changed their mind and released the game also on PC.

As the game is developed mainly for the console players start encountering some issues like Witcher 3 Crashing, Freezing, Won’t launch, Performance issues, and other bugs.

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What to Do When Halo Infinite “User is Banned” Error Occurs?

halo infinite user is banned

Several Halo Infinite players have reported that their accounts get unexpectedly banned without any warning sign. The “User is Banned” error commonly occurs if you violate the game agreement or perform susceptible activities like spamming, phishing or leaving the match before ending.

The Halo Infinite user has banned timers depending on how many times you have done an offence and last for a particular time period.

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[FIXED] Street Fighter V Crashing, White Screen, Fatal Error & More

street fighter v errors

The Legendary fighting game i.e. Street Fighter series is back with its latest version “Street Fighter V or Street Fighter 5”.

But within hours of launching, many users started reporting they are facing numerous bugs and issues while running the Street Fighter V game.

Some of the common errors such as Street Fighter 5 crash on startup, server disconnection issues, street fighter 5 fatal errors, white screen and more.

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[FIXED] Rise of the Tomb Raider Crashing, Failed to Start & More

rise of the tomb raider failed to start

The Rise of the Tomb Raider is an action-adventure game developed by Crystal Dynamics. And is available on Steam with lots of good reviews. But despite its positive reviews many gamers are found reporting about various Rise of the Tomb Raider errors and issues.

Commonly the games are released with minor issues and errors and the Rise of the Tomb Raider is also not free from bugs.

The gamers are found reporting about the Rise of the Tomb Raider crash, FPS drop, freezing, the game not starting, lagging, and many other issues.  

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