6 Tested Fixes For GTA 5 Error 0xc000007b Windows 11 & 10

GTA V Error Code 0xc000007b

Many gamers reported they frequently see the GTA 5 error code 0xc000007b when launching the game leading some to consider alternatives such as buying GTA modded accounts to bypass such technical issues. The error is very frequent and pops up an error message The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b). Click OK to close the application.” However, it’s important to address the root causes of the error to ensure a stable gaming experience. 

Well, the error is not specific to GTA 5 game; however, the other games like Far Cry 3 & 4, Watchdogs, COD Advanced Warfare, and many others.

If you are wondering, “What is error 0xc000007b” in GTA V and why do you see them? Then you are at the right place.

Here in this article, we have shortlisted the fixes that worked for several users to resolve the GTA 5 0xc000007b Error easily. But before starting with the solutions, it is important to learn the potential culprits causing the error.

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What Causes “GTA 5 error code 0xc00007b”?

  • Compatibility issues: The error code appears in the form of a pop-up when there is a compatibility issue with the system concerned. More specifically, when a DirectX error occurs this triggers the problem.
  • Application issues: If a 32-bit application and running on a 64-bit system, there is a good chance of seeing the error code 0xc000007b in the GTA V game.
  • Visual C++ Runtime Packages: Another potential reason responsible for the error is the Visual C++ Runtime Packages corruption.
  • Outdated Graphics driver: The Graphics driver plays an important role in the proper functioning of the game but if the driver you are running is outdated or corrupted you are more likely to see the error 0xc000007b in GTA V due to conflict.

So, these are some of the common culprits responsible for the GTA 5 error code 0xc000007b, now follow the fixes given one by one to resolve the error in no time.

How to Fix “GTA 5 0xc000007b Error” Windows 11 & 10?

Solution 1 – Use Admin Privileges

By using the Admin privileges, you can attain full permission for files that might have been hindered without using the same. With Admin privileges here is how to fix 0xc000007b error in GTA 5,

  • Right-click on the game launcher or the file shortcut
  • Choose the Open file location option
  • Visit the original file location find the main launcher and choose to right-click on that
  • Select the Properties from the drop-down menu

MultiVersus Not Launching

  • Choose the Compatibility tab
  • Scroll down and choose the box next to Run this program as an Administrator

Loot Not Detecting Skyrim

  • Select Apply and proceed with OK

Solution 2 – Reinstall Visual C++ Runtime Packages

If the above solution won’t work for you to solve the error then we advise reinstalling Visual C++ packages. Much like any other components, Visual C++ runtime packages can also get corrupted over time and this plays a major hindrance in slowing down your system.

Since this package deals with your Graphics card, any form of glitch is enough to highlight a major problem. Here is how you reinstall to fix GTA 5 0xc000007b error,

  • Press the Win + R key to open the Run box
  • Type appwiz.cpl on the Run box and hit Enter


  • Find Microsoft Visual C++ and right-click on it
  • Choose Uninstall and let the process get completed.

steam error code 21

  • Once the process is completed Restart your system.
  • Open the official Microsoft Website or click here to download the Visual C++ client.
  • Complete the installation and launch the game to see if the error exists or not

Solution 3 – Running the Game in Compatibility Mode

The next GTA 5 0xc000007b error fix involves running the game on Windows XP Compatibility mode. Despite being an older version of the OS, running certain programs in Windows XP can solve the compatibility problem and resolve the error code.

Here are the steps to do so:

  • Right-click on the game icon and choose Properties
  • Now choose the Compatibility tab and click on Run in Compatibility mode

run steam in compatibility mode 1

  • Choose Windows XP from the list
  • And click on Apply then OK to save the changes.

Now check if the error code 0xc000007b still appears or not.

Solution 4 – Update Graphics driver

The Graphics driver plays an important role in allowing the game to run properly. But if in case the driver you are running is outdated or corrupted, so may encounter problems in running the game properly and see the error.

So, try this step by updating GPU drivers. Much like any other hardware, the Graphics Card needs frequent updating. If this falls back, the chance of multiple flaws including the GTA 5 0xc000007b error appears. Here is how you update,

  • Press and hold Win+X
  • Choose Device Manager
  • Search for the Display Adapters tab and click to expand

Windows 11 keeps installing old drivers

  • Right-click on the Graphics driver and select the option Update driver

Update Driver option.

  • Now click on the option Search automatically for updated driver software

search automatically for the update software driver option.

Windows would search and Update automatically if it finds any pending updates available.

Moreover, in some cases, Windows fails to detect and update the driver, so it is best to opt for the Driver Updater Tool. This is an advanced tool, that just by scanning once detects and updates the entire system drivers just by scanning once.

Get Driver Updater to update the driver automatically

Solution 5 – Look Hard Disk for Errors

Hard Drives are the crucial storage hubs of any applications installed in your system. But if the hard drive where the game is installed is corrupted then may show the 0xc000007b error on Windows 10/11.

Here is how to check hard drive errors:

  • Visit the partition or the drive where the game is installed
  • Right-click and choose Properties

error 0x80070570

  • Visit the tools tab in the Properties
  • Inside the Error Checking segment, tap on the Check Now box


  • This would start automatic error detection in your drive

If there is any error related to this, you will receive an option to click and proceed to repair. This is an easy way to resolve and repair the issue.

Solution 6 – Reinstall the Game

If none of the above mentioned fixes works for you then here the GTA 5 0xc000007b error fix involves simple reinstallation. Despite being the easiest of the lot, this is effective by all means and ensures to rectify any error in its installation files and other internal files. Even the removal of unnecessary cache files and corrupted files happens when you reinstall the game from scratch. Here is you do it,

  • Tap on the Start Menu
  • Type Control Panel and tap Enter
  • Choose Programs and select the option to Uninstall a program

Uninstall a program

  • Out of the list, choose GTA V and right-click on it to find the Uninstall option
  • Allow the process to complete and reboot your PC.

Now install the Rocket launcher or Steam and download the GTA V game. It is estimated now the error 0xc000007b in GTA V is fixed.

FAQ: Related to GTA V 0xc000007b Error

1: Can reinstalling Windows resolve 0xc000007b?

In practice, when a 32-bit version of Windows conflicts with a 64-bit OS. Thus if you reinstall version 64-bit, the problem might get resolved.

2: Why I am seeing 0xc000007b error while opening games?

The error code 0xc000007b usually occurs due to the corrupted or missing DLL file, corrupted missing Windows system files and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable corruption.

3: Does create a new user account resolve error 0xc00007b?

Yes if you create a new user account from the control panel, you might resolve the error code 0xc00007b.

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So, this is all about the GTA V Error Code 0xc000007b in Windows 11 & 10.

Here my job is done; follow the solutions given to solve the GTA V Error Code 0xc000007b. We have listed the potential fixes that worked for several users to solve the error in their case.

However, in some cases, due to internal Windows PC issues like corrupted system files, virus infection or conflicting programs, you start facing various errors and bugs when launching the game, so here it is suggested to run the PC Repair Tool. This tool, just by scanning once, detects and fixes various PC stubborn errors.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to drop them off on our Facebook  page. Our expert will get back to you with the potential solutions to your problem.

Good Luck..!