FIX: Enter Code Error on Xbox One Enter Code Problems on Xbox One

Are you encountering the enter code screen on Xbox one? And unable to use YouTube on Xbox One.

Wondering what went wrong; how do I activate YouTube on my Xbox one? Or how to fix Enter Code problem on Xbox One?

Then Relax; this article is for you. Here are the possible solutions to fix Xbox One issue.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is an amazing service available on different platforms, but recently users have been found reporting Youtube/activate Xbox problems.

Well, this screen is used for authentication, and if you can’t authenticate it or fail to authenticate YouTube on Xbox One, you can’t watch it.

Luckily, some ways work for you to fix this problem. So, keep reading the article.

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How to Fix Enter Code Screen on Xbox One Problem?

Solution 1 – Re-log into your Account

The very first thing you need to do is try to re-logging your YouTube account. This worked for many users to resolve enter code problems and activate YouTube on Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Follow the steps to login into your account:

  • Open the Youtube app > and move to Sign-in & settings option. activate xbox one

  • Choose Sign in > press X.
  • Now the app will present you with a code.
  • Note down the code > don’t close the window.
  • And go to from your device.
  • Enter the Google account information > and sign in.
  • Next, enter the code that you have written and continue. activate xbox one

  • Select Allow access. activate xbox one

And check if is activated or not.

Solution 2 – Check the Internet Connection

If you still face the error, then the problem might be your internet connection. A poor or slow internet connection can cause problems with Xbox One, so first, restart the modem/router.

And to fix the network problems, follow the steps given below:

  • To open the guide press Xbox button enter code Xbox One

  • And choose Settings, > select All Settings > Network.
  • Then select Network settings. Now all the connections show up enter code Xbox One

  • And the right side of the Network settings screen > choose Test network connection. enter code Xbox One

  • If any issues are detected, the Network Connection Troubleshooter will try to fix them.
  • Wait for the whole process to complete.

It is estimated Xbox One is fixed now.

Solution 3 – Restart your Xbox Console

Many users confirmed that restarting the console works for them to solve the error. Sometimes due to technical glitches, you start seeing various issues and errors. And rebooting the console solves various glitches, giving a fresh start.

So, follow the steps to do so:

  • Hit the Xbox button > open the Guide. enter code Xbox One

  • Now choose Settings
  • And choose Restart console. Enter Code problems on Xbox One

  • Select Yes to confirm.

Now check whether the problem with enter code screen on Xbox One is solved.

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Solution 4 – Reinstall the YouTube app

If none of the above-listed fixes works for you, then here it is suggested to reinstall the YouTube app. There might be some corruption with the app, and this is what is causing problems when running the YouTube app

Follow the steps to uninstall the YouTube app on Xbox One:

  • Click on the Home Screen and then click on My games & apps Inserisci i problemi con il codice su Xbox One

  • Then click on Games or Apps and click on Storage device Inserisci i problemi con il codice su Xbox One

  • And highlight the YouTube app to uninstall
  • On the controller, hit the menu button and choose Uninstall and then Uninstall all.
  • Once YouTube is uninstalled, go to the Xbox One store, click on the search option, and type YouTube in the search bar.
  • From the list, select the YouTube app and click on the Install button

Once YouTube is installed, check if the Enter Code problem on Xbox One problem is resolved.

FAQ: Learn More About

1 - Why I am Getting “Youtube isn’t available with your Google account.” Error message?

Well, the message I generally seen for the account under the 13 years old. This kid account is only eligible for the YouTube Kids app. So, if you are above 13 years old then verify you are login into correct account.

2 - How Do I Fix YouTube Activate not Working?

To fix this make sure your YouTube app is updated to the latest Google Play version. your can also reinstall the YouTube app. Also sign in with the Google account. If this won’t work for you then try using YouTube on different device.


So, this is how the Enter Code problems on Xbox One is resolved.

I hope the fixes given above work for you and you can solve the issue.

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Good Luck..!!