Fix Watch Dogs 2 Errors: Crash, Launch, Performance and Other Issues

Fix Watch Dogs 2 Errors: Crash, Launch, Performance and Other Issues.

Watch Dogs 2 has put the gamers all over the world into the craze with its release in the past month. With the first part of this series being a huge success, the hype of this game has been increasing ever since.

After its trailer release, it took the internet by storm and has proven to impress all the gamers worldwide who were not so happy with its first part being a performance mess and disappointed all the fans. But Ubisoft, the makers of the game seemed to be committed to providing quality Games for all and they were back with the Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2, is a fantastic game loaded with best graphics and designed with a view to impress the critics and has proved it too as it has been trending since the last month release. But apart from its good optimization, it is suffering from few glitches and bugs that need to be fixed so that to experience a heart throbbing game without any interruption.

Read further to know how to fix Watch Dogs 2 Errors, such as crashes, launch errors, FPS drop, stuttering black screen etc. Here is a list of workarounds, solution for crashes bugs and other glitches.

If you are unable to play the game and that makes you probably annoyed, don’t worry. You have paid 60$ for the game now just spend few minutes and scroll down further to know how to fix this errors easily.Before that make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements of the game. Below are some Minimum recommended specifications that allow you to play the game, If you are equipped with these then go further and fix your issue right now.



Supported OS – (64-bit versions only)
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP-1.

Intel Core i5 2400S or i7@ 2.5 GHz | AMD FX 6120 @ 3.5 GHz

Min of 6 GB

Video Card
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB) | AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB) or better

Hard Disk Space
Minumum 50 GB of space

Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse, Microsoft Xbox One Controller, Dual Shock 4 Controller

256 Kbps or faster broadband connection



Supported OS – (64-bit versions only)
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP-1.

Intel Core i5 3470 and i7  @ 3.2GHz | AMD FX 8120 @ 3.9 GHz


Video Card
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (3GB) | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4GB) | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (3GB) or better | AMD Radeon R9 290 (4GB) or better

Hard Disk Space
50 GB

Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse, Microsoft Xbox One controller, Dual Shock 4 controller

256 Kbps or faster broadband connection


1) Launch Issues for Watch Dogs 2

For Ubisoft developed games, Uplay launcher is used which might have some issues. Most of our users complained that they unable to launch the game. Nothing happens when they hit the launcher and at times they get a prompt message: “Unable to Start, this Product cannot be activated right now”. To fix this issue you could try the following methods:

1. Reinstall Uplay, this might work for some of you.If you have Bit Defender installed on your PC then turn off Active Threat Control.

2. Launch the game as administrator.


1.  Open Steam

2. Open Library and click on Properties.

3.Go to Local files tab

4. Click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache

5. Steam will automatically check for the missing file, if any.

If nothing happens then try re-installing the game.


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2.  Crashes while executing Watch Dog 2

Random crashes appear and some users report that they are not able to play the for more than 20 minutes and the game crashes. While some have encountered a crash every time they tried to launch the game, others experienced a black screen. To fix this use the following tweaks to your Game to so that you can enjoy an interrupted game.

1. Ensure the latest GPU driver is installed on your PC, compatible with Watch Dog 2.

2. Also, set a lower resolution before launching the game and afterward change it to your desire when you are into the game.

3. Crashes are possible or the game might not start, if your video card is connected in Nvidia/Mirror mode to some AV systems. Try disabling this mode or disconnect your PC from any secondary device.

4. If you are playing your game installed on an external hard drive, try re-installing in the internal drive.

5. If your game is being crashed and it’s installed on an external hard drive then you should try installing it in the internal drive (default steam directory recommended). It’s not a permanent fix but for some users, this seems to have done the trick.

6.If you are using AMD, you can go to “Catalyst Control Center”, go to “Games” tab and disable “ AMD Radeon Dual Graphics”.


3. Low Frame Per Second (Fps) while playing Watch Dog 2

If you are running any third party software in background. Stop them or disable them. Use your default clock values if you are using an overclocked GPU.

For Windows 10 users, if troubleshooting didn’t give you any results and still struggling with Lower FPS, then you should disable Game DVR which might fix this issue.

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4. Code Error: 0xa0000001 in Watch Dog 2

If you are  getting a blue screen (BSoD) and your PC crashed with an error code 0xa0000001 then unplug your gamepad, start Watch Dogs and then replug. If still your issue isn’t fixed the you should disable your graphics card SLI or crossfire.

Make sure that your graphics card is not overheating and has the latest drivers installed.


 5. Anti-cheat Issue for Watch Dog 2

A message prompt “ Anti-cheat is not enabled. Multiplayer will be disabled” has been encountered by many of the players when they are trying the Multiplayer option. The developers said that the investigation is on and they are trying their best to solve the problem. If this occurs try to quit the game an again restart the game. If doesn’t, then try the following steps:

1. Open the installation folder.

2. Select the easy anti-cheat.

3.  Run the executable(.exe) file.

4. Select Watch Dogs 2 from drop-down menu and click on repair. 


6. DLL file error in Watch Dog 2

A dynamic link library (dll) is the collection of small programs which can be called any time when needed by a larger program running on a computer. Sometimes it may happen that when you uninstall some program a dll file gets removed and now while opening Watch Dog 2 you can a dll file error, then simply download that dll file.


 7. Connection issues and “Unrecoverable Error”

There might be some users facing connection issues and sometime a display error message “Unrecoverable Error”. Users you don’t need to worry, just have patience. Ubisoft have announced that they are looking into the matter and monitoring their servers so as to remove this interruption.

Hope that these tweaks have helped you and now you can play your Watch Dog 2 and enjoy being a hacker.

Fix Watch Dogs 2 Errors: Crash, Launch, Performance and Other Issues
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Fix Watch Dogs 2 Errors: Crash, Launch, Performance and Other Issues
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