Reasons of computer crash down and slowdown and solutions!

computer_is_slow_01If you are a regular computer user then you have ever noticed of slow down of the PC. It is in fact the most common problems which are the result of natural “aging process” of PCs.

But in reality the computer doesn’t get slower due to aging of its components rapture the root cause behind this problem is the performance degradation which is the common problem and can easily be tacked using right tools.

 Causes of Performance loss?

Due to excessive research and testing experts have classified some primary sources of gradual performance degradation of Windows PC these are the issues that are found with the significant slowdown of the PC and its reduced responses.

Some of the common Root issues that leads to PC Performance Degradation:

  • Program Misalignment:

Symptoms: The programs take a longer time to get open up once it opens up it responds very slowly.

 Problem: The independent files that make up the program may get scattered across the hard disk as a result it affects the speed of the programs and leads to unnecessary wear-and-tear of the hardware.

  • Available Ram Decline:

 Symptoms: PC gets slower throughout the day even after restarting it one or more larger programs that frequently locks up. There is a regular Low Memory error message displayed on the PC.

 Problem: When the PC suffers from memory low situation then everything on the PC suffers. Two problems that reduce the available RAM are: 1) Fragmented memory that occurs due regular use while opening, using and closing of programs occurs. 2) Memory leaks which occurs when the program doesn’t releases the memory after the program is closed.

  • Windows startup Traffic Jam:

 Symptoms: the Pc takes a longer time to start as which exceeds to 5-10 minutes in more severe cases.

 Problem: There are many application and services that are set to automatically start whenever the PC starts up these programs they are required to present at the startup process but they aren’t allowed to take up the resources and add time for booting up of the PC.

  • Redundant and Installation of Unnecessary Programs:

 Symptoms: The speed and responsiveness of the PC gets slowed over time while running more than one programs.

 Problems: With the more installation of programs the PC has to perform more work as it needs to install multiple programs run same functions which adds burden on the PC. These results in wastage of storage space and lager processing load on the redundant program. It overloads the background functioning and leads to system conflict that slows down everything.

  • Registry Errors and Clusters:

 Symptoms: Users may experience instability with the range of annoying, time wasting locks up that leads to machine failure. You may receive unusual error while opening, printing, attaching or detaching external device or restarting the PC.

 Problem: The registry database holds up the key settings that are used by the Windows operating system which is the most important component of the computer.

  • Fragmentation of files on the Hard Drive:

 Symptoms: the overall speed and responsiveness of the PC gets slowed over the time and as a result the programs take a longer time to open.

 Problems: while creating or deleting the files from the computer or storing files as a one unit and instead it splits up and stores a portion of it across different location on the hard drive. Over the time these builds up becomes overburden and gathering the scattered pieces takes more time and physical wear on the mechanical parts of the drive increases.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Repair PC Instantly!

  1. Step 1 – Download & Install PC Repair Tool.
  2. Step 2 – Click “Scan” button to diagnose the PC.
  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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