Resolve error – iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127)

windows_system_crashesWindows error 127 is a well known iTunes error 7. iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127) is surprisingly a common error. The reasons behind this error are many such as sometime it is caused due to corrupt registry error, broken registry structure, missing system files etc. It continuously pop-up in your computer and makes you computer slow. This error message cause due to improper maintenance of your computer. It generally occurs when installation if iTunes or QuickTime is corrupted or removed certain entry in system registry. QuickTime or iTunes both the software are to be installed on your computer but the main problem arises when an update fails or any registry entry or system files get corrupt.  Uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes also sometime fails to resolve this issue and the rest of the software starts working reprehensively and you will get Windows Error 127.

To handle this situation in a better and proper way you need to find out the root cause behind it thus below you have common reason that plays their major role behind this error message.

Reason Behind This Error Message

While installing iTunes or updating iTunes to its latest version you might have  seen the below error messages:

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  • “iTunes point of entry not found”
  • “Entry Not Found” by “iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127)”
  • “iTunes was not installed correctly, reinstall your iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127)”

error_127_error1This error appears when iTunes has aborted orb failed installation. You can also see the “corefoundation.dll” and other DLL Files that are updated or installed while installing iTunes.

The reason behind these messages is a feature so Apple software, Apple Application Support is corrupted or damaged. It might be possible that some DLL files related with Apple Application Support is damaged. This service is common for Apple products including QuickTime, iTunes, Mobile Me, and other software uninstalling or reinstalling any other software will never solve this error.

How to Solve iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127)

To solve iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127), you may need to uninstall the program by Apple.

The first step to fix this error is reinstall your iTunes. The best way to remove this error is to add/remove programs from control panel. Just click on Start – Control Panel – Add / Remove Programs and search iTunes. Select Apple product from the list and uninstall it. As soon as you found it remove the program to get rid of this error. It you are prompt to restart your computer then do not do at this point search for the next apple program from the list and uninstall it. Continue this process until and unless all the apple products are uninstalled. It is a hard process but you need to do it in order to remove the program from your computer. While doing this all the files and setting that need to run.

Once you found that the entire apple product is removed Restart you computer for the result to take in action. After this reinstall the application by downloading the latest version from web.  After installing the latest version of Apple products still if you are getting the error message then the last option left with you is to use a PC Repair Tool. This repair tool is specially designed to repair the issues related to your PC. after using this repair tool you will never see the message again in your PC.

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