9 Fixes Easy Anti Cheat Error 30005 (CreateFile Failed With 32)

Easy Anti Cheat Error 30005 (CreateFile Failed With 32)

Easy Anti Cheat error 30005: CreateFile Failed with 32 errors is reported by many users when they try to launch a game that is protected by Easy Anti-Cheat. It occurs when the game fails to create a file in the Easy Anti-Cheat folder where the game is installed.

If you also see the error, then this article is for you. Here find out the detailed troubleshooting solutions to fix the error. But before starting with the solutions, look at the common culprit triggering the Easy anti-cheat error 30005.

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What Causes “Easy Anti Cheat Error Code 30005 (CreateFile Failed With 32)”?

  • The Sys file (a file that stores the launch data of a particular game) in the main folder where the Easy Anti-cheat is installed will prevent the game from being launched. This file may create another or is sometimes corrupt, triggering the issue.
  • All the game files must be verified before the games are launched. If this fails, the error occurs on your device when you launch it.
  • The user or any optimization software disables the Easy Anti-Cheat service. This service must be enabled before you launch the game.
  • The graphics card drivers and operating system are not updated to their latest versions. The latest version of the game does not support these outdated components of the PC. Hence they need to be updated.

How to Fix Easy Anti Cheat Error Code 30005 (CreateFile Failed With 32)?

Now you know the reasons that cause Easy Anti Cheat Error 30005 on your PC, follow the effective solutions to solve the error.

Solution 1: Delete the SYS File

Easy Anti-Cheat Service periodically creates an SYS file (file that stores game settings, variables, and functions) in the Easy Anti-Cheat Folder. The discussed error occurs if this file fails to create any other file within the folder. In this solution, you will delete this file from the folder to check if this works for you.

Deleting this file will not affect the gameplay since it will be automatically created again when you relaunch the game.

  • Navigate to the game folder where the Easy Anti-Cheat Service is installed.

Note: This location may vary depending on your game’s directory. An example is given here: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\EasyAntiCheat

  • Open the folder and right-click on EasyAntiCheat.sys file.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Now, select the Delete option from the drop-down menu.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Relaunch the game, and now, the error will have vanished.

Solution 2: Repair EasyAntiCheat

When the game file is missing or unverified due to Error 30005: Create File Failed with 32 Error on Easy Anti-Cheat, you must repair the game using Easy Anti-Cheat. If you have installed the game via Steam, then verify the integrity of the game files.

  • Navigate to the EasyAntiCheat folder and double-click on the EasyAntiCheat.exe file.
  • In the next screen, choose the game which you have issues with.
  • Then, click on Install or Repair Service.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Wait until the repair process is successful and relaunch the game. Check if the error persists again.

Solution 3: Enable Easy Anti-Cheat Service

  • Go to the search menu and enter Services.
  • Now, tap on Run as administrator.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Then, move down to the entire list and double-click on the Easy Anti-Cheat service.
  • Now, click on the Startup type and set it to Automatic from the drop-down list.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • If you see the Service status as stopped, click on the Start option.
  • On the other hand, if the Service status is Running, click on Stop, wait for a while, and then click on Start again.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Save the changes by clicking on Apply and then OK. Start the game again and check if you face the error again.

Solution 4: Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall

Although Easy Anti Cheat is a trusted software that helps to block unauthorized access to the game, the firewall or antivirus software on your computer might consider it as a threat and block it from your PC. This may be the reason that prevents the game from launching.

So, to fix this problem, you can either disable the firewall protection or uninstall it temporarily from your computer. Follow the steps provided below to disable it temporarily:

Note: If you can launch the game without any issues after fixing the antivirus programs, always remember to re-enable the antivirus/firewall program on your PC to avoid malware attacks.

  • Hit the Windows key, type the control panel here, and tap on Open.
  • Select the System and Security option in the Control Panel 

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Now, press the Windows Defender Firewall link.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Next, click the Turn Windows Firewall on or off option on the left pane.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Then, press the Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)option under both the Private network settings and Public network settings.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Finally, tap on the OK button to save the changes.

To disable the third-party antivirus program, right-click on the antivirus icon in the taskbar and go to the Antivirus Settings option. Then disabling the antivirus by selecting any of the options. Then check if you have fixed easy anti-cheat error 30005.

Solution 5: Update Windows Operating System

The older version of the Windows operating system will not be compatible with the latest version of games, contributing to the easy anti cheat error 30005 on your device. You are advised to update your Windows OS as instructed below to fix the problem.

  • Hit the Start key, and type Windows Settings. Then, click on Open.
  • Tap the Update & Security option as shown below.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Select the Check for Updates option.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Click the Install now button on the next screen to install the new updates. If the system is updated, you will receive it. You’re up to date.
  • Once the device updates the latest patches, allow it to restart completely and check if you do not get the createfile failed with 32 error message now.

Solution 6: Update Graphics Card Drivers

Graphics cards are necessary components on your device that support the game’s graphical features. If they are not updated to their latest version, all the game components, including the EasyAntiCheat software, will not function normally. Follow the below instructions to update GPU drivers on your device.

  • Press the Start key and type Device Manager. Now, tap on Open.
  • Double-click on Display adapters to expand it.
  • Right-click on your GPU driver and select the Update driver option.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Click on Search automatically for updated driver software.

Cerca automaticamente i autista aggiornati

  • Close the windows and reboot your PC once you have installed the latest drivers.

You can also use Driver Easy to update the drivers on your Windows PC. This advanced tool scans your system and updates the entire system drivers in the background in just a few clicks.

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Solution 7: Delete Temporary Files and Prefetch Files

Deleting the temporary and prefetch files will remove any corrupt game file components and incompatible, deleted EasyAntiCheat files. Follow these steps to delete the temporary, local, and prefetch files.

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows + R keys
  • Then, type temp in the run dialog box and click on OK.

Easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Select all the temporary files in the Temp folder and click on the Delete button.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Then, again go to the Run dialog box and type. Prefetch

easy anti cheat error 30005

Note: This operation will need administrative rights to proceed.

  • Select all the prefetch files and press the Delete option

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Also, delete the files from the recycle bin, and now all the temporary files will be deleted from your system.

Solution 8: Repair Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Repairing Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable files will repair the Microsoft C, and C++ (MSVC) runtime libraries on your PC that are contributing to the createfile failed with 32 errors. Follow these steps as instructed below.

  • Navigate to the search menu and type Apps & features. Then, click on Open.
  • Then, type and search for Microsoft Visual C++ packages.
  • Click on any Microsoft Visual C++ packages and press the Modify button.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • If there is any prompt, click on Yes on the UAC box.
  • In the next window, click on Repair. Wait until the repair process gets completed.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Repeat all the available Microsoft C++ packages and restart the Windows 10 PC.

Launch the game where the error occurred and check if you have fixed Error 30005.

Solution 9: Reinstall the EasyAntiCheat software

If all the above-listed solutions did not help you fix the problem, you could try the last chance of reinstalling the EasyAntiCheat software. This refreshes the software and fixes the incompatible installation files in it.

  • Open File Explorer and navigate to the EasyAntiCheat installation directory.
  • Now, double-click on EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe to launch the file.
  • Then, press the Uninstall button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

easy anti cheat error 30005

  • Next, restart the computer and again navigate to the EasyAntiCheat installation directory.
  • Launch EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe and click on the Install button this time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: What happens if I uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat?

If you uninstall Easy Anti Cheat software from your PC, you cannot launch the game again unless you reinstall it. This anti-cheat software will run on your PC only when you are playing the BattlEye-enabled game.

2: Is there a way of using the Battleye launcher instead of Easy Anti-Cheat?

No, it would be difficult for you to launch the games with the Battleye launcher instead of Easy Anti-Cheat on your PC. On the other hand, instead of Battleye launcher, Easy Anti-Cheat software can be used.

3: What Games are Causing the Easy Anti Cheat Error 30005?

The Easy Anti Cheat Error 30005 occurs in games like Fortnite, MultiVersus, Apex Legends, ARK: Survival Evolved, and all similar Steam games.

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That’s it!

It is very simple to get rid of the Anti-cheat error code 30005 (createfile failed with 32). Here we have listed the working solutions to fix the error 30005 in anti-cheat.

Follow the solutions given individually and solve the error on your PC.

Despite this, feel free to scan your system with the PC Repair Tool, as sometimes, due to the PC related to the problem, the game won’t run in a dedicated manner and will show various errors. Therefore, it is suggested to scan your system with this advanced tool and repair corrupted Windows system files, other errors, etc.

If any other hacks helped you fix this issue, please drop them on our Facebook Page. Also, don’t forget to follow us on our social media handles to get more interesting guides and helpful tips to keep your computer safe from errors and issues.

Good Luck..!