How to Run “Chkdsk” on Windows 11, 10 & 8?

How to Run Chkdsk on Windows

Chkdsk” or “Check Disk” is an advanced disk checking and repair tool that diagnoses and fixes various issues related to disk errors and file system problems. It is a very powerful tool and should be used judiciously and with extreme caution.

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3 Easy Ways to Download YouTube Video to MP3

Download YouTube Video to MP3

Watching YouTube videos might make you a fan of some music videos, and you might love downloading them in MP3 format. Turning YouTube videos to MP3 allows you to play the files offline, and maintaining the internet doesn’t remain a necessity.

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25 Windows 10 Services to Disable For Performance & Better Gaming

Windows 10 services to disable for performance

Slow load times, slower boot, and slow startup speed a common problems encountered by Windows users with time. The most common reason behind the slowdown is – Windows 10 services and programs.

Windows 10 contains plenty of Microsoft services. Some of the services are essential for the smooth running of the PC but some of them unnecessarily run in the background and consume lots of system resources.

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Local Security Authority Protection is Off on Windows 11? 7 Fixes

local security authority protection is off

The Local Security Authority (LSA) protection feature safeguards all your login credentials. It ensures there is zero single loophole in your security system that intrudes any third-party threat to your system.

If this security feature is turned off for any reason, you see local security authority protection is off warning message on your PC. If this warning appears on your screen, you can follow the below-mentioned solutions to fix the same.

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FC 24 Main Changes & their Implications for the Entire Gameplay

 FC 24 gameplay

Very soon, FIFA 23 will cease to be the most active and visited football simulator, as EA Sports is preparing the release of FC 24, which will continue the idea of ​​online confrontations between players and at the same time complement the gameplay and economy with new functions and capabilities.

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Download Failed Network Error on Chrome? Here’s What to do

failed network error download

The download failed network error message often appears while trying to download files of large size and you are unable to download anything on Chrome.

As per the users, they are continually getting failed network error download from the website when trying to download anything. This is really annoying but luckily there are fixes that work for you to solve the error and start downloading the file.

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Chrome://net-internals/#dns Clear Host Cache on Chrome

Chrome://net-internals/#dns Clear Host Cache on Chrome

In this tutorial, we will discuss the complete steps to use the chrome://net-internals/#dns command to clear the Google Chrome DNS cache.

In some cases, you are unable to access the website on the Google Chrome browser due to the outdated DNS or changed DNS entry.

In this case, clearing the DNS cache works for you to solve the problem. So keep reading the article to learn more about it.

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Twitch Black Screen? 7 Quick Ways to Fix it

Twitch Black Screen

Seeing the black screen while livestreaming on Twitch, and upon refreshing the page it still remains the same. Don’t know what went wrong, well this article is for you.

In this issue, the whole streaming screen on Twitch stays black whereas the user profiles are visible and the chatting option is working fine.

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What are Common Cyber Threats to be Aware of?

Common Cyber Threats to be Aware of

A cyber-attack is an illegal attempt to access your computer network system by cybercriminals, hackers, or digital ads to steal, alter, destroy, or expose any vital information.

Cyberattacks may target individuals, enterprises, or even governments. Usually, a hacker’s goal is to get access to a company’s valuable resources like intellectual property (IP), payment data, or even client data.

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