How to Fix Ntdll.dll Error Message in Windows 10

ntdll.dll error

Another DLL error known as ntdll.dll error which is disturbing the users from performing their specific tasks.

When any Windows user tries to start, closes or runs a particular application they encounter ntdll dll error message.

The program can’t start because ntdll.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

If you are among those Windows users and facing this error then you might be looking for a solution to fix it, here is good news for you.

In this article, you will get the best solution that will help you in overcoming this DLL error.

What is ntdll.dll?

The ntdll.dll is a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file that is stored in the system folder of the Windows OS. It is automatically created during the installation process of the Windows OS. The ntdll.dll file has a definition of “NT Layer DLL”.

Ntdll.dll file comprises NT kernel functions, for the normal functioning of the Windows operating system.

Since the ntdll.dll file can be accessed at a time more than one program, and the ntdll.dll appcrash issue can occur on any Windows OS.

Some Related Ntdll.dll Error Messages:

Here are some of the related ntdll error messages that appear in your system when you try to run a program. Have a look at them:

  • “STOP: 0xC0000221 unknown hard error C: WinntSystem32Ntdll.dll”,
  • “AppName: [PROGRAM NAME] ModName: ntdll.dll”
  • “[PROGRAM NAME] caused a fault in module NTDLL.DLL at [ANY ADDRESS].

Now, that you know about ntdll, what it is and some of the other related error messages. Let’s start to solve it will the fixes given in this article.

How to Fix Ntdll.dll Error in Windows 10?

Below given are the solutions that will surely work for you in troubleshooting the ntdll error. Go through them and see which of the solution help you in fixing the error.

Solution 1: Re-register the DLL File

In order to get ntdll.dll fix, you need to re-register the DLL file. This might help you in solving this error and you can again run the application.

Follow the steps to un-register and register the ntdll.dll file:

  • Press Windows + R key
  • Type cmd, right-click on it and select run as administrator

Run as Administrator

  • In the command prompt windows, type the following command to unregister the ntdll.dll file:

regsvr32.exe /u ntdll.dll

  • To register the ntdll.dll file, type the below command:

regsvr32.exe ntdll.dll

ntdll.dll error

After re-registering the ntdll.dll file it is expected that this solution got ntdll.dll repair without any difficulty.

Solution 2: Perform System File Checker

Many times, it happens that due to corrupted Windows system files in an application ntdll.dll error appears. So, to fix this issue you need to perform an SFC scan. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Press the Windows icon
  • Type cmd, right-click on it and select run as administrator

  • In the command prompt window, type sfc/scannow and hit the enter key

The scanning process will take a couple of minutes so be patient.

After the scanning is completed, restart your computer and run a program to see whether this SFC scan got ntdll.dll fix or not.

Solution 3: Run DISM Scan

Even after performing the SFC scan the ntdll.dll error is not fixed then you can try running a DISM scan in your system to solve this dll error.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Press Windows + R key
  • Type cmd, right-click on it and select run as administrator

Run as Administrator

  • In the command prompt window, type the following command one after the other and press the enter key after each one:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


  • This scanning process will take some time to get completed so you have to be patient.

Once the scanning is completed try to run the application that was showing the ntdll dll error and see whether it got fixed or not.

Solution 4: Replace the File from A Reliable Source

Replacing the file from a trusted source might help you in solving the ntdll dll error. Follow the steps carefully to replace the file.

Firstly, you can locate the file from:

For x86: This PC > C:\Windows\System32.

ntdll.dll error

For x64: This PC > C:\Windows\SysWOW64.

ntdll.dll error

Now from the other computer get a new file with the same number of the file versions.

After that boot your Windows into safe mode, navigate the above-mentioned path and replace the file with the help of any external storage device

  • Press Window icon
  • Type cmd, right-click on it and select run as administrator

  • Type regsvr32 ntdll.dll in the command prompt and hit the enter key

Restart your computer to save the changes made.

After the completion of replacing the file, try to run the application that showed you ntdll.dll error and see whether it still appears or vanished.

Solution 5: Update Drivers

Many times, it happens that due to outdated drivers some applications show ntdll dll error when try to run them.

So, it is suggested to update all the outdated drivers to fix this issue. Either you can visit the manufacturer’s website or the official Microsoft website.

Or you can try the Driver Easy to update the drivers and solves other drivers related issue automatically.

Get Driver Easy to Update the Drivers Automatically

Solution 6: Disable the IE add-ons

Try disabling the IE add-ons to fix the ntdll.dll error in your system. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Tools tab in the upper right side of the Internet Explorer window.
  • Now, click on Manage Add-ons.

ntdll.dll error

  • In this window, click on Show drop-down menu
  • Click on the Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer

ntdll.dll error

  • Click on each Add-on in the list and click on Disable
  • Click on OK
  • If you receive a message For changes to take effect, you might need to restart Internet Explorer click on OK button
  • Close Internet Explorer.

Restart your Windows device and check if Ntdll.dll error still persists or not.

Solution 7: Disable the UAC Features

Disabling the user account control feature may be helpful in resolving the ntdll dll error in your application.

Follow the below-stated steps to disable UAC:

  • Press the Windows icon
  • Type user account control settings

  • In the UAC window, there is a blue in between Never Notify and Always Notify
  • Bring the slider to Never Notify and then click on OK

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  • Click on Yes to confirm
  • Restart your system to bring the changes into effect

Now, try to run the program and see if the problem is fixed or not.


Solution 8: Virus Scan

If the ntdll.dll file is missing from your computer or while running a program you see this ntdll dll error then there might be a possibility that it is due to virus attack.

Scan your Windows system for the virus to clear the malware or virus infection from your computer and fix the dll error.

To remove the virus, you can try Spyhunter. This will clear your computer from malware, adware, browser hijacker, ransomware and others.

Get Spyhunter to Remove Viruses and Other Malicious Programs

Solution 9: Run System Refresh

Running system refresh will reinstall the Windows and keep all your personal files & settings fixed in a proper way. The ntdll.dll error also appears if the file is missing. Therefore, refresh your PC to solve this issue.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Press the Windows icon
  • Go to settings
  • Click on update & security> recovery
  • Click on the link under the More recovery options

ntdll.dll error

  • In the Start fresh with a clean installation of Windows 10, click on Download tool now

ntdll.dll error

  • Double-click on the RefreshWindowsTool.exe file
  • Click on Accept

ntdll.dll error

  • Choose between Keep personal files only or Nothing

ntdll.dll error

  • Click on the Start button
  • This process will take some time to complete the process so be patient

ntdll.dll error

After the system is refreshed you will no longer see the ntdll dll error in your system while running the program.

In case you are looking for more solutions to fix this DLL error then you can visit the article – How to Fix DLL Errors?

Best & Easy Way to Fix Ntdll.Dll Error

The above-mentioned manual solutions will help you to overcome the ntdll.dll error in your system. But if you are a novice person and find difficulty in performing the workarounds then here is an easy solution for you.

Try the DLL Repair Tool. This is an amazing tool that will scan your computer, detect the error and fix it. It not only solves DLL errors but also fixes other errors such as registry, BSOD, game error and repairs damaged system files.

This tool also optimizes the performance of Windows PC/Laptop.

Get DLL Repair Tool to Fix Ntdll.Dll Error


I have gathered the information that will allow solving the ntdll dll error from your system. Perform the manuals one after the other.

If none of the manuals work for you then you can try the easy way mentioned above to fix this DLL problem.

It is expected that all your queries are solved with the help of this article and you are able to run the program without any interruption.