Fix Error 0x0000005D When Installing Windows 10

Fix Error 0x0000005D When Installing Windows 10Are you getting the following error: “Your PC needs to restart? Please hold down the power button. Error Code: 0x0000005D”? When you’re installing the fresh copy of Windows 10 on your system. This error generally occurs when you are trying to run or install the version of windows that is unsupportable on your system’s processor.

Fix Error 0x0000005D in win10If you are trying to install Windows 10 on your PC then you must check out that the processor must support (PAE) Physical Address Extension, NX and SSE2 features. Some of the system supports this feature where others don’t. So if you are getting the error message then it can be due to NX ( “No eXecute bit”) feature is inactive in the system. You can found this feature on XD (“ eXecute Disabled” ) in the BIOS settings.

How to fix error code: 0x0000005D to install Windows 10

You need to restart your system.

After rebooting your computer simply press F2 key from your keyboard in order to access BIOS;

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Note: Key to access the BIOS can differ depending on the motherboard installed in your computer. Carefully see the first screen which appears after restarting your system and look for the message which indicates the key need to be pressed in order to access BIOS (for example: F1, F2, F3, Esc or Delete keys). To access the BIOS check your computer’s documentation.

  1. From the BIOS section, choose “Advanced” feature;
  2. Now choose “CPU Configuration” feature;
  3. Look for “No-Execute Memory Protection” choice and hit on it.
  4. Modify the feature to “Enabled” (it is disabled by default)
  5. Restart your system and start the process of installing the Windows 10 in Virtualbox like normal;

Now check the settings in Virtualbox, to be same as given below:

  1. From “System” tab, move to “Motherboard” menu and perform the below settings:

  • You need to setup “Base memory” to 4096 MB.
  • From “Boot order” section, simply check the boxes next to “ CD/DVD” and “ Hard Disk” features;
  • Setup “Chipset” to PIIX3;
  • Now you need to setup the “Pointing device” feature to PS/2 Mouse;
  • From the “Extended features” section, simply check the box next to “Enable I/O APIC” feature;
  1. From the “Display” tab, perform the given below settings:

  • You need to setup “Video Memory” to 256 MB;
  • Now just setup the “Monitor count” to 1;
  • From the “Extended features” section, just check the boxes next to “Enable 3D Acceleration” and “Enable 2D Video Acceleration” features;
  1. From “System” tab, move to “Acceleration” menu and follow the below given settings:

  • From the “Hardware virtualization” section, just check the boxes next to “Enable VT-x/AMD-V” and “Enable Nested Paging” features;
  1. From the “System” tab, move to “Processor” menu and follow the below settings:

  • Setup the “Processor(s)” to 4 CPUs( or number of CPUs integrated in your system);
  • Just setup the “Execution Cap” at 100%;
  • In “Extended features” section, just check the box next to “PAE/NX” feature.

If all these settings are followed properly then you can surely able to fix the error code 0x0000005D and install Windows 10 in Virtualbox. But if the above steps fail to work then the last option left with you is to use third party repair tool. PC Repair Tool is the professional tool that can easily fix up Windows or PC related issue with an ease.

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