Top 5 Solutions to Fix AMD Driver Crashing Windows 10

AMD Driver Crashing Windows 10

Are you the one struggling with the AMD driver crashing Windows 10 problems? Wondering what went wrong with your AMD display drivers and looking to fix the Windows 10 AMD driver crashing problem.

Then this article is for you…!! Here I will share the complete possible fixes to resolve the AMD driver freezing/ crashing problem.

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AMD and NVIDIA are the two names at the forefront of the GPU industry, and worldwide millions of computers use the AMD graphics to renders and operate graphics.

And I guess we all know how important the AMD graphics cards are for our machine.

Also to function the AMD drivers properly, regularly the updates are shipped. But unfortunately, after AMD updated its GPU drivers to version 15.7.1, the users start complaining about a wide variety of different issues.

In one of my earlier article, I discussed how to fix  NVIDIA driver issues Windows 10. And now learn the AMD driver fixes.

The users are complaining the issues such as AMD driver freezes windows 10, AMD driver crashes, AMD driver crash black screen issues when they boot their Windows computer, crash during install, crashes while playing the game, etc.

So, these are some of the common problems related to AMD drivers. Now follow the given fixes one by one to troubleshoot AMD crashing/ freezing issue on Windows 10.


How to Fix AMD Driver Crashing in Windows 10 Problem:


Many users resolve the issue simply by rolling back to an older version of the drivers. Despite this, there are fixes as well, that probably works for you to fix AMD drivers crashing problem.

Solution 1: Roll Back to Older Version of Drivers for AMD GPU


Follow the steps to roll back the driver to an older version of drivers for AMD GPU:

  • Open Start Menu > click Settings > System and move to Apps and Features in the left pane.
  • Then in right pane find an application named AMD Catalyst Install Manager right click on it > click Uninstall
  • Now confirm the uninstallation and check the uninstallation process till the end.
  • As the AMD driver version 15.7.1 was successfully uninstalled, then visit AMD official website and download 15.7 version of the driver for AMD GPU or the older version of the drivers that work for you.
  • Now run the drivers installation and extract the files to the desired location and make sure to note down the location
  • Right-click on Start Menu to open WinX Menu > click on Device Manager and in Device Manager double-click on Display adapters section and expand it. Now right click on generic display adapter from your machine > click on Update Driver Software
  • And click on Browse my computer for driver software > click on Browse > move to the directory where the older version of the drivers is extracted > click on OK once there.
  • Now the setup wizard locates the drivers in the specified location > start installing those drivers. As the setup has done > restart your computer.

Now check whether the AMD driver crash problem is resolved or not.


Solution 2: Reinstall  AMD Drivers


Very first to fix the AMD driver crashing Windows 10 problem, then it is recommended to uninstall and then reinstall the latest AMD driver version.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Hit Windows Key + X > choose Device Manager
  • Now move to the Display adapters section > locate and right-click on your graphics card > select Uninstall.

Now after uninstalling the AMD display driver, try installing the latest one from the manufacturer website or from the Microsoft official website.

Despite it, it is strongly recommended to make use of the Driver Booster to update the drivers automatically and fix the drivers related issues.

Hope now after re-installing the drivers the AMD display driver crash problem is resolved, but if not then jump to another solution.


Solution 3: Disable Browser Extensions


Many users have reported certain browser extensions lead to AMD driver crash during watching YouTube videos. So, you can remove problematic browser extensions to fix Windows 10 drivers problem.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • In the browser at the top right corner > right click the More icon.
  • Go to More tools > Extensions and list of installed extensions appear.

Now disable problematic extensions and restart your browser.

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Solution 4: Remove Lucid Virty MVP


If you are still facing the AMD driver crash/freeze issue then you can uninstall the Lucid Virty MVP program installed on your computer.

Well, this program is installed on most of the computers that were upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

So, simply check for the Lucid Virty MVP program and uninstall it. Now check if AMD drivers crashing Windows 10 issue is resolved or not.


Solution 5: Clean Graphics Card


If after following the above-given solutions you are still encountering the AMD driver crashing/ freezing issue on Windows 10, then clean your graphics card.

Sometimes due to excess dust on the graphics card fan the driver starts crashing, so clean your graphics card fan and to do that open your computer case remove your graphics card and clean its fan from dust.

However, if your PC is under warranty period then you can take it to the service center and get it repaired.


#Pro Tip: Disable Automatic Driver Updates on Windows 10


It is estimated the above-given fixes work for you to resolve AMD display driver crash on Windows 10. So here, it is recommended to make sure Windows does not automatically update the drivers.

So, disable the automatic driver update option on Windows 10.

Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Right click on This PC > click on Properties
  2. Now click on Change settings > domain > workgroup settings
  3. Move to the Hardware > click on Device Installation Settings.
  4. And enable the “No, let me choose what to do option”, and “Never install driver software from Windows Update” option.
  5. Next click on Save Changes > Apply > OK.
  6. Lastly, restart the computer.

And that’s it now the automatic AMD driver update on Windows 10 is disabled and can avoid a variety of issues related to the AMD drivers on Windows 10.


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So this is all about the AMD driver crashing Windows 10 problem.

Try the fixes given to get rid of the AMD driver crash/ freeze problem. Also, follow the given fixes carefully to avoid further corruption.

Despite this, it is also very important to clean the system internally and externally as well. Make sure to remove the dust clog from the fan to avoid the system getting overheat and perform well.

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Top 5 Solutions to Fix AMD Driver Crashing Windows 10
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