A Complete Guide to Fix Computers/Laptops Randomly Freezing Issue!

Fix Window computer freezingOne of the issue that infect the computer user is the randomly freezes. Suddenly working on your computer you find that everything just freezes. You receive nor error notification, no blue screen, just it freezes up and you get an unresponsive operating system. It is a very painful situation for every computer user. 

We use computer for many things. Now it has become the apart of our daily life. Thus issue with our computer really affect our daily life. Thus it is very important to know about the reason why your Computer randomly freezes. Your computer run slowly, freezes, and crashes frequently. Then your operating system might be suffering from a lack of maintenance, or any unexpected problems.

Unluckily many computer users don’t follow the routine maintenance on their operating systems. As we are busy in our daily life that we fail to take care of our operating system. You dint need to be a computer expert to maintain your operating system. Within few minutes your problem will be resolved by following the below steps.


Run a virus scan:

Viruses are the reason behind random freezing, errors, and crashing. Thus it is very important to keep your computer virus free so that you can easily operate your system.

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How to run a virus scan totally depend on the anti-virus program you use, but generally you can choose drive C: and or the other disk that can suspect to have a malicious program or virus and simply click the button to start the scanning process.

Uninstall the programs that are not in use

Unwanted programs are present in our operating system. Sometimes we are unaware of the programs that are present in our computer. When we purchase a new computer or laptop it is full of unwanted programs where some of them run in the background which takes up memory. Thus it is very important to remove the unused program, from your operating system. To remove the unwanted programs just follow the below steps:

To uninstall any program, move to control panel and simply click on “Add/Remove Programs,” choose the program you don’t want in your computer and click on “Change/Remove”. You can also select uninstall or a file something like”uninstall.exe” in program files.


Close few applications that not in use

Rather than minimizing the program that is not in use just close them. Don’t worry about the page that it will go away if you really need that page then simply bookmark the page on web browser or save the process if you are using Mozilla Firefox to save the page.

Save what you need and close the unwanted windows quickly before you decide to open them. You might know that to close any program you can click on little “x” in the upper right corner of the window, there is a more easy way to close the window without using the mouse you can press ALT+F4 to end the window, or press ALT+TAB to navigate through any open windows.


Delete any files that you don’t need

This step help if you do it before defragmenting the disk, as there are some files for the defragmenter to move. Choose the file(s) which you need to delete, and press on “delete” key, and right-click on the “delete” button.


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Clean up your registry

It is very important to clean your registry to make your computer happy. Find a registry cleaner so that you can clean it manually. But if you are not comfortable in changing the vital system setting you can use any third party tool.

Use the scheduled maintenance tool

Under the “accessories” folder in the start menu there is a folder called system tools. Depending on your version of Windows, there is a program with a name along the lines of “Maintenance Schedule Wizard.”

This program will help schedule disk cleanups, disk defragmentations, and more. They all help with keeping your computer’s performance at the optimum. Note that in Windows XP it is called “Task Scheduler“.Scheduled-Maintenance

Defragment your hard disk

Windows Defragmenter can be the reason behind the error in your computer. To defragment your hard disk just uses the following steps:


And then follow the onscreen instructions and select the C: drive. If you thinking that what this step does then wonder in this way: When you use your computer, the file must be open on your operating system, then close it. When the files are deleted or moved they jump on the part of disk physically.

The files are spread everywhere, and your computer takes longer to search for them. By defragmenting the hard drive, you put all the spread files together which is easier for you to find them from your operating system. Defragmenting your hard drive can take ten minutes or an hour’s depending on the size of the hard disk and the number of files.

Sometimes we fail to resolve the issue by following the above steps so if you fail to perform the above task then you can use a third party repair tool to resolve the issue with your computer. PC repair tool is a professional repair tool that can easily repair your PC.

It is very easy, simple to use and provides a user-friendly interface that doesn’t need any technical person to operate it. It can easily resolve any sort of issues such as system errors, restore settings, cleans Windows registry etc.

You can use this repair to get rid of any type of issue with your PC. You can run this repair tool manually and automatically and after using this tool, you never have to bother about the error message in your PC.

A Complete Guide to Fix Computers/Laptops Randomly Freezing Issue!
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A Complete Guide to Fix Computers/Laptops Randomly Freezing Issue!
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