How to fix windows 8 explorer.exe error?

After installing the Windows 8 if you began to notice immediate crash and restart of File explorer or Windows Explorer this would happen because hitting of the Windows Key+E Explorer icon on the task bar.  And if you try to open the File explorer using the Windows Key+r then the system typed something such as C:\ and after hitting the enter key everything seems fine.

The crash of Windows registry leads to these types of corruption and results to these sorts of problems. As such may have faced after logging on to your computer then you only see just blank screen. There is desktop item no taskbar present. This may happen due to explorer.exe which starts up automatically or does not start at all. The registry error might get issues of corruption which is quite possible problem due to virus infection which blocks the explorer.exe from running.  1

The Windows Explorer Icon Fix:

Windows Explorer .exe does not start at startup. In such a situation where Windows 8 Explorer .exe fails to start-up automatically after every boot here are few steps you can try out:

 Windows Explorer .exe does not start

1)      Firstly start the Windows in Safe Mode and then see if the explorer.exe starts or not in the safe mode. If it does then something is wrong while using normal start in regular mode such as virus attack. This can easily rectified by using scanning the computer with anti-malware in the safe mode.

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2)       You can even go with the System Restoration Process which can easily help you to overcome this problem.

3)      Open the command prompt as admin and Run the sfc/scannow.

4)      You can try other method for this firstly make a backup of Windows Registry then open the regedit and navigate the following:

 HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon


It fixes the Windows Logo but still the Windows Explorer.exe does not start even after startup. Then in the Winlogo on the right hand side you will notice the “Shell”. In this the RHS Pane ensure that the default string value is set to Shell is explorer.exe.

 Then double click on this value and make sure that the given value of the shell is “explorer.exe”. If you find something else then delete them and leave “explorer.exe”.

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