Steps to Disable & Enable Automatic Updates in Google Chrome

Disable & Enable Automatic UpdatesWant to disable the automatic updates in Google Chrome, in this blog you will read how to disable as well as enable the downloading of automatic updates in Chrome.

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Steps to Disable Automatic Update from System Configuration

Google Chrome uses two System Services namely Google Update (gupdate) and Google Update (gupdatem) to check for the update. So, in order to turn off automatic update in Google Chrome, you need to disable these Google services.

To do this task you can use System Configuration window. Apply the below given steps to turn off automatic updates in Google Chrome.

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Note:  After turning off auto-updates your chrome browser may not get the latest security updates automatically.

Step 1: First of all close the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Open run dialogue box by pressing Windows Key + R.

Step 3: In this window type msconfig and press enter.

Step 4: System Configuration window will appear, navigate to the Services tab.

Step 5: Check the box “Hide All Microsoft Services” present at the bottom. By doing this you can hide all the services associated to Microsoft so that you don’t disable essential services.

Step 6: Under the services section search and find Google Update (gupdate) and Google Update (gupdatem).1

Step 7: Uncheck both the Google Services and click Apply and OK buttons to save changes.

Step 8: Now, a message appear that ask whether you want to restart your PC or not then select anything according to your requirement.


After applying the above steps to disable automatic updates in Google Chrome, now make sure that these chrome update feature are disabled correctly.

Open Google Chrome > click Chrome Menu > Help > About Google Chrome.

After it, you will see that the Google Chrome will start checking for the available update. If you receive an error “An error occurred while checking for updates: Update check failed to start (error code 3: 0x800704C7 — system level).” then you have successfully disabled the automatic updates in Google Chrome.


Steps to Enable Automatic Update in Google Chrome

After disabling automatic updates in Google Chrome, chrome browser gets unable to download the necessary updates unless you enable the Google update services. To Enable to Google Chrome Updates, apply the below given steps.

Step 1: Close Google Chrome.

Step 2: Open run dialogue box by pressing Windows Key + R.

Step 3: In this window type msconfig and press enter.

Step 4: System Configuration window will appear, navigate to the Services tab.

Step 5: After it, find Google Update (gupdate) and Google Update (gupdatem) and check the services.

Step 6: Click on the Apply and then on OK button to save the changes.

Step 7: Reboot your PC and open Google Chrome.

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