How to troubleshoot Windows 10 Flashing Screen Problem [Manual and Automatic Solution]

windows 10 flashing desktopAre you getting flashing screen problem in Windows 10? Screen of Windows turned to black/blue after few minutes! Don’t worry because the solution of this problem has been found, apply the below given steps to get rid of Windows 10 blue screen error.

To avoid any types of Windows 10 error, it is recommended that you do a clean installation of this operating system, rather than upgrading process. In upgrading process some time any part of registry configuration may get conflict with the older one and you started receiving errors after the completion of upgrading.

One of the general problems discovered after the release of Windows 10 is “constantly flashing of screen” after upgrade. Some related symptoms of this issue are given below:

  • Black screen appears after the upgrading process
  • Screen is flickering and turned into black frequently
  • Constantly Flashing of screen
  • Windows screen fluctuated between and toggle between  Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and black screen

Methods to fix Windows 10 Flashing Screen Problem

METHOD 1: Boot into Safe Mode and try reinstalling display driver

First you have to boot your Windows Pc into safe mode, First approach that is suggested for these kinds of issues is to boot into Safe Mode. Here is how to boot into Safe Mode on Windows 10:

How to boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode

In the safe mode if such problem is can’t be reoccur then it is sure that cause of such problem is any program/system driver which is installed on system. It is observed that display driver is the main cause of this problem. Follow the below given steps:

Step 1 To open run Windows you have to press   + R, type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box and press Enter key. This will open Device Manager snap-in.p1

Step 2 In this window, expand Display adapters. Click or tap on the display device adapter installed for your PC and choose Uninstall.p2

Step 3 After it confirm the uninstalling process by clicking or tapping OK here:


NOTE: Do not check the check box present before “Delete the driver software for this device”

Step 4 At last, in the Device Manager window, click or tap Action -> Scan for hardware changes.

p4After the completion of last step close the Device Manager Windows and restart the system to check the status of issue. If you are still facing issue then apply Method 2.

METHOD 2: Reinstall Windows 10 without affecting important files and apps

If problem is occurring because of more than one driver then the better option is re-installation of Windows 10 without affecting your personal data.

Windows 10 PC Error Repair Tool

To repair any types of issue or error persisting in Windows 10 system you can also go with the automatic method. Windows 10 is the latest version of OS, so it is little difficult to apply any troubleshooting option manually because many users are still not familiar with this version of OS and its interface. In this method you need a professional Windows 10 PC Error Repair tool, this type of tool is able to deal with any types of error. The best part of this tool you don’t need any professional skill to operate it so apply it and get rid of Windows 10 system error.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Repair PC Instantly!

  1. Step 1 – Download & Install PC Repair Tool.
  2. Step 2 – Click “Scan” button to diagnose the PC.
  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

(Note: This powerful tool can increase your performance by 97%)

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