[SOLVED] How to Fix Windows 10 Activation Error 0x80041023

Windows 10 Activation Error 0x80041023

If you are the one encountering the error code 0x80041023 while trying to activate the Windows 10 license after upgrading from older Windows version or doing a fresh installation.

Then this guide is for you, here check out the complete fixes to troubleshoot Windows 10 error 0x80041023.

Windows 10 activation errors are very irritating and time to time the users found reporting about various activation errors on the forums threads.

Despite this, some Windows 10 users are also found reporting they are unable to activate their license and getting the error message the product key you entered didn’t work 0x80041023. Well, this is a very irritating problem and needed to fix as soon as possible.

So, below follow some of the possible solutions that work for many users to fix the error 0x80041023 Windows 10.

But before heading towards the fixes first check out the possible causes of the Windows 10 activation error 0x80041023.

Why I am getting the Windows 10 Activation Error 0x80041023?

Well, there is no particular reason responsible for the activation error. There are various different scenarios that trigger the error code 0x80041023. So here check out some of the possible ones:

  • The product key is invalid: It might happen the Windows key you are entering is incorrect, so make sure the product key you are entering, is correct.
  • Can’t activate OEM license: Check if you are having an OEM license, then in this case you are unable to use the activation key if upgrading from an older version.
  • Due to the BIOS stored key: This is another possible cause as the BIOS of your system is having the Windows Home key. And the Windows OS is trying to use the BIOS stored key.

So, these are the possible reasons responsible for the Windows 10 error 0x80041023. Now follow the below given possible fixes to resolve the activation error 0x80041023 and activate your Windows 10 license.

How to Fix Windows 10 Activation 0x80041023 Error?

Well before following the below-given fixes, assure to sign-in with the Microsoft account, so that the license can link with your account as well. This will re-activate your Windows 10 system straightforward.

Fix 1: Windows Product Key is Invalid

This is one of the most possible causes responsible for the activation error. Well, if you are reinstalling Windows 10 and the automatic Windows activation fails.  Then there is a possibility the Windows key you are using before is invalid or one-time use such as MAK key.

The MAK key can only be used once and stopped working as the system is formatted. So, if you had bought Windows key for very cheap rates and doesn’t work, then the only way left is to buy a valid key from the Windows store.

Hope this works for you to fix the error 0x80041023, but if not then your problem is different, so try the next solution.

“Your Windows license will expire soon” is another error occurs while activation Windows 10, so if in case you encounter an error like this then follow the fixes given in the article

Fix 2: Utilize SLMGR to Activate

While trying to activate the Windows 10 Pro key you are getting the error message – “The product key you entered didn’t work 0x80041023”

Then this issue is related to the BIOS of your system, as it is still having the Windows Home key. And commonly occurs when you buy the pre-activated Windows system and after resetting it still tries to activate it with the available BIOS.

So, to fix the problem try running the SLMGR command. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Hit Windows + R key > in the Run dialog box > type “cmd” > press Enter > a Run dialog box appears. And when prompted by the UAC (User Account Control) window > click Yes for admin privileges

Windows 10 Error 0x80041023

  • And after that in the Command Prompt type, the below-given commands > and hit Enter after each
  • slmgr /ipk <Windows Key>
  • slmgr /ato

Windows 10 Activation Error 0x80041023

Please Note: In the commands replace the “Windows Key” with your own license key

And as the active license key is changed, restart your system and that’s it your new key is activated with the startup.

But if still encountering the Windows 10 error 0x80041023 then follow the next solution.

Fix 3: Upgrade OEM Licenses

Well the OEM licenses are not upgraded licenses and are only for few machines. Therefore if you install Windows 10 Pro on a system that had Windows Home, then it would not work. And you will get the error message Windows Activation Error Code 0x80041023.

So, in this case, to fix the error first install Windows 10 Home and then upgrade using the Windows Store to Windows Pro.

Or else, you can try an exact way to activate Windows 10 and also avoid the error code 0x80041023, is install Windows 10 Pro fresh and use the activation key.

Fix 4: Contact Microsoft’s Support Team

If after following all the above-given fixes you are still unable to activate the Windows 10 build and getting the Windows 10 error 0x80041023.

Then here you need to contact Microsoft’s support team and ask for the help to re-activate the operating system.

Check the toll-free number list here specific to your country or region. Also, it might take some time to connect with the live agent. And after answering some of the security questions to confirm you are license owner they will activate the license.

Check Your Windows PC/Laptop Health

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Hope after following the given solutions you are able to fix the Windows 10 error 0x80041023. The given solutions are easy to follow and worked for many to activate Windows 10 system with ease.

Also, make sure to follow the given solutions carefully one by one.

However, if are having any issue, query or suggestion then feel free to write us in the below comment section.