How to boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode

windows 10 safe mode

Safe Mode is the way which is sufficient to troubleshoot any system, this is one of the famous option available in Windows operating system. This mode of Windows is basically a troubleshooting option for Windows that boots the computer with the limited source or application. In this mode you will see words “Safe Mode” appears in the corners of your monitor.

Safe Mode becomes a great key to troubleshoot any issues of Windows computer. If any application on your PC is causing problems then you can boot your PC into Safe Mode and verify that the issues are occurring in that mode or not.


Steps to Restart Windows 10 into Safe Mode

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1. Go to the Settings app-> Update and security -> Recovery. In the right pane of Recovery screen given below, click on the Restart now present under Advanced startup.PP1

Windows will get restartPP2

2. After it, choose the Troubleshoot option:PP3

3. Pick Advanced options which is present under the Troubleshoot screen:PP4

4. Click on Startup Settings:PP5

5. From Startup Setting Windows you need to click on the Restart to change Windows Startup option:PP6

6. At the end, you need to pressF4 (for Safe Mode), F5 (for Safe Mode with Networking) and F6 (for Safe Mode with Command Prompt). If you are using Windows 10 on a virtual machine via software such as Oracle VirtualBox, then you need to press number keys 4 (for Safe Mode)5 (for Safe Mode with Networking), 6 (for Safe Mode with Command Prompt), respectively.PP7

So you have finally reached into Safe Mode:

To get back into normal mode simply restart your system.

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