7 Easy Fixes To Get Rid of “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” Issue

fix Instruction at referenced memory could not be read Issue

With Windows, you may get several error messages while utilizing performance logs on their windows and one of the similar errors are, “Instruction at 0x000 referenced memory at 0x000. The memory could not be read”. This type of error generally occurs when you insert an alert about use of your physical disk or when you put an end to a counter log.  This error can be caused by hardware conflicts, older drivers, bad CPU, bad memory and a lot of other things.

fix referenced memory error

But, here in this blog, you can get to know how to fix “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” error with the help of seven new fixes. All these methods will definitely help you get rid of “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” error in Windows OS. These methods are very effective to resolve “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” with these fixes.

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Methods To Fix “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” Error

Method 1: Increase Virtual memory

If your virtual memory settings are enormously low then you always tend to get this type of error. To fix this,

  • Right Click on “My computer”.
  • Go to “Advanced” tab and click “Settings” under “Performance”
  • After then, again click on “Advanced” tab under “Performance Option” and click the “Change” button under “Virtual Memory”.


Method 2: Uninstall Buggy Software

You may encounter this error because of probable hardware problems as if you visit a website that has buggy code or you may install buggy software. If you have installed some program which is not Google, Microsoft, Adobe or other company then uninstall it as they may have some bugs in it.

Also if you are using some software program associated with antispyware, antivirus, firewalls or something like this, they may have referenced memory error. To fix the error, try to uninstall those programs. If you have any type real-time internet traffic scanning software or any antivirus software then ensures that you had disabled it. You may also get referenced memory error, if your program is scanning web traffic.

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Method 3: Install Most Recent Patches And Update Drivers

You may be getting referenced memory error because your computer is not using the latest drivers. Here the main things to update are the chipset, network drivers, hard drive or video. These all are generally the main reason behind this kind of error. Always try to update your BIOS to the current version. Also make sure that you install all the recent service packs, Windows patches. Sometimes the referenced memory error is caused by Windows so always update Office, Windows and any other program on your system.


Method 4: Perform a System Restore

If you are getting this error recently then you might be capable of restoring your system to an earlier state. If your registry has become corrupted then you may acquire this error.  Generally, buggy program is the main reason behind the corruption of registry but sometimes even after uninstallation of that software, you may get the error because the registry is still corrupted somewhere.


Method 5: Run System File Checker

Another way to fix this error is to run the built-in system file checker program comes with Windows. To run this, go to Start -> Run and type “CMD”. At the prompt type sfc/scannow and press Enter. This will replace any deleted and corrupted Windows system files and also scans it.


Method 6: In the Internet Browser, Disable Add-ons

If you are getting an error message which said the memory could not be read error only in Internet Explorer then it may be caused by a Faulty add-on. To fix this issue, you have to start up Internet Explorer with no add-ons or go to the “Settings” and disable all the add-ons.


Method 7: Uninstall old version of Java Runtime

Sometimes even after updating your Java Runtime Environment, the older versions are left on your system and that might be caused the referenced memory error.


Final Words

If you are getting an error “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” then do not worry, just try the manual fixes mentioned in this blog. All these solutions are so easy to apply that you can easily perform it without any help of professional technician. However, if you cannot fix “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” error then you can also try PC Repair Tool. This tool is very effective and can easily fix this issue with an ease. You can easily resolve “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” issue with help of PC Repair Tool.

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7 Easy Fixes To Get Rid of “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” Issue
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7 Easy Fixes To Get Rid of “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” Issue
You can now try 7 easy methods to fix “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” error. Just try these fixes to resolve “Instruction at referenced memory could not be read” issue.
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