5 Ways to Fix PS4 WS-3 7337-3 Error [2023 Guide]

PS4 WS-3 7337-3 Error

Recently, many users are reporting WS-37337-3 error. The error won’t let the users access their PS4 account. However, if you encounter this PlayStation Network error WS-37337-3, you will not be able to access your PlayStation account. Therefore, the error needs to be resolved instantly. So, must go through this article to know the workarounds to fix this error issue.

The error appears with a small message stating “access to PlayStation Network by this account has been temporarily suspended due to policy violations”.

WS 37337 3 error code

Well, the error is common and can be resolved with a few troubleshooting steps. But, before going directly for the solutions, you must know what this error means and how it is caused.

What Is PS4 WS-37337-3 Error?

 If you get an error message saying WS-37337-3 error while playing the game, it means that your account has been suspended. If this was the case, you will also receive an email from Sony on your registered email id.

So, even if you paid for a game or upgraded your game to the Pro version, you will not be able to use them. Well, there is nothing to worry about. As with the solutions mentioned in this article, you’ll easily be able to fix PS4 error code WS-37337-3 in no time with the least effort.

What Causes PS4 Error Code WS-37337-3?

There are two major reasons why you can get this  WS-37337-3 error code. Here I mention both of them, so read and use the troubleshooting solution accordingly:

I) Violating Playstation’s Terms And Conditions(TOS) And Code Of Conduct (COC).

  • While you open a PlayStation network account you’re asked to accept the terms and conditions, and after you do this you have to abide by all the rules set by them named Terms Of Service. Just in case if you don’t go through all of it then you’re not excused. Even though you didn’t intend to do so your account will be temporarily banned or suspended.
  • Additionally, in a serious case, a console ban also is filed again you. In such a case, you cannot use a PlayStation network with any PSN account.
  • COC usually takes place when you violate any other player, bully them or practice any kind of harassment. It may end up in a console ban.

ii) Failure Of Payment Due To Bank Issues.

  • If your payment is pending or you couldn’t successfully overcome the payment method then your PlayStation account might be temporarily suspended. As it doesn’t consider any kinds of late transactions or payments.
  • Also, your account may be temporarily suspended if it detects any kind of account takeover or any such unusual purchases.

How Long Your Account Can Be Temporarily Ban On PS4?

After knowing all the factors, you may tense how long your PSN account will be banned. So let me clear to you that it totally depends upon which policy guidelines you have violated.

Sony does not specify any time or period to tacking away from the ban, a temporary ban can last up to one year or maybe one month from the date you have been banned. 

But you can also try the below-mentioned track to fix WS 37337 3 error code, as it helps many gamers to prevent this error and play their favorite games on PS4.

How to fix: PlayStation 4 Error ws-37337-3?

Now, that you’re familiar with what the error means, it is period and what causes the error. Let’s move on to the below fixes and know how to fix WS-37337-3 error. So, have a deep look into the following.

Solution 1: Check Your Email

As I mentioned before, you will receive an email from sonny. So, keep a check on your email frequently as they send an email regarding the suspension of your account or the console of your account. Also, make sure that you check the email which is associated with the PSN account.

Secondly, if you’re unable to find the email in your inbox then check the spam folder because sometimes it might be there. 

Solution 2: Review The TOS And COC Again

You might not exactly find the appropriate reason in the email for the suspension of your PlayStation account so, I suggest you go through the ToS and CoC again.

If you accidentally skip something while reading the terms and conditions or the code of conduct you should read it again carefully. So, that you don’t end up missing anything on what to do or what to not do in the PSN platform. By doing this you’ll be able to know the specific reasons for your temporary suspension or the reason for your PSN account getting banned.

Solution 3: Check If You Have Any Kind Of Dues.

If you think that you didn’t violate any of their policies then you may have dues. Check if you have a pad for all your dues because it doesn’t consider any kind of late payments. And if you do so then your PSN account will get suspended or banned.

Also, if your payment can’t be completed then check if you have the necessary funds. On the other hand, see if have allowed your bank to transact with PSN. If the bank is blocking the payment immediately contact your bank.

Solution 4: Try Logging In With Another Device

Try logging in with another device or logging in with a PS4 device. If you can access the PSN, try logging out of the Ps4 and then logging back in. This will help you verify if your PSN account is really banned or if it is just a server error.

And on the other hand, you can also try to log in with your mobile phone or any of your friend’s Playstation consoles.

Solution 5: Try To Contact PlayStation Support Team.

Once if your account is consoled, banned, or suspended these are fixed and can’t be appealed. Just in case, if you think that your account has been suspended due to late payments or unpaid dues. Then, in this case, you can contact PlayStation official Support Team.

Contact PlayStation Support Team

You can also contact them if you think that your account has been hacked or if any kinds of unauthorized purchases are made. They will help you in this situation.

Also, stop asking for refunds if any unauthorized purchases are made. Because this might lead to the suspension of your account to get banned temporarily. Instead, contact a representative to help you with this issue.


Well, the error is quite frustrating and annoying as users won’t be able to access their account and play the games on PS4. However, we have tried our best to provide you with effective solutions to let you out of the PS4 WS-37337-3 error.

I hope, the above-mentioned instructions and fixes work for you. In case you are facing this problem due to some PC related issue and want to optimize your PC. Then I will suggest you use the PC Repair Tool. This powerful tool can fix any kind of PC related problem in a single scan.

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