System Registry File Missing or Corrupt windows 7

fixing corrupted system registry fileSystem registry is a database which is used by Windows OS’s for storing information regarding computer configuration. In order to work properly, Windows 7 operating system running computer relies on information stored in the Windows 7 registry. The settings used by the Windows 7 OS are included in this database. Some of the activities which impact the Windows 7 registry typically are mentioned below:

  • While installing or removing a program
  • At the time of changing your security settings
  • Adding or removing latest hardware piece
  • Upgrading from a trial version to a purchased copy of a program

When your computer is acting strange or getting weird error messages or few features are disabled then this means that your registry is probably corrupted. Use of single bad software leads to mess up the registry settings. So, to avoid such situations you need to back up your registry. As system registry files are central database for the entire system and user applications required interacting with other core system utilities and components to perform any tasks. Though, Windows has fixing Windows registry ability but at times it fails for restoring old registry keys which results in making difficult to find resolve issues manually by users. Thus, you are advised to have complete backup of system registry files for replacing the new registry keys with old ones.

In order to make your Windows 7 operating system running with high performance you requires removing unnecessary information from the registry time to time. Thus, registry cleaning is one of the best ways for avoiding corruption of system registry files in Window 7.

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Specific system files are necessary to operate system functionalities. System 32 folder in Windows stores all these files. When any of these files in System 32 are missing or corrupted then you may not be able to perform relevant actions. Thus, several different problems are faced related with system. No need to format the whole system and install new Windows as other users thinks. Windows 7 helps in facilitating you to repair disc thus replacing infected files with the correct files.

Uninstallation and reinstallation of programs leads to creation of lot of problems in system functioning. When files are missing or corrupted, Windows registry are influenced. Registry is a database for the entire programs information and settings leads to corruption due to missing or misplaced files.


  1. Suddenly your system does not start.
  2. Error message is displayed while trying to open any folder.
  3. While performing any action, you are facing problems.
  4. Sudden shutdown of your system.

Ways to repair:

Methods to fix missing or corrupted system registry files problem:

Scan files check method:

  • Click ‘Start’ button then ‘All Programs’ option.
  • Click ‘Accessories’ then choose ‘Command Prompt’ option.
  • Now, type ‘sfsc /sannow’ then press ‘Enter’.
  • Your system will be scanned and files will be replaced.

If this doesn’t work then follow the repair program given below:

Repair your Computer

  • You must have Windows 7 repair disk. Now, insert it into CD/DVD drive then ‘Restart’ the system.
  • As normal Windows installation, follow the procedure.
  • On getting installation option in the screen, choose ‘Repair Your Computer’ which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, choose your operating system then click on ‘Next’.
  • You will be able to see ‘System Recovery Options’ menu on screen.
  • As soon as you select ‘Startup Repair’, your process will start.
  • Your system files directory will be scanned and replaces the corrupted or missing files on hard drive.
  • During this process, your system may restart several times.
  • Now, remove disk and click on ‘Restart’ then you prompt ‘Startup Repair’ after actions is completed.
  • Then, launch ‘Run box’ by pressing Windows key + R.
  • Type “Control System” then click on ‘OK’. Now, a new window opens.
  • Click on ‘Windows Update’ link available at the bottom of left side.
  • Now, Click check for ‘Updates’ option. It ensures that files (corrupted or missing) are being replaced.

Then, Restart the system and now enjoy working on it.

If you fails to fix missing or corrupted system registry files in Window 7 then you need to download any good registry repair tool which will able to clean Windows registry and all unused files will be deleted. PC Repair Tool can repair corrupted or missing system registry files easily. It helps in fixing all PC related problems. It is able to resolve any kind of system errors, restore settings, cleans Windows registry etc effectively while maintaining and running PC properly with maximum speed. You can run this tool either manually or automatically and no need to worry to get error message again in your PC. This tool is simple and has user friendly interface providing efficient results.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Repair PC Instantly!

  1. Step 1 – Download & Install PC Repair Tool.
  2. Step 2 – Click “Scan” button to diagnose the PC.
  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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