How to fix dll errors on Windows 7

What is a DLL file?

A DLL is a short form of Dynamic Link Library. It is a type of file that holds commands that other programs can be directed to do certain things. This is the way through which multiple programs can be programmed into a single file. For example – multiple different application or program may be called upon by any .dll file to locate the available space on hard drive, configure the file in a particular index and print a demo page to default printer. Dynamic Link Libraries always end with the file extension .dll.

What is DLL error?

Fix windows 7 dll erros

A DLL error is an error which occurs with a DLL file – it is a type of file which ends with DLL file extension. DLL errors are very frustrating and troublesome errors because there are innumerous of such types of files in existence and all of them have possible to cause problem. DLL errors mostly occurs on Windows operating system and as we know that Windows 7 is on roll and everybody upgrading their system to Window 7 as it is the most popular and successful operating system. This is all about how to prevent and fix dll error on Windows 7.

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Methods to prevent and fix dll errors

Below mentioned methods for preventing and fixing is for common dll errors. Take a note that fixing dll error may take hours of time or more, it depends upon the specific errors.

1 – Recover the deleted DLL file from Recycle bin – It mostly happens that you mistakenly or accidental deleted DLL files. Most of the DLL errors occur in the form of “DLL not found” or “Missing DLL”. This happens because you have simply deleted without realizing the result. Take a note – enter into safe mode before you start this process.

2 – It is recommended that you do not download a DLL files from DLL download sites to fix or replace your corrupt or missing DLL files. If you do it will never going to fix your error because there are several reason behind not to go for it and many computer expert has say no to it. If you have downloaded any DLL file from any DLL download site, delete it as soon as possible from wherever you have inserted it.

3 – Use free file recovery software to recover deleted DLL files – If you know that you have mistakenly deleted DLL files and you have also deleted all files from recycle bin then you can use a file recovery program to recover your deleted DLL file. Take a note use free file recovery program only when you are confident that you have deleted a DLL files.

4 – Scan your computer with antivirus or malware scanner – Some of the DLL files are linked to hostile program that pretend to be DLL files but actually they are not to fix the dll errors run your Antivirus program or malware scanner.

5 – Reinstall the software that uses DLL files – If a DLL error displayed when you try to open any specific program, then it is recommended that you must reinstall the program once again and register the DLL file successfully.

6 – Use inbuilt System Restore function to undo current system changes – If you know that DLL error occur due to changes made to your computer registry or other system configuration then use inbuilt system restore function which will allow you to undo the current changed made to your computer system as result restoring your computer may put an end to DLL errors.

7 – Update drivers for any Hardware – If your computer is showing Missing DLL or DLL file not found error when you connect and use your printer, then it is highly recommended that you must update the printer drivers because it may be related to the DLL errors.

8 – Run SFC command – Using SFC (System File Checker) command, it will fix or repair the damaged, corrupt or missing DLL files.

 9 – Download any left Windows 7 important updates – Windows 7 operating system service packs and patches can easily replace and remove the DLL errors. Therefore it is recommended that you must download the important updates and patches which your operating system provides you.

10 – Run Windows Repair tool – Sometimes when you are not able to fix the DLL error then at running Windows repair tool of the window can easily fix and restore all windows DLL files to their original working version.

If you still can’t find the cause and fix the DLL errors then it is highly recommended that you must install professional third party PC Repair tool which uses Advance Error Detection Technology (AEDT) and identifies invalid, corrupt or damaged registry entries that give rise to DLL errors and fix it automatically and enhance the performance of your computer.

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