Using Expired Antivirus Software is Just as Unsafe as Using No Antivirus Software.

Using Expired Antivirus Software is Just as Unsafe as Using No Antivirus Software.PC users when buy a new PC, and they receive free antivirus software along with the new PC. After one month that antivirus will continually disturb you to update best quality subscription.
Users constantly ignored the entire request, and at the last they’re left with outdated antivirus software.

Some users may think why to use antivirus software? Although it will only cover the space in pc and some of the users doesn’t care if their antivirus software is outdated.

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center has found in their new study that having outdated antivirus software or not using any antivirus software contains the risk for the pc.

“5.5 times more likely to be infected”

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Well PCs which doesn’t have any antivirus protection or has outdated antivirus, those PCs has risk of getting infected 5.5 times more than the PCs which has antivirus protection. This research was discovered by Microsoft.
If you have antivirus protection in your PCs but it is expired, not fully up-to-date or outdated those antivirus are 5.5 times more probably to be infected. It was also discovered in research by Microsoft

So, PC users with expired antivirus software protection may uninstall it. Because those expired antivirus are useless. In simple words those antivirus will not help if they are install in your hard drive and it will just cover the space in pc, slow down the performance, and will give users fake sense of security.
You will find windows 8 and 8.1 systems with, “turned off” protection, out of date protection ,no protection or expired protection and they all give the same infection rating.

The number one reason people are unprotected is due to expired antimalware software

Many users may don’t know this but most of the window 8 PCs are unprotected reason which was discovered by Microsoft is that on Windows 8 their antimalware software protection is been outdated. Well it was found that more than 50% of windows 8 PCs are considered to unprotected because they have expired software.

Some users don’t bother to updated their antivirus software protections and others leave their software to get expire when the software reaches the last of its free trial time.

“People may believe that an antimalware product is still protecting them”

Users still think that their PC is safe because an antimalware product is protecting them- although the software has expired or outdated.
These kinds of users keep using their internet without being aware that their PCs are unprotected.

How to protect your PC for free

Till now you may have understood that keeping an outdated antivirus is also not safe for your PC. So all you need to do is updated your expired antivirus as soon as possible or you don’t keep any antivirus. Although its important to keep antivirus in your PC it helps to protect your pc. Even if you don’t want to have any antivirus protection you can use PC cleaner tool.

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