Methods to Fix Apps and Programs Automatically Minimize in Windows 10

titlebar of Windows 10

Nowadays Windows 10 users are suffering with a very odd issue, in this situation users get unable to see the titlebar buttons such as “Minimize, maximize/restore, close” and many apps gets minimized automatically to the taskbar when a sub-window is opened. These both issues are very irritating and annoying, in this blog you will get the complete solution to fix these both problems so read the below given solution and apply them as given to get rid of these Windows 10 errors.  

Generally when user execute any modern or metro apps in full windows then “title bar” or caption (minimize, maximize/restore or close) available on the title bar gets inactive. Another case is, when user opens a sub window of any running application then main windows of the application get minimized automatically. If you are facing above discussed problems on your Windows 10 device then don’t worry because these are not a problem, actually these are the features developed by Windows 10 known as “Tablet Mode” (aka Continuum) feature. These features are specially designed for the touch enabled device such as Windows 10 tablet and others. This feature works like a bridge between PC and touch-enabled device. When you turn on this Tablet Mode then all modern applications open in full Window mode and so that occasionally the main apps window gets minimized automatically if user open any of its sub window.

So it is simple to fix this issue, turn off the Tablet Mode. Apply the below given methods to turn off the Tablet Mode:

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METHOD 1: Using Action Center

  1. Open the Action Center(or Notification Center), to do this click on the Action Center icon from Taskbar notification area.winww1 copy
  1. After it click on the “Tablet mode” tile to stop the tablet mode.


METHOD 2: Through Settings App

  1. Open the settings app, to do this you have to press the WIN+Ikeys together.
  2. After it go to “System -> Tablet mode” part and set the choice “Make windows more touch-friendly when using your devices as a tablet” to Off.winww2

Above given methods are able to disable the Tablet Mode feature, and after turning off this mode the above discussed problems (lost title bar buttons and automatic minimization of programs) to Taskbar will be fixed.


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