2 Tricks To Delete $WINDOWS.~BT and $WINDOWS.~WS Folders In Windows 10

2 Tricks To Delete $WINDOWS.~BT And $WINDOWS.~WS Folders In Windows 10

Unwanted files and folders can affect the system performance, according to professionals a clean and clear system drive can help any computer to worker efficiently. After upgrading to Windows 10 two folders named $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS appear on System or C Drive.

These folders are actually temporary folders created by Windows, during the upgrading process. These folders are in hidden state, and you have to change the folder options to see them. Go to the File Explorer, under View tab, check Show hidden files check box.

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What is $Windows.~BT folder and How to Delete It?

Trick 1: Delete $WINDOWS.~BT And $WINDOWS.~WS Folders Using Disk Cleanup

To delete $Windows.~BT or Windows.old folder apply the below given steps:

  • Open run dialogue box by pressing Windows key + R
  • Type cleanmgr.exe and hit Enter.

A dialog box of Disk Cleanup will open. Select C:\ or the name of drive where these folders are present.1

After the completion of Disk cleanup’s scanning, click on the “Clean Up System files“. If again ask to select Drive then choose same drive and click “OK“.2

Now, you will be presented with choices to clean “Previous Windows Installations“, “Temporary Windows installations files“. Select the options and click OK and let it remove those in background.

By applying the above trick you can easily remove “Windows.old” folder without any error, but there are some chances that you’ll still have $Windows.~BT, and $Windows.~WS in your hard drive. Go to the “Trick 2“.

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Trick 2: Delete $WINDOWS.~BT and $WINDOWS.~WS Folders Using Windows Security Option

If you are unable to delete these folders with the help of Solution 1, then you’ll need to apply the trick 2.

  • Navigate to the path where the $Windows.~BT folder is present, right click on it and select Properties.
  • Navigate to the Security Tab and select you current user with which you’re logged in.
  • Click on Edit. Select your current user with which you’re logged in your computer.3
  • Click Check box of “Full Control” and ClickApply and OK.4
  • Click on OK to close the last dialogue box. Now you’ve complete ownership of $Windows.~BT folder. And now you can delete this folder simply.

Note: According to Microsoft, it is recommended that you must keep this folder, these folders are necessary to roll back to previous windows.

Automatic Method To Delete $WINDOWS.~BT and $WINDOWS.~WS

If you want to delete these folders along with other temporary files folders then you need a professional third party tool , i.e., PC Repair Tool. This application is specially designed to deal with system performance, it run several cleanup tasks to speed up the PC performance.

It removes all the unwanted files/folders present inside the system drive and also decreases the burden from registry database by removing unwanted keys. It is also very easy to use, so if you are unable to remove these folders manually then take the help of this tool and make your PC/Laptop error free with ease.


If you are using Windows 10 and getting errors because of unwanted installed files or folders then it’s really irritating. You get two files named $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS appear on your screen and find some difficulty while working in Windows 10.

However, you can try two effective tricks to delete these files and make your PC run perfectly. First one is by using disk cleaner and the second one is by using Windows security option. So, try these both options to delete $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS folders in Windows 10.

After deleting these files, if you find that your PC is running slow then you can make your PC run faster with PC Repair Tool. This tool is capable to scan your PC, fix DLL errors, runtime errors, Windows errors and more.

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