5 Best Solutions to Fix “uBlock Not Blocking Twitch Ads” [2021]

ublock not blocking twitch ads

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming sites in the world right now. But it has its fair share of annoying ads. If you came to this article then probably you are facing the problem uBlock not blocking Twitch ads.

Twitch monetizes the streams with 30-second ads at the beginning of a video which cannot be skipped. Even if you are a Twitch prime user still no difference, you have to watch the pre-roll ad too.

Actually, Twitch developers constantly update their systems in order to bypass any ad blocker and show you ads while streaming. Similarly, uBlock also works relentlessly to find new ways to block the ads after every new Twitch update.

It’s like a race to outrun each other. And if you are reading this article then most probably uBlock hasn’t caught up with the latest Twitch update.

Don’t worry, in this article; I will give you some working solutions to fix uBlock not blocking Twitch ads issue until uBlock catches up with twitch. You will be able to switch between channels without the fear of a 30-second ad.

These solutions will work in any browser you use. I will give the steps for Google Chrome but you can easily tweak it a bit for other browsers too like Mozilla Firefox and Edge.

How Do I Fix uBlock Not Blocking Twitch Ads?

Solution 1: Use a VPN

The easiest and most effective solution is using a VPN to avoid getting ads from Twitch anymore. This might sound crazy but it’s 100% true that twitch doesn’t have ad function in some countries which means you get Twitch without ads.

If you use a VPN you don’t even need uBlock Origin because there will be no ads in Twitch to block any. It doesn’t get any easier than that, does it?

Just get a good VPN up and running on your system and change your location to Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Russia or Costa Rica. Then restart your PC and check if you get any ads. If ads show up on Twitch then try some other country.

The best VPN I can suggest is ExpressVPN. This is a highly advanced and popular and VPN tool that protects your privacy and safety. Not only this, it is completely trusted, risk-free, and offers blazing-fast speed & unrestricted Internet Access.

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Solution 2: Use the Twitchls.com

In spite of using uBlock Origin Twitch is still showing ads to you? Here is another simple solution for the issue.

When you are going to watch twitch just tweak the URL a bit and this will work like a charm to remove ads.

Just add an ls at the end of www.twitch and replace the .tv with .com. So now the URL should look like https://www.twitchls.com/channelname.

Doing this will now load the stream in an embedded player and will not show you any ads whatsoever.

And the best part is the stream will still be live and you will be able to chat the same as you did. This solution works just fine as of now and should bypass the ads from Twitch.

Solution 3: Use A Twitch AdBlock Browser Extension.

This solution is about an extension in your browser which will enable you to block ads on Twitch. But only use this solution if you don’t use solution 2 of this article or any other alternate player for playing Twitch.tv.

Let it be known that it stops working sometimes. In that case, wait for a few days for the developer to update the extension and Google to green signal it.

AdBlock is available in almost all the popular internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, even android and IOS devices too.

Adblock browse

To add this extension just visit their site. And after the extension is added follow this video for reference to how to block ads on twitch using AdBlock.

If AdBlock is not blocking Twitch ads then click here to fix it.

Solution 4: Use an Alternate Player

Use an alternate player Chrome extension for Twitch to bypass the ads that come in it. You can also get an alternate player Firefox extension for Twitch.

This fix has its advantage and disadvantage. This will remove the purple screen that comes up while watching twitch every now and then.

But the biggest letdown in using this that the live streams will have a delay of around 30 seconds.

Once you have installed the extension a new button will be added in Twitch Stream’s top horizontal bar. Right-click on it and select the player as default.

alternate player

Now to leave the alternate player, just click on the channel’s name in the left top corner of the screen.

Solution 5: Watch VOD Of Twitch

Watching the Twitch VOD (Video on demand) comes with the option to fast forward and rewind the video. You can watch live streams too in the VOD. You can watch the video without any pre-roll or mid-roll ads as uBlock blocks ads in VOD.

But with good comes a little bad too. The biggest disadvantage in VOD is you cannot chat and there is a slight delay. If you can sacrifice that then VOD is good to go.

To watch the Twitch VOD tap on the streamer’s icon then hit the Videos tab to select VOD.

People Also Ask:

Does twitch Prime remove ads?

Twitch Prime is the premium service of the Twitch streaming site which gives a benefit to the prime users to not have to watch ads in between steaming sessions.

How do I block new ads on twitch?

You can use ad blockers to avoid watching ads pre-roll or mid-roll. You can use the AdBlock Plus extension on Chrome Firefox etc.

Why am I getting so many ads on twitch?

Lately, Twitch has rolled out a new automatic system to puts mid-roll ads for the viewers who have not seen a pre-roll ad or an ad run by the streamer.

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So there you go the best 5 fixes available at the moment to solve the uBlock not blocking Twitch ads.

I have tried all these methods and all of them work to avoid the ads. I hope the article helped you. If it did, then feel free to share it with other viewers who are still watching ads.

Thanks for reading.