How to fix Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Errors, Crashes, Stuttering, FPS Drops?

Fix Call of Duty Errors

Like every year Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game has come up with some new elements addition for its game lovers in the form of Exo-Suits and some advanced gadgets. All is looking perfect for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, but some PC users seem to have been devoid of all the fun due to errors, bugs, crashes, FPS Drops and launch issues.

It doesn’t mean that the game is full of errors and issues but still it have problems that are very important to be fixed. If you are also having such issue with this particular game then check out the following possible fixes mentioned below to play your game without any hassle.

What Are The Errors And How To Fix It?

#1 Crashes After 5-10 Minutes Due to Driver

Players reported that their game crashes after playing somewhere between 5-10 minutes on SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer both.

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In this case if updating and rolling back drivers for your GPU doesn’t help then try clean and fresh installation for your drivers and also you need to disable third party programs like any game recorder or any other related utility if running in your PC.

#2 Crashes With Unrecoverable DirectX Error

To fix this error, run the dxsetup from the redist folder in the game’s directory. Restart your PC and it will work fine now. Just make sure that your system is installed with latest version of your GPU drivers.

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#3 Textures Error Fix

If your game gets crashed because of textures issue then try disabling Cache Spot Shadow Maps and Cache Sun Shadow Maps in settings menu.

#4 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Performance Fix, Low FPS and Graphics issue

Advanced Warfare is a game that requires maximum out of your PC to give you perfect enjoyment while playing it. If you are getting relatively poor performance then just check it out, is your GPU drivers are up to date or not.

If they are up to date, try lowering the settings from the graphics menu. It has been observed that disabling Cache Spot Shadow Maps and Cache Sun Shadow Maps sometime gives you significant improvement boost.

If you are playing this game on your laptop then run it using the dedicated video memory and not the integrated one.

#5 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Microstuttering Fix

If you are getting microstuttering/screen even if you have the updated driver, then turn off Shader Pre-load Options from the settings menu.

#6 Cutscene Audio Sync Issue

The very first thing which you need to do for fixing out the Audio Sync Issue, is to update your audio card drivers.if it won’t work then disable supersampling from the graphics menu as it seemed to be the cause of the problem.

For the temporary solution, just skip the cutscene first time and when the mission starts, restart it and the video might work properly for the next time.

#7 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Dxtory Crashes the Game

For the time being, your game will crash if you try to run Dxtory before or after you launch the game. There is no fix for the time being so you might want to use another tool. And if you have found a fix of your own, do let us know in the comments below.

#8 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Performance Improvement

You can try this below mentioned step to avoid random crashes and performance issue:

Firstly you need to, open up your config file in game directory/players 2 folder. Then add the following commands to it:

seta r_elevatedPriority “1”

This command will improve the priority number for the CPU.

seta r_preloadShadersAfterCinematic “0”

This command will make the shaders load during cinematic. But before making chances to it you must make a backup of your original config so that if things go wrong, you can restore your default settings.

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