How to Fix Binkw32.dll Error

Fix binkw32.dllWindows contains one of the important system files which helps different programs to run smoothly on the operating system, is known as Binkw32.dll. Sometimes it might get corrupted or damaged. This however shows a message of missing binkw32.dll error while playing any game on PC that utilizes the Bink Video codec.

Causes of binkw32.dll Error :

The reason for the cause of this type error is significant. Binkw32.dll errors are generally not being caused by the file being missing, But the fact is that, many times, the windows being unable to read the file, or either it cannot work correctly with the various games on ones system..This may result in the occurrence of this type of Errors. This error may appear as:Binkw32.dll Error

  • Binkw32.dll is generally installed in the Windows System Directory or it must be installed in the application directoryBinkw32.dll error
  • Not finding Binkw32.dll
  • Missing of Binkw32.dll
  • Binkw32.dll loading fail, Reinstallation is required for fixing this error.

Resolving these errors means repairing any of the problems that one’s program or system might have. In case the Windows does not know the correct location of the tile, result in the occurrence of this type of error or shows an error problem that’s preventing ones system from reading the file. For fixing the errors, one need to resolve any of the potential issues that ones computer might have.

Fixing Of Binkw32.dll Error:

Step 1 – Error causing game should be reinstalled

If one discovers that a specific game is causing the error, then one just need to reinstall that game on their system. Hence following steps are thus required to perform so:

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  1. User need to click on the Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs
  2. User need to Locate the game
  3. After that he/she should click “Remove” Next To The Game
  4. User need to wait for removal to commence.
  5. After that they need to restart their system.
  6. He/she also need to re-install the game from the disc.

All the options, files, and settings that the game has on ones computer would generally be replaced, allowing ones system to read the binkw32.dll file correctly. However this process may not work completely then it’s better to start the repair process.

 Step 2 – Game should be updated

 Incase if the above step is not being fulfilled or worked, user thus need to update the game to its latest edition. This could be done easily by making a click onto the game developer’s website and after that locating the “Downloads” section.  Updates related to the games present on ones system are generally available inside this section, which would allow one to make it run as smoothly as possible. Potential error contain by a program would fixed by updating the game. This might result in fixing any of the potential problems, launched by a game. This may or may not repair ones error.

Step 3 – Copying of Binkw32.dll File From Users Game CD To Your Game Folder

The main cause of this error is through user’s game not being able to locate the file in the folder it needs. As each game contains its own version of binkw32.dll, its better that one can take the binkw32.dll file available in the game CD and should place it into the game folder on ones PC. Steps need to perform that:

  1. Inserting game CD into CD drive
  2. In “My Computer“, user need to right-click on the CD drive and  then press “Explore
  3. While opening of the CD, he/she thus need to click onto the “Files/System” folder.
  4. Again after that user need to locate “Binkw32.dll” and then press CTRL+C to copy
  5. User then needs to browse to C:\Program Files\<<your game>>
  1. User needs to press CTRL+V to paste the binkw32.dll file into the folder
  2.  After that they need to Test the game again.

This would result in correct fixing of binkw32.dll file into the correct folder on ones system. Therefore the computer will be able to read the file present there. This would definitely allow ones PC to read the file, allowing their computer to run the game smoothly.  For the most cases of this type of error this technique should work but however if this would fail to work then it’s recommended for the user to use the registry cleaner tool as per mentioned in step 4:

Step 4 – Registry cleaner tool for cleaning the registryregistry cleaner tool

  •  User need to download the Registry Cleaner tool.

One of the major causes of the binkw32.dll error is the way in which there are a series of mis-matched inside the registry of your system. As registry is a central database, storing all the settings, files and the required options that Windows uses to run. Although this part of computer is one of the most important, but it’s also the major reason for causing error because of the way that Windows will often corrupt it. Although many people may not realize this, but the registry will continually cause a large number of DLL errors. This is mainly due to way in which ones computer uses a large list of DLL files to help it run. As each time user uses their PC, 100’s of DLL files are being loaded with help from the registry database. If this database gets damaged or gets corrupted, it leads to users system showing errors.

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